The populist Eric Zemmour presents his candidacy for the presidential ones to save to France

There are four months and a half months left for the French presidential elections and almost nobody dares to guess who will be battered in a duel with the curr

The populist Eric Zemmour presents his candidacy for the presidential ones to save to France

There are four months and a half months left for the French presidential elections and almost nobody dares to guess who will be battered in a duel with the current Head of State, Emmanuel Macron. Survey after survey, Macron has secured a position in the final. Holding him the heels and with many possibilities of entering the final battle are Marine Le Pen, president of National Group and Eric Zemmour, who wants to snatch him the title of the leader of the extreme right and that, until today, he was not even a candidate official.

Zemmour, judicially condemned by his hatred of Muslims and charged by several women of sexual assault has just been present his candidacy with a video in which he promises to "save" the country of "decadence".

"I was content with the role of journalist, from writer, (...) I told myself, to each one his role, to each one, his struggle (...). But it is no longer a matter of reforming France, but about saving her . That is why I have decided to introduce myself to President of the Republic, "says Zemmour in a recording in which this ultraransch politician appears sitting in front of a microphone, with a solemn gesture and an elegant library behind; A speech reminiscent of the one who pronounced Charles de Gaulle in 1940 to call the resistance against Germany.

"You walk through the streets and do not recognize them. On television they speak to you in a strange, foreign language (...) in advertisements, series, shows, soccer matches, books of your children. On the train , the airport, the school, the emergencies of a hospital (...), you have the impression of being in a country that you do not know, "says Zemmour in a speech that interfere images of violent current riots with frames of the 60s or 60s 70. A speech in which this professional polemicist lists its idols, its references: Joan of Arc, Napoleon, De Gaulle, Victor Hugo, Descartes, Molière but also Belmondo, Brigitte Bardot, Brassens, Aznavour. "The country of nuclear power plants who invented cinema and cars. That country is disappearing," says Zemmour, who will give his first rally on Sunday in the Zenith room in Paris.

The 63-year-old writer who made a career at 'Le Figaro' and fame on television, is a defender of the theory of the "great substitution", by Renaud Camus. According to Camus, an ideologist of white supremacism that inspired the terrorist of Christchurch's killing, white and Christian populations are being replaced by Muslim immigrants. In the presentation of his candidacy, Zemmour blames the "political and right politicians" of the "tragic" destiny that affects France, threatened by an immigration that "is not the cause of all our problems, although the aggravates".

Zemmour asks for the vote "so that our daughters do not wear veil, so that our children are not submissive." "We are a great nation, our soldiers conquered Europe," he says in a video in which he barely raises the look of his papers while a music sounds on a tragic air, a battle that Zemmour intends to rid.

But it is still early to know if this well-known one of the Platicks, who came to overtake Le Pen in the polls, will recover his popularity, now in descent because the expert polemist accumulates the scandals. On November 13, anniversary of the Paris attacks, Zemmour accused Former President Hollande, "not having protected the French" and had taken a "criminal decision leaving borders open". Some statements that caused a monumental enhancement among the Associations of Victims - who described him with "Profanador de Tombas" - and among all the French political arch, he was included that he said that "it was not the place to create controversies." More recently, last weekend in Marseille, Zemmour returned the comb to a woman and had after apologizing for a "little elegant" gesture.

"Z", as his followers call him, he is the most recent star of a scrambled political panorama, according to the surveys, towards a clear right-wing the French electorate. The last of these surveys, made by FIFOP for Le Journal du Dimanche and Sud-Radio and published last Sunday, places Macron in the head with 25% of the votes, followed by Marine Le Pen (19% setting) and Eric Zemmour, who would obtain between 14 and 15% of the votes.

Just after Zemmour appears Xavier Betrand (13% of the votes), the favorite to rise with the nomination of the Conservative Party the Republicans, which is decided next weekend. Bertrand, critical with the European Union and defender of a "strong" national state, has a more moderate profile that, for example Eric Ciotti, another candidates in Liza in the Republicans. Ciotti has already said on several occasions that, if they give him to choose between Macron and Zemmour, he would vote for the second and he also considers that "France is changing by the immigration invasion".

In a crucial week to determine the political board of France, it is revealed that the political parties of the left (including the Socialist Party) have scarce, but nonexistent, options to participate in the electionight of 2022. Jean-Luc Mélechon (candidate of the Extreme Left Party France Insumisa) I would be between 7.5 and 8.5% of the votes, almost tied with the Yannick Jadot Ecologist candidate (between 6.5% and 7.5%), followed by short Distance from the Socialist and Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo (6% setting).

According to the report '' 2022, the populist risk in France ", published last October by the Foundation for Political Innovation in France (Fondapol), from a survey to more than 3,000 people, French society is more on the right That ever. Up to 37% of the voters are to the right of the political arc (four points more than a similar survey carried out for previous elections, 2017). While, less and less French are defined as "from left ", only 20% (four years ago was 25%)." France is right as it has not been in a long time, "he said during the presentation of the Dominique Reynié report, General Director of Fondapol, and warning that this phenomenon It also occurs in Germany, United Kingdom and Italy.

The newspaper 'Le Monde' analyzes how the French who admire Zemmour: "That right that claims order, firmness with immigration (...) a well-as well, sometimes bourgeois, who appreciates him because he speaks high and strong and not He is afraid of minorities. " A right that will have shared today the video of the presentation of Zemmour but that, at the last moment, says 'Le Monde', will not vote because he is "too unpredictable" and is "too angry". There are four and a half months left to know.

Updated Date: 30 November 2021, 12:48

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