The polka dots and ruffles come back to life

The Spring of Seville is also lived in September. While in the teacher the most taurous atmosphere, "King Roca, and Pablo Aguado was experiencing. frills.

The polka dots and ruffles come back to life

The Spring of Seville is also lived in September. While in the teacher the most taurous atmosphere, "King Roca, and Pablo Aguado was experiencing. frills.

The first flamenco fashion show was celebrated with public and similar to normality since the pandemic began. Simof was the last walkway, in February 2020, until today.

More than 120 million euros per year moves this sector that has been fully stopped its activity, with losses of 80% and in some cases up to 100%. This led some creators to reinvent themselves and throw new lines of business.

But the announcement by the City Council of the city that in 2022 will be a Fair of Seville has awakened the illusion and hope in designers and customers of all Andalusia.

Immediately the MOF & Art and Qlamenco Associations, with the help of Double Erre, the Consistory Hispanican and Tourism of Seville (Contua), put hands to the work to stand up a parade full of craftsmanship and tradition that must have been celebrated last month of April and had to be suspended by the data of the pandemic.

Nearly forty signatures and many other models have been the protagonists of an appointment who expected Sevillanos and Visitors such as Mayo water. "Expectations are good, in view of the demand that has been for an invitation. Everyone wanted to come, it seemed that we were four days after the fair," says Pilar Vera, President of MOF & Art.

All of them define sensation as "an indescribable emotion, because we needed something like this, a revulsive, a thrust, motivation, and also, free for designers. People are wanting to buy and want to dress Flamenca, because already He knows that there is going to be fair, "he adds.

What stood out in the Backstage area was mostly joy. "It has been a tremendous illusion, because after so much time without activity and without any motivation, this is a breath of life for the creatives," explained Angeles Summer.

"I was sure that next year was going to have a fair, although maybe different, with great caution," says Delia Núñez, creator of Flamenca Pol Núñez. This had to happen, because the pandemics pass. And today. It has shown that people want to live. " Meanwhile, she created a new line that bears her name with which she has also launched street clothes.

Although he has made new designs, such as those presented at this walkway, they will always be "on the line that stopped, because there are many clients who have collected their costumes and it would be a task to change the style."

In the same line are the rest of the creators. Everyone stayed with the collections finished and hanging on the hangers. "The costumes that could not show off are also the trend of 2022, because they have not gone to the fair, they are still new," says Pilar Vera.

What it points to the next walkways of We Love Flamenco and Simof, who are celebrated in January and February will have few news regarding what was seen in 2020 just before the arrival of the Covid19. "Something will we get out, but we can not make a new collection with almost fifty proposals because we do not have money, even though it is not lacking," says Vera. Standing a collection can cost between 30,000 and 40,000 euros.

Rachel Revuelta, Director of Double Erre and Creator of Simof, adds that this catwalk has been "a revulsive for the sector, designers and also assembly, light, sound, makeup artists, hairdressers, models ... there will be Simof, although not yet We know what format you will have ". And there will also be WE LOVE FLAMENCO.

"When we have communicated that there will be a fair, it has become the joy and hope that this begins again, although it has to be with masks," Vaticina.


The walkway at the foot of the street was celebrated in the heart of the city, almost at the foot of the cathedral. With the live voice of Joana Jiménez and the crumbs, and the performance of José Galván with a brushstroke of his 'two banks', Manu Sánchez exercised the event driver starting with a memory of the Figure of Lina, died last Tuesday.

The public, sitting, with distance between chair and chair and with mask, even though the appointment was outdoors and relaxation of sanitary measures in Andalusia since last Thursday.

In the four parades that were held, we could see progress from what will be seen at the fair if the circumstances are finally accompanied, combining great flamenco fashion names with young sap in the most Andalusian creation. The polka dots are indisputable leaders, although they are kept proposed in smooth and printed above all floral or creations made with patchwork. Much movement in dresses, variety of necklines and protagonism to the female figure. No more daring, fantasy and avant-garde bets were not missing, although they were minority.

And the handmade shawls of angels of angels spine and Juan Forona were also seen.

The Gypsy suit is the gypsy suit, "we were never from Faralaes," and retakes its roots, must maintain its essence and now begins to return to life. Seville and every Andalusia await the arrival of spring.

In this return of Fashion Flamenca participated the Firms Agus Dorado, Amalia Vergara, Angela and Adela, Angeles Espinar, Angeles Ávila, Angeles Summer, Antonio Gutiérrez, Atelier Rima, Aurora Gaviño, Carmen Acedo, Carmen Latorre, Cristina Vázquez, Eva Luna, F Frank, Fine Stamp Accessories, Francisco Tamaral, Gil Ortiz, Sisters Serrano, Inma Benicio, Juan Foronda, María Amador, María Ramírez, Maricruz Monte Carlo, Marina Fashion Flamenca, Mary Carmen Cruz, Melisa Lozano, Fashion Flamenco Serrano Tables, Pilar Vera , Pitusa Gasul, Pol Núñez, Rosa Pedroche, Sara de Benítez, Sonibel, Teressa Ninu, Yolanda Fashion and Yolanda Rivas.

Updated Date: 22 September 2021, 04:26

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