The truth about real jelly to overcome winter viruses

The cold has arrived almost from one day to the next and this year with the "Trio Calaveras" swarming (Coronavirus, flu virus and pneumococcus) many wonder if

The truth about real jelly to overcome winter viruses

The cold has arrived almost from one day to the next and this year with the "Trio Calaveras" swarming (Coronavirus, flu virus and pneumococcus) many wonder if it would be advisable to take some supplement to "upload the defenses". The royal jelly raises once again as "the great favorite" but before launching the pharmacies or the herbalism it is convenient to remember what is really effective in forming our lymphocytes and other soldiers of our immune system.

At this point there should be no doubt that the best gasoline for our defenses are vaccines. Luckily, we have vaccines available to plant face to the three aforementioned enemies that threaten to disturb the peace of our autumn-winter. In Spain, we already have almost 80% of vaccinates in front of the coronavirus, but it is important to insist that some people of risk the flu vaccine and the pneumococcus are also indicated (even financed) so it is advisable to consult with the doctor.

From here, the next step is to maintain a rich feeding in the three musunonutrition musketeers (vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc) and its various d'artegnanes (vitamin E, vitamin A, omega 3). How do we do it? They do not need juggling: following the guidelines of the famous "Harvard Dish" we will achieve the appropriate levels.

Finally, a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, a correct sleep hygiene and avoiding toxic as alcohol or tobacco will complete the guideline. I know, taking a blister of royal jelly is easier than all this ... but there are no shortcuts for immunity. If you still think that jelly can help you, let's see what exactly is and how to choose the best option.

It is the secretion with which workers bees feed both the larvae in their first days of life and the Queen of the colony throughout his life. As it is the crème de la crème, nothing less than the food of babies bee and the queen, someone with good logic thought that it had to be a nutrient bomb. And that is, the royal jelly is composed of proteins (50%) carbohydrates (30%) and lipids (19%). And also of vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds.

All possible effects have been attributed to it: antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, antimicrobial, anti-aging, reinforcement of the immune system and even neuroprotectors. The icing is a vaginal cream with jelly to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

We have a warm and very close study. A group of researchers at the University of Vigo has published this year in Nutrients magazine a review of everything that is known about jelly. And what they conclude is very curious: they have found studies that guarantee all the benefits of royal jelly. But - there is always a but- the problem is that they are small and scarce studies. Come on, a yes but no.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) ruled ten years ago with the same conclusion as researchers in Vigo: at the moment there is no solid evidence that there is a cause-effect between real jelly and all the properties attributed to it . Although these effects can not be ruled out, it is necessary to investigate more in depth to give them by good. In any case, we should not forget that with jelly we are not inventing gunpowder: all the benefits attributed can be achieved, as we mentioned earlier, through adequate feeding.

The European Health Safety Authority (EFSA) - that is to say, the same headers of before - they have recognized that the intake of some vitamins such as vitamin B6 contributes to normal functioning of the immune system or decreasing fatigue and fatigue.

As we commented, the law made, made the trap: including 15% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B6 in its composition we can affirm in the actual jelly containers that this complement presents these properties (for example, that the defenses goes up or that It helps to be less tired).

Unfortunately, it is a habitual practice, not only in jelly or food supplements but also in many foods that we can find in the supermarket and that supposedly offer health benefits, such as yoghurts.

Not only are vitamins are added to the real jelly, but it is also frequent that it is presented "aligned" with juice, sugar or sugar syrup. In fact, there are jaleas in the market whose first ingredient is "fructose syrup" ... up to 70%! That is, one buys a jelly thinking that "buys jelly" and 70%, of the product is sugar syrup. In some cases jelly only becomes by 10%. Of course, there are also good real jelly options without sugar and "without dressing". Therefore, before buying it, it is essential to read the labels. In the face of doubt, and since it is not always easy to solve the intricate world of labeling, my advice is to acquire it in establishments where you can offer you professional advice. In any case, as the famous journalist, allow me to insist: there are no shortcuts for immunity.

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 18:36

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