The pro-independence revive divided the defeat of 1714

Towards the federalism asimétricoSánchez responds to the veto of Iceta and puts Batet as president of the Congress my friends independence I can imagine them g

The pro-independence revive divided the defeat of 1714
Towards the federalism asimétricoSánchez responds to the veto of Iceta and puts Batet as president of the Congress

my friends independence I can imagine them going to Mass, to the demonstrations of the Diada, hike up mountains and Montserrat once a year. But not dancing the sardana. I don't believe that they know.

we Speak Catalan, we listen to music in Catalan, read and write in Catalan and we believe that God is Barca, but to dance the sardana is a redoubt folk of older people, especially of people, and also of some young people, who are not exactly the best customers of Nobu.

the first sign of The irreversible decline of Puigdemont is that in more and more photographs appears dancing the sardana, always in the company of the faction's most extravagant and folkloric of the pro-independence, the rest already more idle, marginal and fanatizado, which are the mirror of the horizon that the expresident will expected in the medium and long term. Sardana, tietes that will carry sweet gift and not even get it because such is your distaste, and your surfeit, journalists organic in search of the grant, and that wanting to "internationalize the conflict" only show the province.

The video you recorded with Marta Rovira, to stage a unit dummy, another deception of the voter's independence, it is also a symptom . On one side, the leaked republican has declared in recent days that the referendum is illegal on the 1 October "lacks democratic legitimacy", when it was she who pushed Puigdemont to not call elections and proclaimed the independence. On the other, the unit that claimed to have something of the desperate, of sentences shared between fugitives when at night they drink wine, and it has been in any case widely contradicted, both by the Left as by convergence and union. Junqueras told him to Torra who do not want elections is incompatible with beg for a referendum; and if ERC wants elections is to defeat convergence and union. There is No unity neither in the party of Puigdemont: the PDECat has cooled down the possibility of merging with the Crida of the outlaw.

To end how the internal split, the CUP has been explained in a document that has been made public his total distrust with CKD, and the convergent and Anna Gabriel , another leaked, has recognized the "confusion" of independence and has stated that "it is imperative to review what was not done well".

Albert Mercadé, the number two of the main agitator for independence, Mònica Terribas, has recognized that "the procés has died", and regretted that their leaders don't admit it. The last report of the Institut d'estudis de l Autogovern is the first in seven years that does not raise the independence as an option, but a "new socket", which is particularly significant, because its author, Ferran Requejo —next to Left—, which is in turn the president of the institute, few years ago claimed that, in any hypothesis, the only possible exit was the independence.

In an unusual exercise of political maturity and far-sightedness -the prison has effects that never cease to surprise us-, Jordi Cuixart has said that independence is impossible without the PSC , and that "if anyone thinks that there will be solution without the socialists, who rule in L'hospitalet, Santa Coloma, and a large part of the Baix Llobregat, is wrong." For its part, the republican Joan Tardà, which was presented to the penultimate elections to the Congress saying that they were the last because Catalonia would be independent, no longer calls for independence, but the amnesty for politicians in catalonia have been tried in the Supreme. "Llibertat, amnistia, Estatut d autonomia". We're not going. We go back.

To make sure a broken case of the swan, and to hide the fact that independence is not in a position to give an answer really challenging the judgment of the Supreme when it is made public, Torra speculates sought out a demagogic and easy to sacrifice yourself for a failure to appear before the judge, who has quoted the next day 25. With a detention may partly light the wick between his supporters are blinded, but it is not the decision of anyone who believes that the great dream of independence is close or who feels even with forces to do something for her. Moreover, his lack of ideas could be seen in his inane remarks of last night.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor has denounced the favorable treatment that the pro-independence prisoners receive, and has dropped that poses any transfer, and speaking of jail, the current pro-independence leaders have shown-jokes opportunistic Torra apart - don't want to end up in it. The pro-independence revive frayed the military defeat of 1714, with the humiliation of that if your antenpasados resisted a siege, they commonly have surrendered.

But what of a more serious notes that the time funeral of the procés has come is the hint of Artur Mas returning to politics. is He has been the portent most ominous of all that has touched , the undertaker of all their efforts, tried everything, ended in shipwreck.

more and More divided and depressed than ever, independence is facing the Day. Not a single idea. Will the judgment in the coming month and the most creative up to now we have heard as a response is that perhaps suicide is the president.

Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 01:01

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