The price record asphyxia to the industry: There are already public desert competitions

Spanish companies try to react to the largest rise in industrial prices of-at least- the last 45 years, at which time the National Institute of Statistics (INE)

The price record asphyxia to the industry: There are already public desert competitions

Spanish companies try to react to the largest rise in industrial prices of-at least- the last 45 years, at which time the National Institute of Statistics (INE) began to record the evolution of raw material prices and intermediate products You need the industry for your production.

The rise is 31.9% year-on-year in October and, if the increase in price of energy is discounted, industrial prices have grown 9.7% in the last year, hence companies in the industrial sector in the country Fold a complicated moment. Although the problem is common to all sectors, each company tries to weather the problem according to its possibilities.

In construction, the rise in prices has increasing the works of a half by 22.2% in the last three months, according to data from the National Construction Confederation. Its president, Pedro Fernández-Alen, explains to the world that "95% of companies have noted an unusual increase in the price of materials, especially wood, which has been upgraded by 125%, steel, aluminum and the iron". What is added the rise of electricity.

"This has caused more than 60% of companies to have been forced to cancel contracts or paralyze works and, in addition, there are already public desert competitions, because companies do not get profitable. There have already been several cases where, For the price of the tender, no one is presented to the work. The administration has to update the prices. This is a topic that is worrying us, "he says.

It asks as an example the work for the transfer of Júcar-Vinalopó in Alicante, the work of the University Hospital of Gijon in Gijón or the Union of Roads S-10 and S-30 in Santander. All of them have been deserted because the construction companies did not compensate for them to present themselves to the tender for prices.

Within the most industrial branches, the automotive sector is the most affected, since it has to be able to face the lack of supplies, especially semiconductors and chips.

"The rise impacts on the entire supply chain of the automotive sector, including the components, where the margins are very narrow. Therefore, the only way to maintain a profitability that guarantees the continuity of the business is to transfer those price increases that we are Experiencing customers, which will finally affect the final price of the vehicle, "recognize TEKNIA sources, manufacturer of components.

Some of the raw materials they use, such as plastic, aluminum or steel now cost up to two or three times more than they were worth in January, while Rhodium, employed to make vehicle catalysts, has uploaded a 24 %.

"The electric cost in our twenty-one plants in some cases has risen to double, we see that it is a general trend in all our plants in Europe and that, although in a more moderate way, it also impacts in the rest of the regions," they point.

Since Seat, they emphasize that "energy is a basic factor of competitiveness for the Spanish automobile industry, we are the second car producer in Europe and we generate 11% of GDP and 9% of employment. To maintain this contribution to the Spanish economy, we need competitive prices that equate us from other European countries. "

This competitiveness is blocked by the fall of margins. "To global production problems for semiconductor scarcity, the generalized rise in raw material prices and high energy costs is attached, which is affecting the margins of the sector," says Grupo Antolín.

The chemical industry is another major affected, especially that of basic chemistry - which uses first materials for its production. In this segment, fertilizers are the ones that have been fired by the use of gas.

"Within the chemical industry sector, about 30,000 different products are manufactured, but the most affected by the prices of electricity are those of basic chemistry. A clear example is fertilizers, in fact Fertiberia, the industry's leading company in Spain , it has several closed plants until the end of the year because it does not come out profitable to produce for the price of gas, "admits Juan Antonio Labat, General Director of the Business Federation of the Chemical Industry.

Other segments of the chemical industry, such as the pharmaceutical, which in turn use other chemical products to produce their own, have more ability to move the rise in costs at prices, with which they suffer less these rises.

There are companies that have complicated to transfer the consumer this rise in prices, such as large aeronautics.

"In the aerospace sector it is different. Airbus, for example, is a company that has a portfolio of orders of more than 7,000 planes and that what it produces today does not sell it tomorrow, everything that is producing is now signed at a price agreed. There is an international competition that prevents uploading prices, with which Airbus is buying more expensive supplies and paying energy at the price to which it is, without transferring it at prices, "which translates into a narrowing of the margins of Benefit, explains Juan Antonio Vázquez, General Secretary of the Federation of Industry, Construction and Agro (FICA) of UGT and Airbus Worker.

As an industry representative of this union, he warns that "some companies are thinking about paralyzing productive activity a few weeks, not only for the price rise but also because of the lack of supplies, which can put at risk the viability of your business" .

The problem of price rise is especially evident in small and medium-sized enterprises, which in Spain represent 99.2% of the productive tissue, according to the latest data from the INE.

"We are living with concern because apart from price increase there is a lack of products, we are looking for what there is not and knowing that they will charge us much more for it. We have a price list that we can not play at the moment, but we will do it in January because what we can not do is go into losses. It is not a matter of having less benefit, it is to go into losses, "he regrets in conversation with this means Jordi Morera, General Manager of Canaletas.

This company, a SME since 1965 at the Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing all over the national territory and abroad refrigerated water sources for drinking. "What has climbed us most is stainless steel, copper, packaging, cardboard and electric components that carry sources: fan engines and comprehens, although these a little less," explains its general manager, which recognizes That in January you will look at product to product to see how you can upload prices. "I think the rise will be around 10%, but it is that the rise in costs will be higher."

In similar situation, begas, a company that manufactures engines powered by alternative energy -biogás liquefied - and whose clients are urban waste collection companies, municipal services and transportation of urban passengers. This has already moved the price increase in its rates by 20%, assuming 80% of the increase in costs.

"We are trying that customers assume as little as possible to take advantage of suppliers, part yes we have to reperfect it, but without leaving what the client can assume, because we can cause the client to decide to delay shopping," he says Pedro Silva, CEO offering the company.

Updated Date: 25 November 2021, 20:54

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