The reasons why Mercadona reinforces its leadership and Day loses market share

The secrets of the six supermarkets where most purchase the Spanish this añoLos factors that lead to shopping in the three grocery stores that most sell onlineM

The reasons why Mercadona reinforces its leadership and Day loses market share
The secrets of the six supermarkets where most purchase the Spanish this añoLos factors that lead to shopping in the three grocery stores that most sell onlineMercadona opens in Portugal with brands and assortment own where triumph offers

The sector of great consumption has grown by 1% in value between January and September of 2019, despite back 0.6% in terms of volume. These data are extracted from the report "Balance and Trends in Distribution and fmcg 2019" presented by Kantar. The increase of value above the volume that is common to all sectors , with a predominance of fresh products, where the spaniards have spent 1.9% more than a year ago, with a demand that has remained virtually stable and has gone up only 0.2%.

Within the sector, Mercadona has consolidated its leading position among supermarkets Spanish after gaining 0.6 points of share and achieve a percentage of 25.8%, thanks to has gained weight in Galicia and the Basque Country and reinforced its bet on its own brand and the novelty of the food prepared. "The arrival to Portugal, where they already have five stores, which will serve to reach one out of every 10 buyers in the area of Porto, not has made him lose focus on the growth in national territory", indicates Florencio Garcia, director of Retail at Kantar.

The supermarket directed by Juan Roig he continues to Carrefour quite a distance . The French chain has caught in Spain, 8.7% of the business in 2019 after winning by 0.3 points of share from the previous year. From Kantar explained their advance by putting your strategy to put the focus on fresh products, organic food and the protection of the environment through their campaign "Act for Food"; as well as the opening of new formats of shops in proximity, and the development and update of the web page.

The most injured of the report of the panel consumption is the Group a Day due to the restructuring that is underway. Day lost a total of 1.1 points to septiebre, up 6.6%, after the suppression of its network of shops, a trend that will continue until the end of 2019. However, Dia is kept as the third string where it is most buy the Spanish and "the industry expected a reaction from the giant Spanish face-to-2020", as is clear from the note of Kantar. Florence Garcia believes that the solution to the string of Spanish origin that passes for "recover the leadership in prices," which was his historical image; "to grow through your own brand" and "relying on their powerful loyalty card, used by seven of every ten buyers."

From Kantar portend an end of the year, "very interesting, especially for the first three national groups ". "Mercadona should consolidate their stakes in Portugal and 'food to go', which means get out of your comfort zone, while Carrefour has had a change in its general direction, and Dia is in the process of restructuring of the chain of the hand of its new board of directors, therefore, expected movements between the giants of the distribution in the last quarter of the year," predicts Garcia.

For his part, Lidl is reaffirmed as the fourth supermarket chain preferred by the Spanish after experiencing the largest rise in share, up 0.7, to reach a total of 5.5% of the market. "The success of the chain is manifested in its gain of penetration, and as well, six out of every 10 Spanish households have already bought in Lidl in 2019, reaching the second place in terms of number of buyers," reads the study.

The fifth group distribution, Grupo Eroski , yields 0.5 points of share in 2019, and stood at 4.9% of fee value due to the increase of the competition in regions such as the Basque Country, Catalonia and Galicia, a circumstance that "has an impact on the evolution of the Eroski" despite the fact that continues to maintained a "position of privilege in these regions", as intepretan in Kantar.

Auchan ( Alcampo ), with a percentage of 3.4%, closes the ranking of the first six, and maintained their share stable, thanks to its process close to the shops more profitable, renewing part of his own brand and by the process of uniting all its stores under the name of Alcampo.

The super regional -led by Consum or Ahorramás-, win market share and recorded 12.2% (not including Eroski), a figure which places them as a second national distributor if they operated jointly, and after growing by 0.4 points compared to 2018. These data confirm that Spanish consumers continue to rely on this kind of establishments, in spite of the efforts made by the large national chains.

on the other hand, the internet shopping continues to trend upward and win by 0.3 points, reaching 1.9% of the market of big consumption, according to data from Kantar.

Date Of Update: 26 September 2019, 21:03

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