The tragic death, not resolved 40 years later, from the protagonist of West Side Story, Natalie Wood

Sixty years and ten Oscar later, West Side Story returns to Steven Spielberg (74) that next December 22 will be in Spain his new version of the musical for whic

The tragic death, not resolved 40 years later, from the protagonist of West Side Story, Natalie Wood

Sixty years and ten Oscar later, West Side Story returns to Steven Spielberg (74) that next December 22 will be in Spain his new version of the musical for which he has also counted on one of his original stars, the immeasurable Rita Moreno (89), which also exerts producer. On the occasion of this Remake, LOC wants to recover the figure of the main protagonist, Natalie Wood (Mary), from whom, on November 29, four decades from the fateful outcome of it were fulfilled.

The Splendor yacht anchored on the island of Santa Catalina in front of the California Costa where Natalie Wood, her husband Robert Wagner (91), his friend Christopher Walken (78) and Captain Dennis Davern passing Thanksgiving holidays . On the night of November 28 to 29, 1981, the protagonist of splendor in the grass (1961) disappeared from the boat. She fell to the water. The relief call occurred at 1.30 and her body appeared at 7.45 floating next to rocks. The big screen launched and the fans were stunned. She was 43 years old. What had happened?

The autopsy revealed that it had drowned. And there were more data: High level of alcohol, small abrasion on his left face and several superficial wounds on legs and arms. In the interrogation there were contradictory versions, so throughout this time an endless rumors and urban legends have arisen around suicide, homicide and accident. In 2011, the case was reopened as a result of the biography of Marti Rully, and the result was "indeterminate death". The death of it still follows a mystery.

Of Russian ancestry (some have said that I was related to the Romanov), the ambition of his mother caused his daughter to dedicate himself to the cinema as one of the most fascinating prodigy girls of the time capable of shade to Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney. The role of it in miracle on 340 (1947), with 9 years old, stole the heart of all families, especially, at Christmas time. The progenitor of her longed for both the stardom who tortured insects and other animals so that Natalie will give older emotional realism to the scenes of certain films.

At that age he was about to die drowned in a river during a filming, so from that moment he had a phobia to the water. As a result of her fall, her left wrist was quite weakened and she appeared a bone protuberance that she concealed with big bracelets. At age 17 she savored the glory thanks to Rebel without cause (1955), that she coprotated next to another damn actor, James Dean. She two years later she would marry the tremendously handsome Robert Wagner, who would divorce in 1962 after having caught having sex with the English butler in his mansion of Beverly Hills.

The Bisexuality of the Protagonist of Hart and Hart was a rumor not confirmed in Hollywood, hence many understood the romance he had with Barbara Stanwyck (he had 22 and she 45) after divorcing from Robert Taylor and that she finished when the actor got married With Natalie. Addiction to drugs, depression and insecurity were reasons more than enough to seek professional help. She was so focused on feeling well with himself that she rejected the two protagonists who had offered him Warren Beatty in Bonnie & Clyde (1967) and Robert Redford at Gran Gatsby (1974). She wanted to take a break, she compensated the Warner with $ 175,000 and dismissed all her helpers: Managers, agents, publicists, lawyers and accountant.

In 1969 he married the producer and scriptwriter Richard Gregson, with whom he had his first daughter, Natasha (51). The actress withdrew from the interpretation to exercise the most important role in her life, the mother of her. In 1972 she divorced again and three months later she got married again with Robert Wagner, father of her daughter Courtney (47).

In another biography of Suzanne Finstad titled Natalie Wood: The Complete Biography, the author assured that the actress had sex at 15 with Frank Sinatra, then 38; She forced her to have sex with Nicholas Ray, director of rebel without cause and that an important Hollywood actor raped at the Château Marmont hotel in Los Angeles. I did not want to give the name, but a few weeks ago, Lana Wood, actress and sister of the star, published Biography Little Sister: My Research Into The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood in which he confirmed that the culprit of that sexual abuse was Kirk Douglas, when Natalie was barely about 16 years old. With a filmography of 74 titles, the star was nominated for Oscar on three occasions and won 3 golden balloons.

Robert Wagner has always remained silent, until his daughter Natasha decided to participate as an interviewer in the Natalie Wood documentary: Between Bambalines (2020) for HBO where he describes the most human facet of the actress. When her daughter asked him if the case should reopen, the veteran interpreter snapped a "I do not think that a single day has passed on which he has not thought of Natalie." He has been married since 1990 with the Jill St. John Jill Actress.

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