The year of the Heiress of the Crown

The Kings accompany their daughters on their first day of colegioLa Princess Leonor already has her own wrist The Princess of Asturias has just started a cou

The year of the Heiress of the Crown
The Kings accompany their daughters on their first day of colegioLa Princess Leonor already has her own wrist

The Princess of Asturias has just started a course that will be especially relevant in her life as Heiress of the Crown. In addition to the new academic year, whose classes started yesterday at the College of Santa María de los Rosales, of Aravaca, where he is in third of ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education), the Princess prepares to take a further step in its gradual incorporation into the institutional life.

For the moment, has four key dates marked on your official agenda and all of them will be accompanied by the Kings and by his sister, the Princess Sofia . The first will be October 12, when they attend the military parade of the Day of the National Holiday, as it comes doing since his father was proclaimed King in 2014. A week later, on October 18, the Heiress of the Crown will debut at the awards Princess of Asturias, held in Oviedo, and the next day you will travel to Asiegu, a village nestled in the Peaks of Europe, which is 98 neighbors and this year will receive the award at the People Exemplary.

The Heiress of the Crown will debut in Oviedo with 13 years (although the October 31, fulfilled 14), the same age as her father, Felipe , when he delivered his first speech in public on the stage of the Campoamor Theatre. The then Prince of Asturias was learned from memory the 22 lines that had written in her own handwriting, and he only had a need to read. Still do not know the format of this ceremony after the incorporation of the Princess, but in any case will not be the first intervention in public of Leonor, who made his debut on the 31st of October last year, when he read the first article of the Constitution at the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

The links with Asturias

Neither will be his first official visit to Asturias, because it was in this autonomous Community the 8 of September of last year, when he went to the Shrine of Covadonga to reaffirm the link, dynastic, historical and emotional that binds to the Heirs of the Crown of this land since 1388, the date on which they began to hold the title of Princes of Asturias.

The fourth event will be on November 4 and 5, when will attend his first official act in Catalonia : the delivery of the prizes of the Foundation Princess of Girona, that meets 10 years dedicated to young people and encourage the talent. Traditionally, the acts of this foundation have been held in Girona, in spite of the boycott and the growing harassment of the separatists, but this year they have been moved to the Palace of Congresses of Barcelona, where you will develop an intense two-day program with experts, who will debate the most pressing issues of today's society.

The Princess will find a Catalonia very different to the one that welcomed you to Don Felipe in 1990, when he made 22 years of age, his first official visit to this Community. On that occasion, the then Prince of Gerona spoke to the regional Parliament, where he delivered a speech in Catalan and Spanish. Of the 135 deputies, five left the room and the rest dedicated to him a standing ovation. "I'm going to walk this earth, knowing that what I do for my land," he said.

As the Heir of the Crown, Leonor is Princess of Asturias, Princess of Girona and Princess of Viana, which are the titles corresponding to the firstborn of the Kingdom of Castile, Crown of Aragon and Kingdom of Navarre, whose union formed in the SIXTEENTH century the Spanish Monarchy.

in Addition, he holds the titles of Duchess of Montblanc, Countess of Cervera and Lady of Balaguer .


Eleanor has yet to star in his link with Navarre. His father renewed every year since 1990 with the delivery of the prize Prince of Viana in the Monastery of Leyre. However, in 2015, the authorities of navarre, headed then by Uxue Barkos , decided to exclude the Royal Family of the delivery of this award and to move the act to the Royal Palace of Olite. The prize fell then into irrelevance, and now the authorities are trying to correct their mistakes. Last Tuesday, the new president of Navarre, Maria Chivite , went to The Zarzuela, to invite the Kings to this Community in order to "regain normality" after his expulsion of the awards. Maybe now there will be a new door for the Princess of Viana also visit Navarre.

Updated Date: 12 September 2019, 14:01

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