The shock of the PP and basque Álvarez de Toledo opens a rift in the party

The PP, "disappointed", to leave via free Cs the commission of AvalmadridLesmes alludes to the trial of the "procés" as a "paradigm" of the good functioni

The shock of the PP and basque Álvarez de Toledo opens a rift in the party
The PP, "disappointed", to leave via free Cs the commission of AvalmadridLesmes alludes to the trial of the "procés" as a "paradigm" of the good functioning of the Justice

The popular basque are offended, but, above all, pained by the criticism of the spokesman for the Group Piopular in Congress , who put in question the "own profile" to have this party in the Basque Country and even spoke of their "warmth", a supposed approach to the PNV. To insinuate even that the popular basque are "lukewarm", or have ever been, it hurts in a special way in a party that has fought for decades against the terrorist band ETA. The clash between Alvarez de Toledo and the PP basque opened yesterday a crack in this training, Paul Married will try today to sew on the closure of the Political Convention of the popular in Vitoria.

In the Palace of Congresses in Europe, the PP basque has made a tour of its history through images that appear Gregorio Ordóñez, Carlos Iturgaiz, María San Gil, Jaime mayor Oreja... All the leaders who gave the face, and sometimes the life, against the terrorists . One of the politicians of the toughest years, with those pictures in front, told the ABC the words of the speaker: "you know absolutely nothing, has no idea".

"you do Not have the moral authority to speak to us of warmth to us", commented sources of the PP vasco. The president of the PP of Guipúzcoa, Borja Sémper, answered with this hardness to the spokesman at the Congress: "To us it has cost us blood, sweat and tears to defend the Constitution, and an idea of Spain's plural in the Basque Country, and probably while some walked comfortably on fluffy carpet we were risking our lives defending here the Democracy and coexistence."

The tension between the PP basque and the national leadership of the party is dormant for little over a year . In particular, since Paul Married won the primary of the PP to Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, whose right hand was Alfonso Alonso, president of the PP vasco. Alonso and Married, defend the two models match different, two ways of understanding the policy and the initials of the PP. But until now, have remained buried the hatchet. Genoa awaits the time to push a transition in this Community, and probably will not move tab up holding the upcoming elections in basque, which is scheduled for within a year, if not advance.

Sinking electoral

Meanwhile, the Popular Party, basque sinks, even more than the PP national. In general not obtained a single seat in the three constituencies. You have a serious problem, because he has seen how it has been running out of space. "Here, those who are center-right now they vote in block to the PNV", support. And the popular seeking the "formula" to recover an electorate lost, and that no longer finds reasons to go to the PP. "What differentiates us is the defence of Spain", warns a leader of the people, who sees difficult not to make a pact with the PNV in the area, economic or social. "They want to borrarnos of the social map", warned for his part, Iñaki Oyarzábal. "We have to answer with the defense of freedom," he added. Spain, freedom and Constitution are the three basic ideas that you still have the PP basque flag.

After the fall election, Alfonso Alonso announced a political convention, which closes today, to define a "profile" of the PP vasco. Something that aroused suspicion in the national direction. "The political strategy of the brand, the PP national", warned from Genoa quickly.

Married beat their candidate in Guipúzcoa, in general, Íñigo Arcauz. There are more casadistas, as the president of the PP of Biscay, Raquel González, and Beatriz Fanjul, secretary general of New Generations. The choice of Married as national president returned the illusion, in addition, the old guard, including Iturgaiz or San Gil. But they recognize a certain "disappointment" because the popular leader has not moved tab to renew the PP vasco. From Genoa he warns that the time has come.We have to wait and, for now, to tuck Alonso.

Yesterday, the president of the PP in the basque arrived at the political convention accompanied by three vicesecretarios of Genoa: Cuca Gamarra, Antonio González Terol and Jaime de Olano. The first, old sorayista and next to Alonso. The last, very similar to Arcauz, a bet on the future. Also attended by Edurne Uriarte and Javier Zarzalejos.

From the national direction of the PP tried to remove importance of the shock front between the Álvarez of Toledo and Alfonso Alonso. In public they denied even the differences. "But it is clear that there is a sea background", discussed in private. "There are some tensions and stress." "In any case, it is a controversial made-in-Gaetana", commented sources of the PP, pointing to the speaker in the Congress on track to be a "verse loose", without consulting anyone for their decisions or statements.

ABC asked the spokesman a possible explanation, after the controversy unleashed in the PP vasco. But Álvarez de Toledo refused to pour more fuel to the fire. In your environment yes it was clarified that in no case had wanted to criticize the statutory recognized in the Constitution, and only warned that the PP must have the Magna Carta as a flag, and not the defense of the rights historical previous.


In the PP some reduce the controversy to a clash merely personal between Alvarez de Toledo and Alonso . "Incompatibility between them", they say. The pullas in the last few days would have happened. And Alfonso Alonso did not let the opportunity pass to criticize with acidity the presence of Rosa Díez in a ceremony organized by the spokesman in the Congress, "Spaniards in defense of the common good'. Alonso showed his surprise at the approach of the exdirigente socialist to PP, when in the past and struck out with force against this party and was known as "the scourge of the Rajoy Government". Alonso stressed the "versatility" policy of Diez.

Alonso has taken advantage of all the opportunities that you have had to mark differences with the PP national . What has been done, for example, with the proposal of the electoral platform of Spain Sum. The president of the PP basque has categorically rejected a possible alliance with Vox. With Citizens, would be subject to their defence of the economic agreement basque.

Precisely, in its communication policy, the PP basque is forceful in the rejection of any pact with Vox , just when the popular have reached agreements last summer in several communities, such as Madrid and Murcia, and town councils. It is a point in which they want to differentiate themselves clearly in the national discourse of being Married, to equate to Vox with the nationalists. "We will only grow and strengthen us marking the same distances with parties basque nationalists with national parties that embrace other types of nationalisms are incompatible with the idea of Spain that lies in the statutory and in the 1978 Constitution", judged at the Convention.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 12:00

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