The police question the owner of the Mislata inflatable and the City Hall Engineer

The rollover of the Inflatable Castle in Mislata (Valencia), on January 4, in which two girls of eight and four years died - this last one last Monday, after si

The police question the owner of the Mislata inflatable and the City Hall Engineer

The rollover of the Inflatable Castle in Mislata (Valencia), on January 4, in which two girls of eight and four years died - this last one last Monday, after six days in UCI, maintains in an incessant activity to the brigade of judicial police of the national police officer of the capital. The group of homicides command the research in which all the coordinates of the event are analyzed in detail: from the responsibility of the owner of attraction to weather conditions, passing through the role of the City Council.

First, the agents have requested the scientific police to open a technical inspection on the ground in which the inflatable castle was, and the wind speed is also investigated at the time in which 10 children, including the two deceased , the installation was dismissed after the floor. The objective is to determine if the rollover occurred by an isolated burst impossible to foresee or the notices of that day were obviated.

The first results indicate that there was not an alert about strong wind racks. The researchers have also designed an intense round of statements that have opened with the owner of the inflatable and the engineer of the Mislata City Council.

In his intervention before the agents, the municipal technician defended that the company had all the papers in order. When a permission is requested to start an installation like this, the consistory must request two certificates: the approval of the structure and that of implantation. The owner gave both and the engineer, according to him he said, he did not appreciate any kind of irregularity in the documentation.

Precisely, the castle anchor is the key point in which the agents are detained. The attraction was tied to a street lamp, a bench and a tree. The regulations indicate that inflatable castles must be anchored to the ground or, failing that, as it was the case.

In addition, according to sources consulted around the world, Municipal Municipal Regulations prevent the anchors of the attractions on the ground. Also another engineer, this time contributed by the company that manages the fair, declared and presented the final certificate of facilities, civil liability insurance, the project, as well as the emergency plan.

The strong wind raised the attraction from the soil, moment in which the 10 minors were shot. The two deceased girls beat his head strongly against the ground or against nearby facilities.

Among the more than 20 witnesses that the police have quoted to deepen what happened at the Mista Fairground there is a woman who, according to the inquiries, was recording a video. The advancement of research, as they point police sources, is being slowed down because many of the people required by agents are confined due to Covid-19.

Once the police conclude their work, it will deliver the crowded of the Mislata number 4 Instructional Court, which was in guarding functions on the day in which the facts occurred. The Prosecutor's Office will await the presentation of this report to request the relevant diligences.

When the attraction turned, the two deceased girls were the ones that ran worse luck, as they hit themselves in their heads while the other seven minors were trapped in the canvas. The first victim, eight, died the next day. The second she remained admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (UCI) of the Clinical Hospital of Valencia, where she died on Monday.

Up to the Mista Fairground, two ambulances of the Urgent Health Care Service (SAMU) were moved, a basic vital support (SVB) and a transport assisted to serve the wounded. Four of them were transferred to different hospitals in Valencia. In addition, the accident also mobilized the firefighters of the parks of Paterna, Torrent and Valencia.

The family of the last deceased girl published on Tuesday a message on social networks in which she thanked the support samples received since the sinister was produced and reported that she had decided to donate the organs of small to five children.

His father, Ivan Pérez, was the one who told the decision on Twitter and accompanied her with a video in which his daughter is seen singing a Christmas carol during the past Christmas. "I am four years old and I say goodbye to the world in a tragic and unjust way, thank you for the strength that you have given me and the affection for my parents and tetes. And the five little friends who helped live with my organs, be so happy As I have been me. I leave my smile so that it does not disappear. Vera ".

Since 2003, five minors have died in this type of attractions and 40 have been injured.

Updated Date: 11 January 2022, 20:41

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