The repressive regime of Cuba, a key partner for the EU

The cuban regime is repressing with violence and arrests to protests against the rape of DD.HH.EE.UU. restricts the remittance of money to Cuba to try to stifle

The repressive regime of Cuba, a key partner for the EU
The cuban regime is repressing with violence and arrests to protests against the rape of DD.HH.EE.UU. restricts the remittance of money to Cuba to try to stifle the régimenBolsonaro, to Bachelet: "If it weren't for Pinochet, Chile would be today a Cuba"

"Cuba is a key partner for us", said this Monday, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union, Federica Mogherini, during the second Joint Council Cuba-EU.

"In the uncertain times that we live, we highly value our partners, as is the case of Cuba, share our commitments to multiculturalism , and with a rules-based system," said, in Spanish, Mogherini, who chaired the conclave, next to the cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla.

These statements of the european diplomatic pose a standoff with the political reality and the discouraging socio-economic landscape that is gripping the country, under the command of Miguel Diaz-Canel suffers a escalation of violent repression and harassment , not only against the opposition, but also against broad sectors of cuban civil society, as has been denounced by the organizations, Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH), Christian Democratic Party (PDC), Table of Unit Democratic Action (MUAD) and Civil Rights Defenders.

"While the Sunday Mogherini tied up loose ends with Bruno –prior to the second Council Set Cuba-EU–, in the streets of cuba a wave of repression would be in more than a hundred of arbitrary arrests , illegal raids on their homes, beatings, and other violations of due process and civil liberties"; he pointed out Osvaldo Domenich, a former professor of Social Sciences.

The acts of repression against the so-called Manifestation of the Sunflowers, convened jointly by the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and the platform "CubaDecide", occurred while the head of european diplomacy was on the Island as part of the representation in the european bloc for the second round of the Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation between the EU and Cuba.

In their interventions Mogherini recalled that since 2008 the EU has committed two hundred million euros to support the development of Cuba [...] as well as to accompany the modernization of the country". An expression that has been strongly challenged by the sector as a whole opposition within the country and in the diaspora, claiming that these "investments" does not reflect in any area of personal and social life of Cuba .

A coalition of opponents would have been sent, last August, a letter to the minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden, Margot Elisabeth Wallström, with the purpose of intercede in favour of participation "of civil society independent cuban in all of its spectrum" in the next round of talks with the European Union scheduled for next month of October.

mid-June the Swedish government has decided to withdraw its proposition to the Parliament of that country to ratify the agreement signed between the EU and the cuban regime. In a brief note the Ministry of Foreign Swedish repealing "the bill 2017/18: 285 Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation between the European Union and its member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Cuba, on the other".

human rights Violations

Sectors of the opposition in the Island celebrated the decision of the Kingdom of Sweden to leave the Agreement, signed in November of 2016 and that includes a dialogue in relation to human rights. In this sense, the opponents reminded the chancellor that, "from 2016 the conduct in relation to the human rights of the Government (cuban) has only worsened".

"arbitrary Arrests, acts of violence various exerted against actors of the civil society, essentially of the space of art and culture [...]. The last public events that demonstrate this willingness to deny in action the spirit of the Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation have been the repression against communities that are especially vulnerable such as LGBTI+ and the ban on cuban citizens to travel, both within Cuba and abroad"; explained the email.

The european bloc is the main investor in the Island , and its largest trading partner, with an exchange that exceeded 3.470 billion in 2018. To tone with these circumstances, Federica Mogherini added that "Cuba can serve as a bridge between Latin America and the Caribbean countries", an assumption that in all rule gives the regime led by Diaz-Canel a quota of oxygen, at the time, which violates the fabric of cuban society as a whole.

In another letter addressed to the High Commissioner of Human Rights of the United Nations, Michelle Bachelet, 1.081 cubans of all social sectors requested that they accompany him "in the difficult path of human rights in Cuba"

"The good political governance requires a clear coherence between the Constitution, the recognition and protection of rights and guarantees to the citizens, and the set of human rights that constitutes the premise of those. The challenge in Cuba in this matter continues to be simultaneously historic: if the government has the culture and capacity to respect their own laws, if the Constitution and the laws are designed and made to promote and respect human rights, and if it protects at all, or to a single type of citizens"; it expressed the document submitted to the High Commissioner.

The document extending that, despite the fact that the subject is explicit in the Constitution and the laws in Cuba it is the person or the citizen, "the authorities continue making a distinction and discrimination unconstitutional between revolutionaries and the rest of the cubans, which continues to place the discourse and the political action of the government, as has been happening since 1959, the margin of the entire constitutional architecture".

Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 03:01

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