The radical wing of Peru free Evaluates support the dismissal of Pedro Castillo

"I do not worry about political noises because my people have chosen me, they have not chosen my mafias, they have not chosen the corrupt." President Pedro

The radical wing of Peru free Evaluates support the dismissal of Pedro Castillo

"I do not worry about political noises because my people have chosen me, they have not chosen my mafias, they have not chosen the corrupt." President Pedro Castillo is "convinced" that the vacancy request (dismissal), processed on Thursday by Congress will not go ahead. But he has reasons to be worried.

Waldemar Cerron, spokesman for the radical sector of Peru free, surprised to ensure that "they evaluate" join the initiative of the right-wing and fuzorist bloc when only four months of their possession take place. The Peruvian Congress has a tool of disproportionate proportions to apply a species of "impeachment" criollo expressly. This remembers History: In the previous Legislature, Prester Pablo Kuczynski, Martín Vizcarra and Manuel Merino fell via vacancy. A world record that had Fujimorism as its main instigator.

Patricia Chirinos, deputy of the rightist advances country, surpassed without problems the 26 supports of the 130 parliamentarians who make up the legislative chamber. She has her own parliamentary group, as well as fujimorists of popular strength (FP) and popular renovation leaders (RP), located more on the right.

Congressman leads motion 1222, which proposes the dismissal of permanent moral disability castle, based on the illegal use of public funds from the Junín Regional Government in favor of the Free Peru campaign, the appointment of senior officials with links with terrorists of Luminous Footpath, the scandal caused with the ascents of the armed forces, relations with the Government of Venezuela, the political instability of the Government, the abuse of the media and a presumptive permissiveness of the president with violence with women.

The most paradoxical thing is that several of the accusations were already resolved with the constant changes produced in the cabinet that today chairs the Human Rights Activist Mirtha Vásquez, a successor of the Guido Bellido Marxist, famous for his misogynical and homophobic statements. The defendants of defending the luminous path and those involved in the case of military promotions have also fallen, including Bruno Pacheco, Execretary General of the Palacio de Government, whom the Prosecutor's Office found an envelope with $ 20,000 in the bathroom of the office of he.

Peru's international politics was also channeled by Chancellor Óscar Maútua, who has flaged the censorship against the electoral parody of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. All these moderate positions of the new cabinet, in turn, have deepened the distancing between Castle and the Marxist Vladimir Cerron, a leader of Peru free and ally of the Cuban and Venezuelan revolutions.

"The castle government is up to now chaotic and with many mistakes, it is good to criticize it, hopefully I improve, but it is a constitutional, democratically chosen government. The vacancy is for exceptional cases. Breaking the popular mandate is something very dangerous," he certified. Analyst Juan Luis Dammert.

Keiko Fujimori's match has been released in Tromba in support of vacancy precisely when the judicial process against the daughter of the dictator enters decisive moments. The prosecutor of the case, whose public hearings are about to recover, requests 30 years of jail for laundering assets against Fujimori.

Under the slogan "Save Per Peru" a demonstration in support of vacancy has been summoned for tomorrow, while Ultraderechist groups of the FP environment have starred in several violent acts against moderate politicians who support the second castle cabinet.

The 38 deputies that support the vacancy process need to add 14 supports to reach the 52 votes needed so that the motion is admitted to full for debate, which would force the presence of castle in Congress in its own defense. Further away are the 87 of 130 necessary to dismiss the president.

At the moment, and despite the initial reticges of the Brother of Cerron, the free Peru radicals do not seem willing to support the adventure of Chirinos, booed by citizens on the outskirts of Parliament. "It does not proceed, that's how simple, Mr. President, it does not continue to appoint Right Ministers, trust you in the people who chose it, in their professional children," the dismissed Bellido Guido advanced.

The last survey of Ipsos has found that 58% of Peruvians do not trust their president, compared to 37% that continues to support it. Almost half of the respondents reproaches the first president the Offer in Ministerial Appointments.

Date Of Update: 26 November 2021, 10:05

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