The planets: If Lorca lived today, he would kill him again

The noon slides on the slope of the Chinese as in the back of a dream. A drip of tourists pilgrim to the Alhambra, sleepwalks before the beauty of the environ

The planets: If Lorca lived today, he would kill him again

The noon slides on the slope of the Chinese as in the back of a dream. A drip of tourists pilgrim to the Alhambra, sleepwalks before the beauty of the environment and therefore blind to the plaque dedicated to the poet: I want to go down to the well, / I want to climb the grenade walls, / to look at the last heart / by the punch Dark water.

Jota (Juan Ramón Rodríguez, 1969) and Florent (Florentino Muñoz, 1968) have had to pass in front of it four million times. "Here I came from young to smoking porros and drinking liters," he confesses the first just a few meters below, during the photo shoot. The Darro channel has some escape among so many goods of souvenirs and tapas bars. Her liquid liquid and the echo of the verses of Federico García Lorca help the co-founders of the planets to neglect the tenth album of the band that changed the Spanish pop-rock at the end of the 90: the water songs (the red army) .

The album, published last Friday, opens precisely with the adaptation of the Poem El Manantial, published in 1919 in what was the lyrical debut of the genius of cowboys. With Jota's voice, he adds the guitar of him to Florent and the piano of David Montañés, the text becomes a 12-minute prayer that investigates in the relationship of man with nature. A significant change of registration for the group, never before so naked of instrumentation or as exposed to the long distance except in some experimental outburst. And also a certain surprise for the public of the veterans of the Indie scene, more accustomed to their letters about the psychedelic experiences, the loving disappointments and even the excesses of neoliberalism than to the pantheistic evocation.

In front of a paella dish and another crumbs watered with several reeds, the group responsible for the group that made Fortuna singing in Spanish about Ruidist distortion and then decided to explore the thousand meanders of Flamenco comments his leap to the Lorquian universe. «The spring referred to in the song speaks of the knowledge of nature, of trying to transcend the simplest vision of things," explains Jota, almost recovered completely from the motorcycle accident in which four ribs broke a pair of months. "Although I was also thinking that giving water is the notice that is used when the police arrives ..." He adds in the bay key.

In any case, the idea of planetizing the author of Romancero gypsy is not recent. "We had given him many laps before," continues the singer and main composer. "For example, we made a version of the four mono, the popular song that he adapted with Argentina. We had it ready for a week at the engine of a bus (1998). Then it was the centenary of the birth of him and I remember that Eric [Jiménez, Battery of the Planets and Lizard Nick] said: 'It's all the world doing things from Lorca, better not to get into that.' But of course, at the end of Lorca you have to go back, because he is one of the most important artists of the last century in Granada and a universal reference. We also wanted to entrust us San Federico, the last martyr, to see if we get out of it. " Florent seconds: "They are quite dark and decadent times. Let's go without course. What would Lorca think about what is happening in the world if he lived? I guess he would be impacted and try to write about it. Surely, they would kill him again. "

Back to the poetry of Lorca or Flamenco is an antidote against ultracapitalist globalization

The songs of the water are divided into two blocks. The first, more evocative, has a marked Local Law: In addition to Lorca, the band honored Carlos Cano in the Morralla ("made social criticism with a very granandine sense of humor in the 70s, when another type of singer-songwriter was stirred More politician, "says Florent), reinterprets another classic of the popular repertoire as joys of Graná and herself herself the unfounded one wants to come, from Traperokhaled. The only one of the nine topics, by the way, in which drugs are mentioned. Although -Noving- not as an object of consumption, but as something desired. «I had not stopped to think about it, the truth," says Jota, who claims the autochthonous culture - "thumbs your roots, that from there always come out good things," Joined Lola Flores in the Deepfake advertising of a brand of beers - as courage Refuge: "Back to the poetry of Lorca or Flamenco is an antidote against ultra-capitalist globalization."

The second block, more militant, groups five topics of criticism and discomfort after the Impact of the Covid published in the last two years and now gathered as great pandemic successes: the new normality, the denialist, the king of Spain, the apocalypse Zombie and antiplanetism. A becoming awareness that should be fitted as illustrious fans as the socialist Pedro Sánchez, the popularandrea Levy or Queen Letizia.

P. of 'temporarily autonomous area' (2017) was said that it was your most political album. Since then you have manifested you regarding misinformation, political correction, populism, crown ...

Jot. The situation has been deteriorating and now, for most people, we are much worse than 20 years ago, at least in terms of vital expectations. So I guess that will have to do. There comes a time when you have to denounce what happens. We, as artists, have the obligation to try to attract attention to unfair situations.

Florent. I am the memory of the slogan this Mata Mata Fascist, by Woody Guthrie.

Q. The essay that inspired your previous work proposed to create creative spaces outside the control of the established power. Is that possible in 2022?

J. Yes, it has been done many times before, but it is not easy. We participate in the 92 in the creation of the festival network, record labels, concert halls, free stations, fanzines ... then it also seemed impossible for someone to do that, because the multinationals were already. However, it was shown that there was another way of reaching a lot more people. So I suppose that new generations will occur any idea.

Q. Do you worry that there is no music on television?

J. The music disappeared from television many years ago. Our generation did not need television to create Spring Sound - which now exports its model- or the Benicàssim International Festival. He did it on the margin of television and official media. On television, we had super negative experiences. At first we did some playbacks and that resulted in delirious situations until the company told us that we did not do anymore because it was not going to work. Another people from our generation never had that opportunity. But at TV we considered it a manipulation center and nobody saved him. Now, with the contradictory orders widespread during the pandemic and enough dose of fear, people seem to believe in what television says.

Q. Do I publish the tenth album encourages you to take stock?

J. The truth is that until it has been left or agreed ... Man, record 10 albums with a training like the planets has a lot of merit. There are few groups that manage to stay 30 years doing music with some relevance.

F. The enemies or Lizard Nick are bands with a similar path and the vital philosophy of: This is what I want to do until I retire ... or drop a lightning.

Q. You have survived entrances and outputs in the formation, a change of very accused style, to coexistence with parallel projects and even a lawsuit with your record label. What is the glue that keeps the planets together?

J. I think we share a very specific culture, a way of understanding music. Florent and I share it since we met. Also, over time the experiences are accumulated.

Q. How does a 'Rock Star' face the passage of time?

F. Like every neighbor child: Acajona as it is happening. In my case, I try to seek happiness and balance. Huffy the energies that are not positive. Which? You just have to put the TV. Turn it on. And it also turns off the mobile. It remains with a colleague to have beer, to smoke your hash and enjoy life.

P. Jota, to you the accident may have made you think ...

J. Mogollón. I have fallen away other times with the bike, silly falls, and nothing has happened to me. This has made me aware of my fragility. I am living over my possibilities, believing that I am younger.

Q. Of these almost 30 years of career, what makes you feel more satisfied?

J. We have always been honest with our way of seeing the world. We have never betrayed it or for money or fame.

F. Everything would be repeatedly repeated. It has been and remains a fascinating journey. You can touch the lottery or you can have a success group: I prefer the second.

J. It's as if you touched the lottery six times.

Date Of Update: 25 January 2022, 04:00

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