The truck without fumes that ends with them

Probably, the advanced RT 4x4 Rosenbauer is one of the most monstrous vehicles that have been built in the modern era. It measures nothing less than 7.6 meter

The truck without fumes that ends with them

Probably, the advanced RT 4x4 Rosenbauer is one of the most monstrous vehicles that have been built in the modern era. It measures nothing less than 7.6 meters long and weigh the whopping 18 tons. Although neither of those two measures should surprise us. Actually, it is a fire truck that we will recognize by its particular red color and the sound and visual scandal of its lights and sirens.

Not because of the noise that makes when moving, or the breaths of smoke leaving the exhaust pipe since there is no combustion engine that impulses it: it is a 100% electric model and zero emissions, which is exhibiting in a tour of Spain (has already been in Madrid and Barcelona) and that, in the future, it could be the core of the fire parks of many cities. Before, he has already shown it in other countries in Europe and they are also interested in the US.

Developed by the Austrian Rosenbauer company, which has been baptized RT for revolutionizing Technologies, consists of two electric motors that offer a joint power of 482 cv and provide you with total traction. In its most advanced version, the energy that feeds them comes from two batteries with a nominal capacity of 132 kWh. It is twice as much as it has a medium electric saloon and might seem a small figure since, with that great mass to displace, autonomy can be scarce.

This last fact has not been made known by the company, although it is advisable to remember that a truck of this type is not circulating without meaning: just go when an emergency arises, and that is a displacement of a few kilometers. And according to its manufacturer, arriving at that point, all the devices of the vehicle, such as the extinction and rescue tools, or the pumping of water or foam to turn off the fire, are operated with electricity. In addition, it can be equipped with an additional diesel engine that makes extra power generator when an extreme intervention is facing or running over time. As for the recharging of the batteries, it admits as much alternating current and continuous, it is last to powers of up to 150 kW.

The space occupied by the batteries does not prevent the advanced RT 4x4 Rosenbauer from carrying, according to the configuration, between 1,000 and 4,000 liters in the water tanks. And between 50 and 400 liters of foam. In addition, when the batteries were placed in the lower part, it is possible to improve the dynamics of the truck, more stable and less prone to dump accidents. To this is added the pneumatic suspension, which admits different free heights to the ground between 17.5 and 47 centimeters for comfortable access and an ergonomic discharge without renouncing a large off-road capacity. Finally, one of the great advantages of this model is that the cabin has been designed in such a way that it can become a small meeting room.

In the design and set-up of the truck, the Austrian company has counted on the collaboration of the Fire Department of the city of Amsterdam. And on the other hand, it has allied with Volvo to design, on the basis of a vehicle of the latter, a small light truck also 100% electric assistance.

And, above all, in the field of cities, the proliferation of zero emissions vehicles is a tendency of which, and before the private users themselves to example, will not escape the vehicle fleets of public services. In the case of emergencies, there are already numerous police bodies that have added vehicles electrified to their fleets, especially scooters.

The last movement was the acquisition by the National Police of 22 Motorcycles Zero DRS with an autonomy of up to 260 km and capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.3 seconds. And the North American brand has also supplied another 10 units of the FX 6.5 and DS 13.0 models, in this case to the Municipal Police of Madrid.

Less numerous are batteries, with a great predominance so far from the Nissan Leaf, although the hole are also opening the plug-in hybrid models, such as the Peugeot 3008 and Citroen C5 AirCross of the latest renovation of the National Police.

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 17:16

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