The unexpected success of Elizabeth Jane Howard, novelist of subtleties, adulteries and rebellions

He has just arrived at the bookstores after Julius, the second loose novel by Elizabeth Jane Howard (1923-2014) that serves him after the success harvested by t

The unexpected success of Elizabeth Jane Howard, novelist of subtleties, adulteries and rebellions

He has just arrived at the bookstores after Julius, the second loose novel by Elizabeth Jane Howard (1923-2014) that serves him after the success harvested by the Cazalet series, the very addictive family saga set in the interwar period of the Let 50,000 copies have been sold. Howard (1923-2014) has always been a national treasure in England, but in 2016 a biography written by Artemis Cooper (the wife of Antony Beevor) rekindled the interest in his figure and managed his books have been carefully reissued with writers' prologues As Sybille Bedford or Hillary Mantel, for whom Howard's novels have never received the recognition they deserve because "are books about women, written by a woman."

In Spain, the first delivery of the Cazalet was published in 2017 and in a short time he found a large legion of readers or, rather, readers, "the culprits of almost all the publishing phenomena that occur in our country," said Julio Guerrero, Your editor in a siruela. "At first we thought to publish a delivery every year, but the demand was such that in the end we have taken out the other volumes of the saga with six months of difference," he explains. From the saga of the Forsyte de John Galsworthy did not triumph both a river novel about several generations of the same family. The adaptation of the BBC of the first two books of the pentalogy, shot in 2001, is available in Filmin. Siruela has also published the novel as it changes the sea and prepares for the autumn of 2022 the translation of The Long View.

What are the keys that explain that a saga of more than 3,000 pages set in the england of interwers written by a practically unknown author has sold more than 50,000 copies in Spain? "They are stories of a slow pace. In the books apparently nothing happens, almost everything is subtext, all their novels go over the passage of time and portray how yesterday's world collapses, how the social order is changing," explains Guerrero. . "In all there is an adjustment of accounts with the past, the characters begin wrapped in conflicts and come out changed, with optimism. Not to mention that such English thing that both attractive exercises: the English countryside, picnics, mansions ..." , Add the editor.

The word "stepmother" has so terrifying connotations that would probably be invented a new term to describe the relationship between Howard and Martin Amis. He said of her that she was "the most important writer of her generation next to Iris Murdoch." They met when Amis was a descent teenager, touched by the divorce of his parents and an absent mother, and she became the first lover, then wife of his father. Howard made a list of compulsory readings (in the first place, pride and prejudice of Jane Austen) and she was the first to seriously encourage you to write despite elongated paternal shadow of her. He has never tired of thanking him.

In experience, the memories that Amis wrote 20 years ago, the very loving letters were included that the adolescent AMIS wrote to his father and Howard from the boarding school (and later from Oxford), all headed with a "dearest dad and Janet" . In from within (anagram), where the author of money recalls anecdotes, friendships and experiences that have marked his life, Howard still appears as a protective figure (not always fixed from Martin's girlfriends) that nevertheless tries his stepson with A trust of the most raw. "Your father has not fucked three months old," he says in 1973, before starting couple therapy with AMIS.

Howard was ass and model before starting his literary career. She had a tumultuous personal life. In the memories of it, Slipstream, she mentions before the Nanny who took her to play the Kensington Gardens when she was a girl who, to her mother, dancer at the Russian Diaghilev ballets withdrawn ahead of time. Her father was a wooden merchant, just like the Patriarch of the Cazalet. There is a lot of autobiographical in the Novels of Howard, which is raised in that middle-high class environment that so elegantly describes: homes where the bills, liquidity and the price of the pound matter, but only to a certain extent because it is always going to To have one or two maids in charge of heating the rooms, preparing the snacks and reprint the lines of the tennis court every summer.

Howard had three marriages: he married for the first time at 19 with Peter Scott, the explorer's son Robert Falcon Scott, and had a daughter, Nicola, to which Howard abandoned. She had a long affair with the conservationist Robert Aickman and the third and most famous marriage of her was with Kingsley Amis, which lasted from 1965 to 1983.

A traumatic episode of the past is the triket detonator in after Julius. History revolves around Julius's death, fallen in the evacuation of allied troops in Dunkerque, and how, 20 years later, the widow of him, the former lover of him and the two daughters of him try to lead one more life or less normal. In addition to having a strange Don to get into the minds of children, Howard has a sensitivity that shines especially when creating female characters, which are the ones who stand out, for good and for evil, in all the novels of him. "He portrays very well how women look for their gap despite the constriction of the society of the time. They are characters who have aged well," says Guerrero.

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