The rates of his 50th birthday that will not have the Queen Letizia

Mary de Denmark, the wife of Prince Federico, heir of the throne, celebrates 50 years today. The same ones who will reach Queen Letizia in September. It is

The rates of his 50th birthday that will not have the Queen Letizia

Mary de Denmark, the wife of Prince Federico, heir of the throne, celebrates 50 years today. The same ones who will reach Queen Letizia in September. It is not the age the only similarity between the two consorts. Although there are also notable differences, marked largely by the differences in the uses and customs of both monarchies.

Inevitable, for example, it is elucubrar if the celebrations in Copenhagen and Madrid will resemble somewhat about two round anniversaries. For now, in Denmark, the official portraits of the future queen of her have already been made public, in those, with truly majestic, Mary, with the Danish tiara of rubies, one of the most important pieces of the Glücksburg jeweler . Exhibitions have also been inaugurated in different parts of the country. And, that yes, the gala dinner has been suspended at the Rosenborg Castle who had been invited numerous members of royalty, as a measure of prevention by the pandemic. Although the celebration will be resumed later. The intention is to entertain the princess with the same pomp that was deployed in 2018 when Prince Federico reached the fiftieth; Then there were important feast, including a banquet in Christiansborg who gathered the Götha's most pomegranate.

Something similar would have every sense in Spain when the birthday of Doña Letizia arrives. And yet, nobody expects it. It is enough to remember that when King Felipe arrived at 50 everything was limited to a celebration in the strictest intimacy. Opportunities missed by Zarzuela to give a little enhancement to the monarchy.

The Letizia Ortiz long - even princess said on May 14, 2004 was produced in the Danish capital. She that day she dazzled with the unforgettable Red Suit of Lorenzo Caprile with which she went to Federico and Mary Donaldson's wedding. The honeymoon prevented this couple to go a week later, in Madrid, the Link of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia.

Donaldson and Ortiz entered, therefore, at the same time at the Club de la Real. Both plebeies, both professionals and modern. Mary Donaldson, Australian, had met the Danish heir at Sidney in 2000 while the Olympic Games were celebrated. The crush emerged in a cocktail bar that the prince went along with several friends, including Felipe de Borbón. Degree in Law and Commerce, she had worked, among other positions, as director of accounts of an international advertising agency.

Federico's parents, Queen Margarita and her husband Enrique, were horrified to meet the chosen by his son as a woman. Exactly as in Zarzuela when Don Felipe released the bomb that he wanted to marry the presenter of the news. The two heirs were equally stood and drained with giving up everything for love. And they went out with his. In the Danish case, yes, the government and the courts had to authorize marriage. In Spain, the leading class lunged.

Mary's relationship with the queen was stormy at first, although in the end the consort got into his mother-in-pocket. Doña Letizia, by the part of her, went from the coldness and indifference with Don Juan Carlos not to contact him. Until today. To the Danish the public opinion was crushed during the first years of it as a princess: by the stylus of it, because of the scarce of the institutional agenda of it, for the difficulties of it to fit into the Palatine Protocol ... Equality that If we were talking about Letizia.

But he meets Mary 50 years old being the most popular character of the Danish royal family. There he can envy her our queen, who, however, in recent years has also seen the support of citizens grow, who highlight her professionalism and understand her better after so many scandals from the dynasty.

From one and another it is especially valued, the image of modernity that have contributed to the institution, as well as the commitment acquired with numerous causes that reinforce the soft power of the crown. The Danish sponsorships are very linked to culture, humanitarian aid programs or health-related issues, including their work through the Office for WHO Europe. The parallelism with Doña Letizia there is also undeniable. The first one wins the game, however, as flag of causes until recently from any monarchy, as the LGTBI claims. The Agenda of La Española continues to sinned from an excessive conservatism, away from too many social movements.

Date Of Update: 05 February 2022, 23:53

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