The visit of the Kings to the Archive of the Indies generated great excitement through the streets of Seville

The Kings will inaugurate the exhibition of the first round-the-world SevillaEn images, the exhibition "The longest journey"The Kings inaugurated in Seville t

The visit of the Kings to the Archive of the Indies generated great excitement through the streets of Seville
The Kings will inaugurate the exhibition of the first round-the-world SevillaEn images, the exhibition "The longest journey"The Kings inaugurated in Seville the major exhibition commemorating the first trip around the world

The visit of Their Majesties Don Felipe and Doña Letizia to inaugurate the exhibition of the V Centennial of the First trip Around the World in the Archive of the Indies has generated a huge buzz on the street . From eleven in the morning, many people have concentrated on the fences installed at the Avenue of the Constitution to receive them, some of them without having a very clear reason, but the heavy police presence anticipating what was to come.

The first appointment of the monarch, has been in the Real Alcázar, where it has met the National Commission that organized the celebration, in which are integrated by the ministers of Culture, Defense and the Treasury, José Guirao , Margarita Robles and Maria Jesus Montero , respectively, together with several secretaries of state. The meeting has been key to plot the strategy for the next three years that will come after the acts of those who have reported to the Kings, who barely an hour after it have been transfer to the Archive of the Indies, where the expected, a wide political representation and institutional .

Surrounded by the applause of the citizens who had gathered before the doors of the building, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia have arrived to the place where you will be exposed from today until the 23rd of February the exhibition "The longest journey", in which they have worked for months on Acción Cultural Española and the Ministry of Culture and Sports and with funds of incalculable value, in addition to the sponsorship of the Fundación Unicaja , who has been involved from the beginning in your organization. Among the materials exhibited are the main documents and chronicles that for centuries have permitted the study and analysis of the first circumnavigation of the Earth.

The vice-president of the Government on functions, Carmen Calvo , accompanied by the chairman of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla , has received the monarch's arrival and, subsequently, has responded to the media that he recalled the importance of this celebration. Thus, it has commented that is a great feat, "which was in charge of a Portuguese and a basque", alluding as well to the reason of the participation of the neighboring country.

Calvo has pointed out that today is the kick off to those three years of events for which there is already a program 246 of the acts defined. "What we want is to discover the rest of the world that the first return to Earth was made possible by the desire to improve, curiosity and courage of a country". " Let's dig for all the public in terms that are very diverse sport activities , academic, cultural, with a leading role in all the countries where the expedition made landfall and a party that we will share with Portugal by the origin of birth of Magellan".

he has Also stressed that "it is a moment to feel proud of the past of Spain, because the world changed when we understood that we could circumnavigate completely." "We're going to take this story that belongs to us to do a great job of national and international", recalled the vice-president. In addition to the actual visit, another issue has focused the conversation of the mind: the scuffle between Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias after the last meeting fruitless to try to form a government. In this respect, the vice-president-in-office, Carmen Calvo, has said that Sanchez "will not accept the mandate of the King to form a government if it does not have the necessary support". However, it has ensured that it will continue to "keep trying until the last moment".

Congratulations to Susana for your pregnancy

has Also spoken to the general secretary of the PSOE, Susana Díaz, which has received congratulations from the attendees for your pregnancy. To questions of the journalists has shown its desire that there be an agreement for the formation of a government and has called for "responsibility" to the rest of the parties "to leave the rule the that has won the elections". Diaz has remembered that "the people voted what they wanted and expected to have a government".

After the statements have been given start the visit in the exhibition area, where the light is kept dim so as not to affect the precious funds. The entourage that has accompanied the Kings has been headed by the chairman of the Board, which has been accompanied by his vice president, John Marin , and the highest authority in the andalusian Parliament, Marta Bosquet . Together they have visited the exhibition the mayors of Seville and Sanlúcar, John Swords and Victor Mora , for being the two cities protagonists of the game and the presidents of the councils of Seville and Cádiz, Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos and Irene Garcia .

The next act is scheduled 20th of September in Sanlúcar, the date on which the sailors left, heading towards the Canary Islands, after waiting more than a month in the city waiting for the Portuguese ships will be scattered, thus avoiding that the feat was the intent before your start.

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