The scandal of Alberto Garzón Puntilla to United we can in the interior Spain

He misused him in the worst of the moments. A little more than a month for Castilla y León to celebrate elections, the controversial statements by Alberto Gar

The scandal of Alberto Garzón Puntilla to United we can in the interior Spain

He misused him in the worst of the moments. A little more than a month for Castilla y León to celebrate elections, the controversial statements by Alberto Garzón on the quality of Spanish flesh deepen in the difficult panorama that lives together can in the rural world, the true purple hole.

A scenario in which it tries to survive, unable to have been organically consolidated, scarce from militancy, and without acceptance to a program that, after the initial moment of the explosion (2014-16), has real difficulties to attract the voter of provinces.

The message of the Minister of Consumer at The Guardian - "There is an interest in the United Kingdom to know our lines of work," he presumes herself to deepen the bleeding of purple voters in Castile and León, where he went from 10 attempors to two in the Last autonomic elections.

But nor is it just a gown nor is it just the meat nor is it just Castilla y León. The disaffection between the electorate of the interior and united Spain we can have been the most bleeding proof of its retreat since Pablo Iglesias and Alberto Garzón paced the coalition for the elections of June 2016.

It has gone from winning 10 deputies between Castilla y León (3), Castilla-La Mancha (2), Extremadura (1), Cantabria (1), La Rioja (1) and Aragon (2) has preserved only one, that of Zaragoza , where the demographic weight is differential, while yielding that of Huesca. That fall from 10 to 1, if it had been extended to the rest of the country, would be united with 7 deputies, and has five times more (35), to the point of being a government.

In those six communities, the weight of the rural world is unbalanced. Are territories where the value of agriculture and livestock is remarkable, or where hunting exploitation is an economic asset, or where, in addition to hunting, the weight of the bulls is unquestionable, or where the claim of Spain as Nation is very transversal ... they are autonomies, in addition, where we can solo and in its first attempt with IU they showed the jump they represented within their political space. Neither the Communist Ni Left Party, in 1979 and 1996, their respective support stops (23 and 21 seats), achieved deputies in any of the six autonomous communities cited.

United we can have shrin down on those circumscriptions until it has fallen to the PCE and IU, with the exception of Zaragoza, which fits within the urban scenario that today owes its electoral booty. Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia report 12 deputies, one third of the total. In Catalonia and the Valencian community, in addition, it is mixed with nationalism, a cocktail that is according to great purple spring (three deputies in Euskadi, two in Galicia, two in Baleares, one in Navarra).

And the cake is completed with Andalusia, where the PCE-IU root allows you to sustain itself with six deputies. The deputy by Asturias has been almost a fixed of the PCE to IU, who already achieved a seat in Murcia 25 years ago. Thus, the only exceptionality that we can establish with their grandparents and parents are the two Canarian deputies, where the charism of Alberto Rodríguez, today departed by the Supreme.

That sinking in the inner spain, prevented we can rise and consolidate a structure throughout Spain. In the Castiles, Extremadura, Aragon, La Rioja and Cantabria went from 40 posts to 13 in the autonomous parliaments.

In Castilla-La Mancha came to have a deputy for three provinces and today has no representation; In Castilla y León he had procurers for seven provinces (all saved Soria and Ávila and duplicate in Burgos, León and Valladolid) and today only exists for the last two; In Cantabria, he passed from three to zero; In Extremadura, he left two of the six; In La Rioja, he lost half of his four; In Aragón he came to add 14 (four in Huesca, two in Teruel) and today he has five (three of Zaragoza).

An accelerated decline that has not led him to change his speech on vaccted land. The contario, United can intensify its pulse with Luis Flat, Minister of Agriculture, because of the Future Law of Animal Welfare, which puts the focus on the situation of hunting dogs.

Although the dwellings insist that the legislative text does not affect this activity, the cinegetic sector ensures not having participated in the elaboration of the law and denounces that in a covert manner to a sector that is sustenance for almost 200,000 people. United We can believe that plans maintain paralyzed in the Council of Ministers, by pressures, the Law of the Ministry of Ione Belarra.

And this week the purple registered in Congress a question to the Ministry of Agriculture in which they point out that the "contact" of this department with the "lobbies procaza" is in crescendo in recent times and consider that flat tries to legally differentiate to Domestic dogs of employees for hunting.

"What motivation does it exist in supporting a small percentage of the population, hunters, unprotected tens of thousands of casing?" Asks the leader of the Green Alliance, Juan López de Uralde, Luis Plane, whom the ranchers have asked for In the last hours that defends the primary sector before the "attacks" of Alberto Garzón.

Also the United Left Leader Achacca, precisely, near the nearby autonomic elections in Castile and León the controversy around intensive livestock. It was Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, he accused him, who launched the "ball" with "partisan interests". Hours earlier he said that the "Bulo," on the contrary, had slowly cooked the "Lobby of certain companies that promote polluting macrogranjas".

The result is that of an electoral campaign that reaches even before the very pre-campaign and with the main parties weaving his agenda in the short term in Castilla y León. Pedro Sánchez himself will be on Sunday in Palencia with Luis Tudanca.

The truth is that the 13-f electoral appointment will be a key date for the purple - for the first time in that autonomy, in coalition with IU. They come for the first time to some elections since the departure of Pablo Iglesias of politics and must overcome the difficult challenge of articulating a project that makes an embryo of the broad front that Yolanda Díaz seeks.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 20:53

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