The scallion of harassment of minors for Instagram: My 14-year-old daughter has received 60 photos of penises in a day

"Fake profiles are made to send a picture of their parts, on one day my daughter came to have more than 60 notifications of this type of content in her Instagr

The scallion of harassment of minors for Instagram: My 14-year-old daughter has received 60 photos of penises in a day

"Fake profiles are made to send a picture of their parts, on one day my daughter came to have more than 60 notifications of this type of content in her Instagram profile," explains a mother who prefers not to give her name or her of her Daughter who currently cursa third of the ESO in a center in the city of Alcorcón, Madrid. She counts as from 2 years old, her daughter began to be more and more timid and retracted, but the pandemic aggravated her symptoms.

"We believed that, as there were no face-to-face classes, I would be calmer because we imagined that I had a problem with their classmates, but being all online, the harassment changed the channel and became systematic," says this mother confirming that from The center are trying to alleviate the problem through talks and workshops on the use of social networks.

This Thursday is celebrated on the International Day against Violence and School Harassment, including Ciberacy, a type of mistreatment that in our country has already had a tragic final for some victims as the case of Diego González, which in 2015, with 11 years He removed his life; Or that of Kira, a 15-year-old teenager and neighbor of Barcelona, which last May 19 threw a vacuum from the rooftop of the building in which she lived with her family.

Despite the awareness campaigns and the efforts of different centers and teachers, the figures only confirm that school harassment has not only disappeared, but has changed shape. Today's teenagers have a different conception of leisure, their customs and their way of relating are different. They are digital natives and the expression of being born with a bread under the arm is no longer applicable, now they come with the built-in mobile and through it can live the worst face of their classmates.

So David confirms, a teacher from a center of Leganés who gives class in first of that. "Most have a mobile cucumber, Instagram and Tiktok too soon," he emphasizes during the students' break. "With 11 and 13 years, which is the age with which I agree, bring the mobile to the center, although they insist that no. At this ages there are still no networks, but from the 13, they are all connected and uploading content "He adds as he details how at that same moment they have drawn attention to a group of students who were recording dancing in the hallways.

David takes a few years to grab the same agenda class, is not the veterans, but in his almost ten years of teaching experience he has seen the impact of technology about his students. "I see that they do not sleep because they are up to the two seeing memes or loving polydramas among other classmates, who throw themselves indirect from whether they like them or not. In addition, the Disclaims noticed a great lack of concentration for constant notifications," says the teacher.

It coincides with the Mother with which we began these lines in which the pandemic has aggravated the cases of cyber cycossos between minors. Some of these behaviors are not only given in social networks, during virtual classes have also been incident. "During the quarantine, when class sessions are open and you did not enter with administrator privileges, some student 'ICKEABA [expelled] to another kid all the time out of the session," explains David, something he himself lived for several of their classes.

He has also witnessed one of the forms of cybercoso that has resurfaced with the return of the face-to-face classes, the Happy Slapping, a form of bullying among the minors who consists of assaulting another and recorded it with a mobile to disseminate it in social networks. "The cybercoso at these ages occur mostly through Instagram, as well as the Stories last 24 hours, there is no evidence and sometimes the victims do not see it when they record," says David. He points out that victims are usually the same of other types of harassment, the minors take advantage to encourage them to fight or simply be the subject of aggressions that they record to upload them to the Internet.

In the dosmiles, Jackass revolutionized television showing a group of reckless youth who performed all kinds of extreme activities, which ended in more than or less serious self-sole. Thousands of young people tried to imitate them to upload their videos to YouTube and, with a bit of luck, becoming famous as well. Some of them had a tragic end and others ended up with injury to life, as the case of some of the members of Jackass.

In 2016 a new fashionable word appeared, Caranchoa, who became as well known as to be pronounced by one of the Guardians of the Marvel Galaxy, Rocket, in his second film. The term was popularized by a YouTuber who recorded videos increasing strangers on the street, who after calling one of her 'victims' of her, this gave him a blow on her face, which catapulted her to fame.

In this way the young people went from being recorded by realizing dangerous activities to be recorded or insult others. It is not uncommon to see on the Twitch platform to Streamers that after assembling jingle at high hours of night, they also decide to go increase their neighbors. A trend that minors imitate after consuming hours of content of this type through their mobile phone.

When the cybercoso occurs online and in profiles that are public on the Internet, minors who are victims of comments in which they are insulted by their physique or for any other reason can become Diana for adults with very bad intentions. It is what the Patricia family lived, from a town of Valladolid, she is already of legal age, but according to her parents, she is still in treatment because she still has problems to relate and even self-injurious.

It all started when she was 16 years old and her college companions began to leave her insulting her systematically on her social networks. "Fea, bug stick, you're flat as a table," are some of the comments left by her companions, who did not even bother to hide her identity. This somehow caught the attention of an adult resident in Madrid, who contacted Patricia of her promising to turn it into a footbridge model in the capital.

The features that seemed to annoy his companions, height and thinness, became his strengths when he spoke with this alleged discoverer of models. According to her parents, she Patricia escaped the capital lying to her fathers, saying that she would stay at a friend of Valladolid during the weekend. They suspected when Sunday, she Patricia returned home and she did not go to them the word or she could even look at her face.

At first they attributed it to adolescence, a qualified age as difficult and change for minors, but in the end they confessed their adventure. She had tried to abuse her and also blackmailed her with telling everyone if she told someone. According to the parents, the case turned into a trial in Madrid in which they discovered that he had used the same strategy with more young people aged 16 and 17, "although Patricia never became the one who was", they lament.

The unprecedented success of videogames such as Fortnite or Minecraft only confirm a trend that know well parents and teachers, children now prefer to play multiplayer videogames than playing alone. For example, during confinement, Among Us was one of the most played titles, especially among minors.

Its operation is very simple, some make good and other bad, who have to sabotage a spacecraft in order to eliminate rival players from departure. The game has an internal chat that serves for players to debate who they suspect that it is the bad player, to vote and throw away from the ship.

By having a mobile version, many minors played with classmates to be able to interact during confinement, beyond digital classes. Even some teachers came to recommend this game for their students to practice other languages, such as English, among them. Trying to learn loudly.

The problem came when through the game, minor stalkers made life impossible for their victims using the chat to insult them and vejarlas, something that truncated the educational purpose by teachers.

The best way to prevent cybercoso is education and some of the tools that provides the same technology as is parental control. It is also key to supporting the educational community, warning from the slightest suspicion and actively participating in talks or workshops on the use of Internet and social networks.

Updated Date: 04 November 2021, 06:25

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