The rejection of Madrid and Barça tense the Laliga-CVC agreement: The danger is to be scared

The agreement that Laliga has arrived with the CVC Investor Fund, by which the clubs receive an economic injection of 2,700 million euros, suffered on Thursday

The rejection of Madrid and Barça tense the Laliga-CVC agreement: The danger is to be scared

The agreement that Laliga has arrived with the CVC Investor Fund, by which the clubs receive an economic injection of 2,700 million euros, suffered on Thursday a major setback, and the situation has been unexpectedly tensioned. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona showed their opposition to announced, and according to Fuentes near Laliga, that has generated a concern: "In the Assembly, you have livestock, because the rest of the clubs we will vote in favor, but now the DANGER is that Americans are scared by noise and getting back, "explained an executive from one of the clubs involved in the afternoon.

What noise does it mean? For the one who made the two great Spanish football, who launched their speakers to proclaim that the agreement, received with joy by most clubs, they are not interested. Why do not you interest them? Against what may seem so that immediate economic injection has, Madrid and Barça do not support the maneuver of the body that presides by Javier Thebes because they consider that, in the medium and long term, both clubs will lose money.

And why will they lose money? Before, an underline: money reaches clubs in the form of participatory loan, at 0% interest and within 40 years. And there is the key. Those 40 years are supposed, understand Madrid and Barcelona, a mortgage too long. It is convenient to insist on the striking posture of Barça. "If it's good news, it is for thebes. For Barça," they manifest sources of the Barça club to this newspaper, which they add: "There is a cession of starting rights at 40 years. There is no almost mortgages that They go from 25 or 30 years ... when you make an assignment of rights of this type, it would be normal for it to be 10 years as much. It is a barbarity. "

"Barcelona does not have a favorable position to this agreement. On the contrary," let it clear at the offices of the Camp Nou, where they emphasize that thebes negotiated the covenant with CVC behind them. "They have not consulted us, they have been thrown to the pool and speculate with rights that belong to each club. Another thing would be that a negotiation would have been mediated to evaluate it." Trying to seek answers, from Barcelona they understand that the agreement with CVC responds to the intention of Thebes to "deactivate Barça and Real Madrid of the Superliga".

More forceful are in Madrid, where they explain their surprise to the world: "We have learned by the media, although it plays with our own rights. They have cooked it from Laliga without counting on us, and there are clear indications that it is about it. of an illegal operation. " Therefore, Madrid confirms that in the coming days he will go to justice to stop the operation.

Another of the most important clubs in Laliga, however, considers the positive agreement. One of its managers explains with details why Madrid and Barça succeinate. "Your doubts make sense because it is a long time. For them, and for Atlético, the television revenues are less than 30% of the total, 10% of that 30%, which is what must be returned year after year At the investment fund, it is 2-3%. The challenge proposed Laliga is to supply that 2-3% per year with an increase in sponsorships, merchandising, through digital development ... ", explains one of its managers .

The key to this operation is that Laliga strengthens the business, guaranteeing that it grows in a context that the Covid crisis has hit clubs harshly, but ties its room for maneuver. That's where the reels of some clubs arise. The resources can only be reversed in the growth of the competition. Specifically, 70% in infrastructure, digitization and commercial expansion; 15%, in cleaning balances after two years of generalized losses; And only 15%, in a template, to distribute in three seasons.

With the agreement with CVC, Laliga seeks to make a jump that allows it to position itself and compete with the Italian series or the Bundesliga. The business volume of Spanish football grows at the rhythm of two digits, although with a model based on the sale of television rights, a market that contracts. "The future no longer guarantees television, because it has reached its exploitation stop," explains a former high director of several first division clubs.

The 2,700 million euros that the British Fund provides will allow clubs to face this technological leap, modernizing their stadiums, or paying them in the event that they have been remodeled, and promoting experiential services that position the Spanish competition in international markets. "It's a huge challenge, a leap to the future that would have been unthinkable nine years ago. The economic control of Laliga on clubs has been key to having a saneate and very profitable competition for these Top investors," says the expert.

Integrating to the fund as a business partner allows the employer of football to ensure that the improvement pretended in marketing will not be taken only one external partner, but will fall on the competition itself. And the fund manages to ensure that its contribution reverses in the preparation of the business for the new commercial era of sport, and not in uncontrolled sports spending. As long as the noise generated on Thursday does not change your mind.

Date Of Update: 05 August 2021, 13:56

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