The toads that swallowed the infanta Cristina by Iñaki Urdangarin, his prince blue eyes

Probably King Juan Carlos, after the scandal unleashed by that cover on readings by Iñaki Urdangarin walking from his hand with his new friendly friend, many bi

The toads that swallowed the infanta Cristina by Iñaki Urdangarin, his prince blue eyes

Probably King Juan Carlos, after the scandal unleashed by that cover on readings by Iñaki Urdangarin walking from his hand with his new friendly friend, many bitter memories are crowded into his loneliness of Abu Dhabi. The question will be the same as Spaniards are done. Is this infidelity so public - all Spain use the word "horns" - what drives a decision that the infanta has been avoiding almost a decade? Especially because Mrs. Cristina, although she knew about her's infidelities, she had never seen her marriage as exposed. Divorce? Those who know the infanta say that without those photos it would remain an impossible. Especially so we are knowing the extramarital relationship. Ainhoa Armentia, who is still married and learned about what was going to be published on Tuesday, could be a unimportant slip. There are marriages who hold together like this. But this time the record constancy ...

Few know that when the Infanta presented him that he married yes or yes with a handball player, he tried to prevent it at all costs. She had worrisome information from the hobby of the athlete by the amortional adventures, because initially he lived with his girlfriend, Carmen Camí, at the same time that he threw the tips to his daughter. He contacted journalists friends, including the deceased Pepe Oneto, to design a dissuasive media campaign, as he did later to avoid the commitment of his Felipe's son with Eva Sannum. But it failed by the indiscretion of his sister, the Infanta Pilar, who fell into the trap of some journalists, publicly confirming the relationship. Surely Don Juan Carlos burde now from indignation against his still son-in-law after seeing his statements on Thursday: "These things happen and we are going to manage it in the best possible way. Together, as we have always done," he said, referring to his wife that Once again he has left at the foot of the horses: exile, bench, loss of the duchy, rupture with his beloved brother today king ... and in the middle of the disaster, Iñaki Correos who was seeking his infidelities with the wife of an intimate, who He nicknamed "blue eyes" ...

In the meantime the infanta, he was still looking to another side. Few characters have done so much damage to the crown and the Bourbon family as Iñaki Urdangarin. The nodes was the spit for which he began to bleed a decade ago the monarchy of Don Juan Carlos. Urdangarin was a problem from the beginning, because the new regio status of him married badly with handball as that surreal image of his escorts in Tracksuit trying to follow him in his workouts, which precipitated the withdrawal of him. Don Juan Carlos intended for the son-in-law an institutional position president of the IOC but the infanta cristina, fearful that he got depressed and blaming her sports retirement, she seconded the eagerness of her for doing business. Crased error, since in 2006 the count of Fontao, advisor to the monarch, discovered accounting irregularities at the Nóos Institute: the Duke of Palma had to urgently close the companies of him and put land through. The first stage of her preventive exile was Washington in 2009. Cristina de Borbón lived there low moments. She longed for Spain, her life in Barcelona, which did caress her father and her's brother lure to be able to push her away from Iñaki. When in 2011 Judge Castro accused Iñaki, both attempted a surgical, even temporary separation, to prevent the scandal from devastating the crown, as happened. It was useless because when the infanta seemed to come into reason, she went back. This happened in the summer of 2012 when it was announced that it would go to Marivent alone with his children but leaving in evidence to Zarzuela, he remained with Iñaki in Barcelona, where the marriage and his children returned for a year he was of nightmare, because they even insulted them on the street. It was, they said in Zarzuela, the marriage that "best worked with the family".

Similar happened in 2013, when the Infanta was charged but, by lifting the charges, Zarzuela sent it to Geneva with the children, announcing that Iñaki would remain in Barcelona preparing his defense. But a few days later he settled himself with the woman of him in Switzerland, dedicening again to Zarzuela. The father of her and Don Felipe did not conceive that Cristina did not react to the descallabra.

In January 2014 he was again charged, but it could not be done for her or by refloating the monarchy of Don Juan Carlos, which abdicated in June cornered by the nodes, the crisis of the Botswana Elephant and the irruption on stage of his "Entarf friend" Corinna Larsen, in addition to her mobility ailments. Cristina was ranking inexorable to the bench, so King Felipe, after the proclamation of her, established a firewall to protect the institution, removing her from the royal family.

Faced with his haughty in refusing to make a gesture, how to renounce his rights to the throne, held him subsequently from the Duchy of Palma, producing his final break. In January 2016, Cristina de Borbón sat on the bench of the Palma audience with Urdangarin and although she managed to evade the prison, her husband was convicted, entering the Brieva's criminal bulge in June 2018. As the only consolation of her, the infanta, who remained in Geneva with her children. After achieving the third grade in January 2021, Iñaki decided to settle in Vitoria with his mother, while the Infanta stayed in Geneva with her daughter Irene, without suspecting what was coming.

After the extremely lived Calvary, the image of Urdangarin making handyman with his companion of the IMaz fourth on doors of his parole seems impossible to assimilate. "It's as if one meter from the top of Everest, you fall rolling. The paradox is that if that photo had been published a decade before, maybe Cristina had thrown the towel and things would have been different for our royal family," he says a known.

Date Of Update: 22 January 2022, 22:19

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