The radical right austrian elect Norbert Hofer as its new president

Strache will be replaced by his wife in the Parliament of AustriaAustria forward the elections after breaking the coalition Government by the "Ibizagate"The v

The radical right austrian elect Norbert Hofer as its new president
Strache will be replaced by his wife in the Parliament of AustriaAustria forward the elections after breaking the coalition Government by the "Ibizagate"The vice-chancellor of the austrian resigns after the occurrence of a scandalous video

The split between the new directive of the party of the extreme right austrian FPÖ, with the former president is total. is Heinz-Christian Strache , who resigned as vice-president of the government of Vienna and as president of the party because of the scandal of the "video of Ibiza", in which I saw how he offered favors institutional change funding to a supposed representative of a Russian oligarch, not even have been present at the congress in which the training has been elected as the new leader, Norbert Hofer , with 98.3% of the votes of the 870 delegates assembled in Graz. Hofer has been reported that there will be no meeting with him for a transfer and continuity in the flooring of speakers it has become clear that his style will be very different. Nothing of the pompous air of superiority that characterized the leadership, which led to the FPÖ in the polls to achieve a 26%.

This congress has been more of a group counseling session in which the affiliates have been reconciled with its immediate past. "Dear Heinz-Christian, you've done amazing things, I know of your personal commitment, I ask for a round of applause for you," said Hofer by way of farewell of a stage already burned. There has been No standing ovations, since then, but the audience applauded politely. "We're back on the policy of austria", has been the first slogan of Hofer, focused in the elections that will take place at the end of the month. The polls give the FPÖ a 20% that would be enough to come back to be part of a coalition government with the conservative Sebastian Kurz.

According to Christian Rainer, editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine Profil, Norbert Hofer is a "wolf in sheep's clothing" that has refrained from excluding the most radical of the FPÖ, despite some anti-semitic statements. Its strategic aim is to reunify the rows and at all costs to avoid a dissent. The past September 7, Hofer, protestant, stated that islam "is not part of our culture, of our history, and will never be part of them." Austria is not a country threatened by the cultural mixing, there is only an 8% muslim, but Hofer has arrived to the address shaking the message against foreigners and against Islam.

After his election in Graf, has reiterated that the FPÖ will continue to fight "political islam" and his frail appearance hides one of the figures is more hard of the game. Since the accident of paragliding that nearly cost him his life, in 2003, Hofer moves with a cane, which gives it an image of convalescent that prevents other parties to attack the figure with too much aggressiveness, but in reality they continued riding with passion, and jumping in parachute. His love of the adrenaline you will undoubtedly get to the policy of austria. His political role model is Viktor Orbán, who qualifies as "a true friend of Austria", in contrast with the conservative Merkel. If the FPÖ has now become part of Vienna, Austria will remain one stone in the shoe of Germany.

Excellent speaker, Hofer is seen as the winner in short and their stated goal is to become, in the medium term, the most voted candidate in Austria. "If the conservatives want to form government with the left and the environmentalists, I wish you good luck", has ironizado on the temptation of Kurz to establish a cordon sanitaire , after the so-called "scandal of Ibiza", and turning to the other side of the arch parliamentarian, "in that case, would ascend certainly and immediately in the polls up to 30%". "We are going through a difficult time... we can Not become discouraged, I think that the party has the potential to be the first in the elections. No one can stop us, except ourselves, we have been on the path of becoming the strongest lineup twice already, but we have failed, stumbled on our own two feet. Now you must be clear that we will never get back to fail in that goal, ever!", has said.

Hoffer was born near the border hungarians in the Burgenland, in the east, where it continues to reside. He is the father of four children and cultivates an image of a cautious personality from the provinces. His wife, Philippa Strache, head of the area of protection of animals in the FPÖ, nor has it been present, reducing still further the extremely low quota for women. Eight regional heads have risen to the stage of congress to harangue the delegates and only the last one was a woman, the representative of Salzburg Marlene Svazek , which barely reached the lectern, he launched into a radical attack on the media present , accusing them of having participated in a coup, as rated by the trap that he was the victim of the former chairman of the FPÖ, and that it was widespread, if not orchestrated, by the German media. The number two of Hofer will be Manfred Haimbuchner and his closest team includes Marlene Svazek, Harald, Stefan, Gernot Darmann, Herbert Kickl and Mario Kunasek.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 20:00

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