The two weddings that could bring together the royal family

This autumn will accumulate a multitude of weddings that were postponed by the pandemic. This is the case of two regal links in which the "Bourbon Family",

The two weddings that could bring together the royal family

This autumn will accumulate a multitude of weddings that were postponed by the pandemic. This is the case of two regal links in which the "Bourbon Family", both the Kings, and Don Juan Carlos, Dona Sofia and the infantas Elena and Cristina, are for its close ties "guests of honor". The first, this Saturday, September 25, the Sicily wedding of Prince Jaime de Borbón-Dos Sicilias Landaluce, Duke of Noto and son of Duke of Calabria, whose grandfather was a cousin brother of Don Juan Carlos. The other, Philippos, son of the brother of Dona Sofia, the former King Constantine, and cousin of the monarch, which will be held in October at the Athens Cathedral. The disagreements that has traversed the family of Don Felipe, as a result of the NOOS case or by the March of Don Juan Carlos to Abu Dhabi, put in a binding the monarch, little given to family coincidences in public and makes him unpredictable the attendance of him .

Jaime is heir to the disappeared throne of the two Sicilias, because his father, Pedro de Borbón, holds the leadership of this dynasty, although he is in Old Pugna with the Duke of Castro, his dynamic rival. The bride is Charlotte Lindsay-Bethun, daughter of the Count of Lindsay, member of the House of Lords. Both are 28 years old and are dedicated to finance: The boyfriend directs a venture capital fund, Plug and Play, and the future wife of Help Assistant VicePressident in Citibank in London. The ceremony will be in the Cathedral of Palermo and the banquet at the Palace of the Normans, ancient home of the Bourbons of that dynasty.

The ties between the Bourbón and the Calabria go back to the wedding in 1900 of the Infanta Mercedes, daughter of Alfonso XII, with Carlos Tancredo, heir of the two Sicilias. This one, after widowed, married Luisa de Orleans, daughter of the Count of Paris, Union of which Born Dona Maria, mother of Don Juan Carlos, who was cousin brother of the grandfather of Jaime, the previous Duke of Calabria, also married with An Orleans, Ana, and died in 2015. They shared internship in the jars and adults remained inseparable, so much that Don Juan Carlos did to his cousin Infante from Spain. This resulted in Prince Felipe and the infantas Elena and Cristina will be raised with the five children of Duke of Calabria. Peter, the firstborn male and father of Jaime, is a great friend of Don Felipe, who is the same age of him. He witnessed his wedding with Sofia Landaluce in 2001, after a complicated courtship: Sofia, Bisniet Duke of San Fernando de Quiroga, had no real blood, so Pedro's father opposed the link, who finally agreed upon when Jaime He counted seven years. The monarch is often dropped by the Toledana, the Manchega farm of the Calabria, which also maintain close relationship with Infanta Cristina and Urdangarín, who passed Holy Week of 2017 there. Cristina, Senior Sister of Pedro, is intimate from the former Duchess of Palma and is married to Perico López Quesada, inseparable Urdangarín and Don Felipe before they broke noos. It is not easy for us to see King Juan Carlos this Saturday in Palermo, more likely he attends the infanta Cristina and even her sister Elena and Dona Sofia. The great incognito is whether King Felipe, who does not have institutional commitments, will attend the link, alone or with Doña Letizia.

More committed is the presence of the monarchs in October in Athens for the religious wedding of his cousin Philippos, Benjamin of the ex-King Constantine of Greece, brother of Queen Sofia. Don Felipe and the infantas were from small inseparable from their cousins Greece, who passed Christmas in Zarzuela and summers in Marivent. Philippos married civilly on December 2020 in Saint Moritz with the multimillionaire Nina Flohr, daughter of the Vistaijet company owner. An intimate wedding, which did not come any relatives near Don Felipe, except for the infanta Cristina with her daughter Irene. This Greek wedding will bring together a lot of royalty since Ana María, wife of Constantino, is a sister of Margarita, the Danish sovereign, and the deceased Felipe of Edinburgh, husband of Isabel II, was Greek prince. Is sure the assistance of Queen Sofia and the infantas Elena and Cristina, but not from King Felipe and less of Doña Letizia, who did come with Dona Sofia and the infantas at the wedding of Nicolas, brother of Philippos, with Tatiana Blanik held in The island of Spetses in 2013. There were other times, then at the 50th birthday in 2017 of Paul, the Greek heir, who celebrated Don Felipe alone in his English mansion. After the "rifirrafe" in the Cathedral of Palma in 2018 between Dona Sofia and Letizia, who prevented his daughters photographing with his grandmother, Marie Chantal, wife of Pablo, harshly criticized Doña Letizia in the networks "has shown his true face ". Since then, the queen has not coincided with the Greek heirs.

Date Of Update: 24 September 2021, 21:24

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