The problems of the sports model of Florentine

Errors in chain of sports management he had Not begun the Madrid to celebrate its 13th European Cup in the Olympic stadium of Kiev and were already indisimul

The problems of the sports model of Florentine
Errors in chain of sports management

he had Not begun the Madrid to celebrate its 13th European Cup in the Olympic stadium of Kiev and were already indisimulables problems. On the lawn, Cristiano spoke of the club in the past; Zidane said nothing, but in the days, just hours, it would fire.

After the second best stage of the history of the club, and perhaps in european football, real Madrid is facing the two serious problems to which you had to add another more expressed by Zidane days after: "change Is needed" . Something evident to anyone who had observed the season as a whole. In reality, the summit had reached Madrid a year before, in 2017 , the double, the team of the two units and the night of the Cardiff against the Juventus . At that time, who could have been the of the reconstruction, it began a cycle of renewals and sales that was weakening the template, and cronificando the eleven. None of the three problems posed with urgency in may 2018 was going to be well resolved.

The first was Christian . At the time of given over as a new Di Stefano , and his departure was not so much to sporting reasons as well as to a mix of clash, egos and fiscal problems. The Madrid let him go for less than what you were going to ask for Hazard without having secured a replacement. The structure of the team continued, but without the star, and nothing offered in the market meet at Madrid, which, inhibited in the new prices, he ended up recovering to Mariano. The team would accuse the lack of goal throughout the season.

again, vagueness and eccentricity tactic: As in the times in which dispensed Makelele, real Madrid is able to go to Paris with three midfielders

The second problem, the coach, was faced with a second option. is Julen Lopetegui he was signed hours before the World cup of Russia with the conflict consequently with the Federation. In appearance, however, there was a logic in the decision. Lopetegui had Asensio, Ceballos and Isco, had been instrumental in the maturation of Casemiro and had experience with young people, which fit with the new strategy sport. But it was more bad start, and soon, after a 5-1 in Barcelona, was dismissed. As mirage was the night against the Rome.

Sentenced Lopetegui, his replacement became a public debate in which he intervened the captain Sergio Ramos : "respect is earned, not imposed," he said, in what was interpreted as a veto of the locker room to Antonio Conte and his hard line.

they Were binding those words or not, the club opted for Solari , a young coach without experience. It was back to the idea of the low profile and the interim commitment that is already working with Zidane.

Solari picked up the equipment at the end of October and mid-November signed a contract for two seasons. Months later, in march, he was dismissed. Solari began to adopt measures sports and even discipline with veterans like Isco or Marcelo. Gave input to Vinicius, Reguilón, Valverde and taught me the best side of Llorente in the Mundialito. His team, however, is desfondó in the week long that he wanted to fight the three titles: goodbye to Cup , and League against the Barcelona and it was a beating by the Ajax , with the episode of the yellow card to Ramos in the middle.

Sedative charismatic

Traumatized by a series of defeats as not remembered, no titles in sight, and with months of competition ahead, the club waited for Solari to sit on the bench in Valladolid to be able to present to Zidane back in the team at the Bernabeu. The effect was to abort any protests and to avoid to face the failure encabalgando the new season. is Zidane pulled himself together, the situation with the veterans, it was including in a new rotation-casting with a view to the pre-season, and spread that peace to the stands. The crisis is dampened with the sedative charismatic Zidane.

A new market, a more difficult environment: The Madrid does not support pay the prices they ask for, and that affects a model that is based on the big move

This would have, however, another consequence. The possible "Effect Zidane" disappeared. The frenchman saw in those months fade, his magical halo. The results of the team were not good, despite the involvement of a responsible Benzema, was frustrated by the possible shake-up moral, and sports, and was cundiendo the impression of a Zidane too much affection to the veterans. The season had just no progress, no decisions made. A lost year. To this perception contributed to the decision to renovate to Toni Kroos.

At the beginning of the summer, the Madrid reacted in the transfer market promptly. Came Militao, Mendy, Jovic and Hazard , an old desire of Zidane. The signing star, however, he occupied the position of Vinicius, the only joy of the season, and it created, for a start, a tactical dilemma; the rest were good additions that gave a background to the template, but without an entity of owners.

In the months remaining market remained to define the fundamental part, the midfield. And there it produces the most incomprehensible of the summer. Zidane opted for Pogba and he sacrificed any other embodiment (discussed in Van de Beek, Palaces or Eriksen), also allowing the transfer or sale of Kovacic, Llorente and Ceballos. Among his wishes, clearly expressed, and the offerings of the club there was a lack of agreement or harmony that left it weakened the most important part of the team. If in the 2018-2019 had been the goal; in the 2019-2020 was going to be the midfield.

The Madrid faced another problem. Their players had no outlet in the market. Ramos was requested to go to China, but free, and nobody assumed the contracts of their stars. James and Bale, dumped publicly by Zidane, did not receive offers compelling and opted to stay.

Zidane started the season without satisfying their requests: Bale and James are still in the club, and Pogba does not come. Fail sales and acquisitions. In between, there is a leak of young talent that leaves no refreshment to the tired module of the 4-3-3, Casemiro, Modric, Kroos. The authority sports of Zidane in the new project begins to be questioned, the results of the preseason do not accompany and Madrid is apalizado by Atletico Madrid (3-7). Extends the idea that Zidane is not the man suitable for the work required: we lack the temperament to provide the low needed, and is reluctant to work with young people. In a similar way, Lopetegui has already resisted to align to Vinicius, which shows a difficulty structural in the current Madrid: the new planning sports, based in the young people, did not move to the short-term team. Of Lunin to Jovic, passing by Hakimi, Ceballos, Kubo or Odegaard has real Madrid a full eleven sub-21 is expected on loan or on the bench.

the course has Started, the change that the same Zidane was considered necessary, has not occurred. Perfect definition of crisis: what is old is not has gone, the new has not yet arrived. The spine is still intact and has been further aggravated by an imbalance additional to the template that became visible in Paris. There are few midfielders and the few that are there focus on the physical wear.

This situation reminds of a particular moment of the first stage of Florentino. In 2003 , after winning two Leagues and the Ninth, the club takes a decision capital: tab to the Beckham and passed to Makelele without acquiring a replacement for your profile. The French argued defensively the dome of the Galactic. Zidane, in the template, then, is credited with a phrase that describes the decisions of that summer: "why add another layer of gold paint on the Bentley if you lose the entire engine?". Without Makelele and sold the last members of the "middle class", the Madrid was without the center of the field. In that season starts sinking a sport which will end in three years without titles, and the resignation of Florentino. "I've been rude to the players," he acknowledged. The situation presents any similarity. Not only by the political force of the costumes, also by the focus on trainers with a low profile and the poor implementation of a model of sports management, sui generis.

Massive imbalance

Now, are promising young, in a Madrid filled by old glories, then, were the Zidanes and Pavones, the mixture is not well dissolved in Balls of Gold and homegrown than we thought, as now, was the only viable model in a soccer environment changing. As at present, the application resulted in an extraordinary imbalance, almost a challenge to the laws of football. That Madrid midfield aged in a way that recalls to the present. The first work of Florentinismo, that front galactic, imploded; the second, the monumental team of four Champions, waiting for someone to sign the declaration of ruin, and take appropriate measures.

Date Of Update: 24 September 2019, 14:03

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