The work that brings the scanning: 'Forward' or a simple 'review'?

The pandemic brought one of its main dumps to work. He became ahead of the workplace as we knew him and established digitization in a hurry. With it many ch

The work that brings the scanning: 'Forward' or a simple 'review'?

The pandemic brought one of its main dumps to work. He became ahead of the workplace as we knew him and established digitization in a hurry. With it many challenges appeared; Others were already there before the Covid-19. But almost all remain open.

Restarted the machinery providing material workers and essential connections, companies still have a lot of work left to achieve the challenges presented by the organization of a digitized work structure.

"Those responsible for people have faced crisis management, risk management and the reallocation of labor force, on remote," says the director of people and culture of Workplace and Facility Management ISS Spain, Ricard houses. But, now you have to choose between recovering the labor normality of the past, perpetuating the challenges of change, or a definitive leap towards full digitization.

Forward or Review, there are issues that the pandemic has become impossible to suscept. Among them, the obligation to put the employee's health at the center of business concerns. In the opinion of Gregorio Escara, Professor of the Department of Business Organization of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the UNED, "Companies have had to adapt to teleworking, but they have not done so taking into account the business culture of companies . There are imbalances to adjust ».

Among those imbalances produced as a result of the rapid implantation of the teleworking due to the pandemic is the value of the interactions in person. "The intentential interpersonal relationships are necessary," says staircase.

For this reason the format that greater predicament has both companies and among workers is the hybrid work model. 65% of the companies will opt for it, according to a Boston Consulting Group report and the Think Tank Enclave of people.

This probable majority choice should not reduce the balance between the maintenance of productivity and the flexibility of teleworking, along with personal interaction. For the qualified talent selection consultancy Michael Page, flexible according to the needs, transparency, synergy between physical space and technology, count on the latter as an allied and integral well-being as a priority are the five keys.

"We are facing a new labor reality, in which the mixed work model is glimpsed as the ideal balance between the needs of employees and companies," says Domenec Gilabert, Senior Executive Director of PAGEGROUP. "Success in the implementation of these hybrid environments will depend on the guidelines that mark the companies, based on the needs and disposition of employees," he says.

According to the candidate survey, Pulse Survey de Michael Page, 44% of professionals consider that their productivity improved thanks to the possibility of assuming different times with teleworking. But the guidelines for aligning business expectations with flexibility should be clear, and it is not clear that the office is an attractive place, which invites the collaboration and exchange of ideas, "says the consultant. "In hybrid models, IT solutions become fundamental to guarantee a working experience framed in the same environment, without barriers."

The director of ISS considers that "the so extreme situation we live has accelerated the increasing trend of putting the employee at the center." Houses reflects on how the challenge of conciliation seems achieved with teleworking while at the time the situation is a ballast for disconnection.

In his experience, digitization has accelerated without a big problem, but what "supposes a challenge is to maintain the cohesion of the teams, the corporate culture and the engagement of our collaborators».

In ISS they have been able to verify, through companies organized with companies such as Amazon, Indra, Reale, Telefónica, Bankinter or Repsol, which "the pandemic has shown that it is possible to work from home and even has its advantages. But this can not replace face-to-face work or the relationships and synergies that are created within the same physical space. " These managers believe that "the trend of the future will be dispersed, liquid and technology-centered templates," he explains.

The decision of the model will also be marked by legislation. «Both the Statute of Workers and Law 10/2021, of July 9, of distance work, such as sectoral or business regulations should apply in essential aspects such as the distribution of face-to-face or remote work or schedules», reflect Houses. In this sense, one of the challenges that has gained relevance is the debate about whether the work week should be only four days. This same year some companies have begun to establish it and, according to a survey of human resources consultancy Hays, four out of 10 companies in Spain are open to studying it.

The key to left is in the pact between the parties. "If the company and the worker do not reach an agreement and write into the Convention all the key points to regulate the distance work - particularly the assumption of expenses - is more than possible that the face-to-face work modality is increased."

The director of HR Banking Entity Ing, Isaac Vitini, is clear that "the work model has changed and we are assisting a transformation of environments into new models that go behind the processes and routines that do not adapt to the new context To give priority to the task to be carried out, which at the end will be the one that will define the best environment to carry it out according to its nature ».

Date Of Update: 07 December 2021, 22:16

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