Thebes reaffirmed their suspicions about the alleged match-fixing and does not disclose the identity of the player who gave the breath

Quico Catalan denies that Thebes tell of their suspicions about possible match-fixing in the Levante-Zaragoza The president of the Professional League of Footb

Thebes reaffirmed their suspicions about the alleged match-fixing and does not disclose the identity of the player who gave the breath
Quico Catalan denies that Thebes tell of their suspicions about possible match-fixing in the Levante-Zaragoza

The president of the Professional League of Football (LPF), Javier Thebes , has denied before the judge to reveal the identity of the former player of Real Zaragoza who warned him about the alleged fixing of the match between the club maño and Levante UD on the final day of League of the 2010/2011 season, in the whole of aragon was saved from going down to the first category.

Thebes has appeared as a witness in the sixth day of the trial, which was held in Valencia. The vice-president of the sports entity at that time he explained that he filed the complaint that gave rise to the cause in march of 2013, when a former player of Zaragoza, to the situation of insolvency of the club, went to his law office seeking legal advice.

According to his version, the client, in the middle of a conversation, she confessed that the team aragones had transferred money to their players – amounts on "100,000 euros" - to be returned to the club in cash in order to buy the match against the granotas. This revelation was the trigger for Thebes to go to the courts, and the reason for which the defence of the 42 defendants requested the nullity of the process, claiming that the head of the national competition had betrayed the privilege as a lawyer.

however, the president of the League has ensured that it met with the commendation of your customer - whose identity has refused to reveal -, that he did not report because "it would be pointed out in all the locker rooms as a squealer". "I said: put it in you, never desveles that I have been, or desveles data that I can point out", it has been reported. In addition, he did not speak with him about this topic and not charged you their fees as an attorney.

Thebes has been noted that –the template of the team of the aragonese- dr. Villanueva Prieto, and Walls were responsible for communicating with the Levant, while the a goalkeeper in their tracks, Sergio Ballesteros was the one who received the money from the club and "the charge of the distribution" between the valencian. In the investigation stage, Thebes stated that in the case of Prieto will not could be "no doubt" because, although it did not have the data, there was some "rumor mill" in the world of football and it was said that "he was the messenger."

in Addition, the prosecutor has made reference to several calls. The first, days before that match, when the president of Deportivo La Coruña Augusto César Lendoiro , the team that also played the decline, and finally dropped in category, is put in contact with Thebes. Lendoiro warned him that Sergio Gonzalez -a former player of Dépor and in that time component of the template of the Lift - he had commented on the possible match fixing. The leader of the League has pointed out that he was not surprised the call because the end of the season were "pretty chaotic," .

In that moment, always according to the version of Thebes, this was called to the chair Lift, Quico Catalan , which was categorically denied - as he pointed to his players - that his team out to left to lose. There were No contacts with the Zaragoza "because it seemed appropriate, since the lord Agapito Iglesias –president of the club - was in all of the conversations in relation to weird things ", at that moment, but it was so reported to the League president to "attempt to clear this situation", because the crime of corruption of sports had been penalized in 2010.

agree with your statement, at the end of the season 2011/2012, Thebes receives the call Fernando Roig Nogueroles , ceo of Villareal, in a time when this team was affected, and could go down. Nogueroles contacted the League to alert you that you had to "watch the Zaragoza" because Javi Sale – represented the whole valencianista - you had mentioned that the hands sobornaban some crashes.

it has Also highlighted that he met with the entrepreneur of the football Enrique Pina, who told him that "there was an intermediary from Zaragoza to buy games" , that she had been told that "arreglase the last two or three games of the season" and that "he had recorded how they were".

on his way out of the City of Justice, Valencia, Javier Tebas has commented that the purchase of matches in that time "it was more of the one that has to be in a competition full" to defend that "the sacred is what happens on the field of play". Ironically, the president of the League has put the spotlight on the "interesting defense" that are practicing lawyers of the defendants, who in turn accuse him of tracionar the professional secret, something that you don't believe that go to any site.

The trial, on ABC

The version of Real Zaragoza and their exdirectivos

The version of the ex-players of Zaragoza

The version of the ex-players from the Lift (I)

The version of the ex-players of Levante (II)


The Zaragoza is accused as a legal person -not the Lift - just as your former president, Agapito Iglesias, two exdirectivos, Francisco Checa and Javier Muck, your exentrenador Javier Aguirre, and the former deportivo Antonio Prieto.

The players and ex-players accused are part of that template of Zaragoza, Maurizio Lanzaro, Toni Doblas, Paulo da Silva, Ander Herrera, Gabi Fernandez, Jorge Lopez, Braulio, Ponzio, Carlos Diogo, Ivan Obradovic and Adam Pinter, Javier Paredes, Leo Franco, Jarosik, Ikechukwu Uche, Lafita, Nicolas Bertolo and Said Boutahar.

Of those who were part of the Levant, are Miguel Pallardó, Gustavo Munúa, Rafael Jordá, Sergio Ballesteros, Juanfran García, Javi Venta, Rubén Suárez, Xavi Torres, Wellington da Silva, Jefferson Montero, Robusté, Manuel Reina, Caicedo, Cristian Stuani, Vicente Iborra, Héctor Rodas, Xisco Muñoz and David Locksmith.


The prosecutor asks for the exdirectivos of the club, two years in prison and nine months of a fine with a daily fee of 50 euros. For each of the 36 footballers processed pose penalties of two years in prison and six of disqualification for the professional practice of the sport. The League raised the request up to four years in prison, the maximum sentence provided for offences of corruption in sport.

Updated Date: 12 September 2019, 21:00

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