The secret of Messi to retain Mbappé in the PSG

Nasser al-Khelaïfi defends tremendous ferocity its territory. Barcelona can attest. In recent years, it has been closed again and again in band whenever the

The secret of Messi to retain Mbappé in the PSG

Nasser al-Khelaïfi defends tremendous ferocity its territory. Barcelona can attest. In recent years, it has been closed again and again in band whenever the Barcelona entity has been interested in some of the PSG stars. And when he had to move a file, he pulled a chair to take Neymar from the Camp Nou. Now, it is Real Madrid who is in front of him. Florentino Pérez has never hidden that he intends that Kylian Mbappé is the next galactic of him, but Leo Messi's arrival seems that, instead of facilitating it, it will be a new obstacle in the President Blanco.

Al-Khelaïfi took advantage of the presentation of the Argentine crack with the PSG, to mark territory before Messi's accomplice smile. "Everyone knows the future of Kylian: He is a PSG player and he will stay, he is very competitive and has a winning mentality. He has said openly that he does not want to leave the psg, but who wants a competitive team, and we can not do it anymore Competitive. Now with Messi no longer has an excuse to ask for more, "he said the maximum leader of the Parisian assembly.

Messi, how not, he also courted him, without disguising that he burns into desire to play at his side. Not in vain, he knows very well how he spends them. As a most recent sample, it is enough to remember the exhibition of the French striker in the first round of the last champions that faced Barça with the PSG at the Camp Nou.

"Playing with Neymar and Mbappé is crazy," said the Argentine, who tried to sneak himself as he could enter more details, even when the Streamer Ibai Llanos wanted to throw away from his tongue. The presence of Llanos, invited by the new and new star of the French club so that it was coupled in its first interviews with means such as ESPN or Al-Jazeera, gave the first day of Messi in Paris a fresh touch among so many ties and solemnity.

Mbappé and his future were indirect protagonists of a day designed to give even more hype and saucer to the glory of an operation that, a couple of weeks ago, seemed little less than unthinkable. Messi has left Barça, and has done it to leave a rival that awakens a great corner among the Barcelona in recent times. A feeling that, how not, has found an answer in the streets of Paris.

Hence, many Followers of the PSG dedicate improper sounds towards the Barça entity to celebrate, even more if possible, the fact of snatching it that has been their banner for more than three lustrians. He would only have made even more painful the blow for the hobby that the arrival of Messi had facilitated the signing of Mbappé, which ends contract in June 2022 and has not yet renewed, by Madrid. But, once again, it seems that the PSG will find the way to haggle UEFA Fair Play.

Meanwhile, Messi changed the senses tears and her coldness with Laporta last Sunday by smiles and a ferrous hug with Al-Khelaïfi and with Leonardo, sports director of the French set. He waits, yes, that the old hobby of him knows how to understand him the bet of him by the PSG. "Before knowing where he was going to go, I told the Barça fans that I will always be grateful for the love they gave me. They knew that he was going to go to a strong team, to fight for the Champions, because they know me. I am a winner and I want to continue achieving goals, "he said. And how will you face a hypothetical confrontation in Champions? With feelings found: "On the one hand, it would be nice to return to Barcelona, I hope it is with people, but it will be very weird to go back to my house with another shirt».

Its objective is very clear: reigning in Europe. Therefore, the spectacular template of the PSG has been decisive for him. «It is a team that is done, beyond the signings of this summer. I come to help, with great enthusiasm and more desire than ever. My illusion and my dream is to raise another Champions, and I think I have come to the ideal place to have more options to get it. " With Mbappé next, of course.

Date Of Update: 11 August 2021, 20:19

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