The searches of Adriana and her mother before the crime: suffocate in children over a year, cut the veins on time ...

The agents of the National Police that intervened in the case of the Crime of La Niña Carolina have given today in the trial a very different version of what ha

The searches of Adriana and her mother before the crime: suffocate in children over a year, cut the veins on time ...

The agents of the National Police that intervened in the case of the Crime of La Niña Carolina have given today in the trial a very different version of what has the mother holds, accused of the minor's murder.

Thus, Adriana Ugueto had testified that on January 26, 2020 she stayed at the hotel with her mother, Olga Febles, and her five-year-old daughter, that the mother gave them a collaquo and a croissant, which after ingesting these foods They were deeply asleep and that the next thing he remembered was wake up in the bathtub, with cuts in the body and bloody. She pointed like her mother, who committed herself marking on the Ebro River, as author of the facts.

However, the instructor and the secretary of the case have ensured that on the 29th when they went to the hospital where Adriana was admitted to communicate that his mother had found the corpse, the defendant spontaneously told them that both had agreed to take away his life after Ending that of the Carolina girl. "He commented that he has been doing it badly, that the basis of the problem was the relationship he has with his former partner and the custody regime of the girl, that this situation had gone to worse leading into the idea of taking off his life, that this Made comes from a distance, who told his mother at the time, I think he was remembered that in 2019 he had already mentioned it, "the instructor agent said.

"Regarding Carolina, who always thought about taking it with her because the future his father was going to be good, that both made that decision, who decided to carry it out on January 25 and 26 because the girl was with them. They rented the hotel room, who had decided that it was their mother who ended up with the life of the girl, who would then help her take it away from her and that her mother would be committed suicide too, "he added about this spontaneous manifestation that Adriana performed in The hospital without a lawyer's presence. "That she did not want to see how she ended up with the life of the girl, she got into the bathroom, that when the girl came out, she did not breathe, that the next thing was that her mother helped her cut her veins."

"The defendant was aware of what was going to happen, he wanted it to happen and actively participated in it," concluded this agent based on the letters and videos that mother and daughter left and the telephone conversations they kept. "The plan was both and both carried it ahead together".

On the letters, asked if he contemplated the possibility that Adriana would have written them to say goodbye for fear of suffering an accident, as she holds, the instructor answered that "no". "It is that there are phrases that are very very specific, I think I was saying to his brother: 'Look at the sky, the star that we are most shine that we are watching you'. It comes to say that I fight for them, Carolina is not Baptized and can not step on holy soil. It comes to say that Carolina is with her and that she feels to be selfish. "

The agent has also detailed Google searches that Adriana and his mother performed on the days prior to the events. "They start looking for 'poison', 'Matarratas',' cyanide '... Searches are similar on both telephones and in similar dates. They also look at both' cut off the veins', 'cut the veins in time', 'death by asphyxia '". On January 23 at 13.55 hours is the following search: "suffocation in children over a year".

In his statement, Adriana Ugueto was disconnected from these searches, arguing that all family phones was synchronized and that anyone could have done it. "I think I remember that on both telephones the searches are similar but not identical," the Instructor Police said. "The searches are not duplicated on both telephones"

Today they have also declared the agents who entered the hotel room and found the inert body of Carolina, who have also offered a very different version from that of the defendant. Adriana Uguto testified that she did not open the door to the agents and explained that she was on the window sill when she pulled her arm to prevent her from launching.

According to the agents, however, it was Adriana herself who opened the door. "We could not enter and warned a maintenance employee. He tried to open and at a given moment she opens the door," explained one of the policemen. The first thing they did was move it away from the area of the window in case she tried again to shoot her.

The agents, at first, did not see the girl. "I look next to the window and see small sneakers. I see a buckled bundle [in one of the beds] with the bedspread or quilt, and, when I lifted it, I find a girl. I had the pacifier put on, he had remains of Dry blood and a pillow covered his forehead, has detailed this policeman.

While he and two other agents tried to revive Carolina, a fourth policeman took the mother to the next room. "I'm very calm, I'm very calm," she has declared that she told him. This policeman asked him about the cuts that she had on her wrists, neck and legs: "She says she has done it with a razor blade that she has in the bag in the room."

When asked what had happened to the girl in principle, she was quiet. "She said that her girl had passed very badly during her life, for an autoimmune disease and then began to talk to me that the girl's father. I was blamed for the disease, who mistreated her by the disease ".

Adriana told him, has testified by the agent, "that on Sunday at seven o'clock in the afternoon saw the purple handyman, as it was hard for him to breathe."

- Why did not he call a doctor yet? The agent asked.

"He did not give importance because he thought he was cold," she replied, adding that she realized that her daughter was dead the next day -Lune, January 27, 2020-.

- Have you done something to the girl? "The agent asked.

"He kept silence, he spoke as if he spoke with the girl: 'Do not worry' and she was silent."

In today's trial session held at the Provincial Court of La Rioja, the images in which you see ADRIANA have also been exhibited

Adriana Ugueto is accused of a crime of murder for which the Prosecutor's Office and Prosecutives ask for review reviewed prison for being the victim a minor -Carolina was five years old - and is being judged at the provincial audience of La Rioja since Monday 31 of January.

Date Of Update: 05 February 2022, 05:20

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