The players assume their guilt in the crisis white

Zidane, the six-month perdidosLas keys of the disappointment at Real Madrid the gnomes of The football have quirks that do not occur without a ton if you are.

The players assume their guilt in the crisis white
Zidane, the six-month perdidosLas keys of the disappointment at Real Madrid

the gnomes of The football have quirks that do not occur without a ton if you are. Real Madrid is living a crisis, nothing more start of the season, fueled by the lack of patience that governs this business, and the presence of all the players in Valdebebas, impossible up to now for the calendar selections, allowed for a summit between the president, the coach and the template at the time it is most needed. Florentino Perez was photographed first with the twenty-seven staff members, including Altube. After the picture was taken with the four captains. Then he took out the picture with all the signings of the course, list joined James as a new member of the cast. And finally led the way to the snapshot with the youth squad of the first team.

So we can not continue: the players agree with Zidane and think that it is time not to talk and to do in the field

there Were few words in Valdebebas. They were faces serious, in line with the situation. They all know what they did wrong, what they should improve and what is at stake at all levels, from those who are the command up to the players, going by the technical body. The head of the company asked to Zidane and the players just that, responsibility. The trainer French read the riot act to his charges to take.

The bill will pay for all

The message of Zinedine, short and to the foot, as I was saying Di Stefano, was exposed in a tone so low as clarifier: here we are wagering the future of all, not just me. It is their way of speaking, without harshness. The things you say like without gravity, and bombast to the arguments. Has warned his men that in the Champions league may not be committed these mistakes because they are paid very expensive. The technician is the first pointed out, the link is easy to break, but nobody forget that in the final exam of June there will be many more suspensions if the team does not improve. All the players know it. No need to tell that with too many explanations.

Have been the own players who have taken a step forward: guilty we are. The leaders of the template sing the "mea culpa" with an assumption of responsibility that stands out in a world where selfishness and accuse others. The group absolve Zidane of the defeat in Paris, because he admits that he did not do what the coach told them and there was no capacity of reaction. Assume that your boss is right to say that so can not continue, because this invoice pay all if it grows. They will pay some sooner than others, but all. And it will be very expensive if there is a change.

A bad image in Europe

The club points to all, to the coach and the players. They have been given another year of margin to overcome what happened in the previous campaign and have not demonstrated a leap forward. Until now there has been no reaction expected.

the dome of The Real Madrid is upset by the crushing defeat in Paris, without playing, without finishing, and feels bothered by the bad image of the team that a year before he celebrated the fourth Champions league in five years, a mark surpassed only by the five European Cups back-to-back the was defined by Di Stefano and Gento, who was present in the official photo. The leaders warn that the white set you can not shift from all to nothing.

The entity expects the team to have learned the lesson and evolve. It also says that the injuries and casualties of notice. Hazard has just come back after his break in the rectum and it is not yet one hundred percent. And in Paris there were three veterans of a thousand battles european, Ramos, Marcelo and Modric.

Exposed to these truths, recognised the fault on the part of players, what is certain is that some members of the staff see something played to Zidane at the lack of response from the team. French notes that his message does not creek as in years gone by, and affects you personally. Various players look they are trying to do what they work on with the coach, what happens is that they just don't has gone.

The group's leaders want to lift the mood the coach with a step forward in the turf. The Sanchez Pizjuan is the first goal, a huge challenge. Want to convey to the French that believe in him , that you have not been abandoned, that we are defending and that they need to do so with results. The words are already worth very little. It is time not to talk about and do. The most important men of the staff, have engaged between them to get right the ship. We play in ten days, against Sevilla, Osasuna, Atletico and Bruges in the Champions league. And his boss is played a lot more.

Date Of Update: 24 September 2019, 06:01

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