There has been born a new guerrilla, but a criminal organisation that has support of Maduro

Colombia called "narcoterrorista" the merger of FARC and ELNLíderes-chávez received money from the narco mexican via Costa RicaColombia, on high alert for mil

There has been born a new guerrilla, but a criminal organisation that has support of Maduro
Colombia called "narcoterrorista" the merger of FARC and ELNLíderes-chávez received money from the narco mexican via Costa RicaColombia, on high alert for military exercises in Venezuela

Carlos Holmes Trujillo, minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, needs and seeks international cooperation to alleviate the effects of the exodus of venezuela in your country. Landed in Madrid the day that the news broke that Spain will be the fourth general election in four years. "Is democracy", observed after refusing "to do an analysis that I don't belong". In a lightning visit of two days, the chancellor colombian appointment to ABC in the restaurant, The rincon de Esteban, a few steps from the Congress.

are Suspected of "the fugue" Ivan Marquez and Jesus Santrich (FARC guerrillas)?

it Was one of the possibilities. No one wanted to happen but could happen. Are some fugitives that are intended to disguise their criminal action with robes politicians but don't believe them no one.

do The reset of this group can put in danger the peace process?

In any way. There has been born a new guerrilla but a new criminal organization that has the protection and help of Nicolás Maduro. What happened is a criminal act of two persons being investigated for drug trafficking.

What analysis do you have three hundred candidates of the FARC to the municipal elections of the 27 of October?

The FARC as a political party, with representation in both Chambers as a result of the peace agreement the former president Santos (Juan Manuel). May participate in the elections.

Other candidates receive threats and are killed. What measures / mechanism adopted by the Government for their protection?

We regret the murder of any person, candidates, social leaders, or fellow-countryman. President Duke is implementing many and more effective measures to ensure peace during the electoral process.

what do you attribute that presidents such as Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or Tabaré Vázquez is reluctant to identify the regime of Maduro as a dictatorship?

everyone has their own opinions. We know the tortures of the regime, how they have persecuted and imprisoned political leaders... As a result of that dictatorship has unleashed a migration tremendous. This reality affects us, we live it every day, we are attacked and we create difficulties. We are required to act as a member of the OAS, signatories to the democratic charter and in defense of the national identity.

I Insist, How is it possible that "progressive governments" of the region do not recognize the human rights violations in Venezuela, and the same to be inflexible when speaking of the military dictatorships of the 70s in the southern cone?

The High Commissioner of the United Nations, reflected in his report to the human rights violations, these also are provided in another report of the OAS... The facts are self-evident and compelling.

do you Think that Michelle Bachelet responded quickly and effectively in the case of Venezuela?

The actual fact is that there is a report of yours where you give an account of the atrocities that have been committed in the regime of Maduro. Are flagrant violations that attack the human sensitivity.

the united States will provide $ 150 million to alleviate the effects of the exodus of venezuelan...

relations with The united States are flowing and narrow. We share values and objectives. He has cooperated a lot in fighting the effects of migration and feel, as with the European Union and Spain, as gratitude. But, the problem does not cease and we need resources. The magnitude of the phenomenon, it is beyond us even if we do everything that we can. We need and we ask for more cooperation.

The exodus of venezuelans is comparable with that of Syria..

Venezuela is the second migration crisis in magnitude and first in terms of the number of refugees. Of Syria fled 6.7 million people. Today, in Venezuela, what have you done to 4.4 million. At this rate, according to forecasts, there will be eight million venezuelans who will flee from his country, by the year 2020. There is No other way out other than to act jointly in the region and to achieve that international cooperation will continue to grow.

The main challenge for the OAS, Venezuela and Nicaragua, but is not able to solve none.

There are advances crystal clear. Dictatorships never fall out of the night to the morning, but after a process of creation of conditions, and little by little, are created. At the beginning of the year no one knew John Guaidó, today is president with the recognition of some 60 countries, nor recognized, as now, the powers of the National Assembly and no one imagined then that the representative at the OAS and the IDB (inter-American Development Bank) out, as it is, the person designated by Guaidó.

Presented at the OAS, a map with numerous camps of the narco-guerrillas established in venezuelan territory. Is it not enough to justify armed intervention, which contemplates the TIAR (Treaty of Brokering of Assistance Reciprocal)?

we Act through political mechanisms and diplomatic previous that also affect the TIAR. We rely on them. I am optimistic and I believe that only in this way can be output to the regime of Maduro.

on The 27th of October is celebrated presidential Argentina. The polls show that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner could return to power (as vice president) of the hand of Alberto Fernández. Do you fear that there is a change in the trend in the region that prevents put an end to the regime of Maduro?

No, regardless of who wins the elections, I do not see that to change the trend. We support the itinerary defined by John Guaidó: the end of the usurpation, transition, and call for elections. We have differences with some countries about Mature but there is much agreement on the goal: to have elections free, democratic, transparent and with all the guarantees. In that, we're all countries of the region agreement and the European Union also.

are satisfied with the position taken by the EU in the venezuelan crisis? Do you think that, somehow, has ended up giving oxygen to the regime?

I Respect the position of the EU and the orientation of the Contact group (more tolerant with Mature). The differences can be resolved with a positive approach.

what about Brazil, with Jair Bolsonaro is the best ally of Colombia in the region?

We have very good allies in the region. We work hand in hand in Brazil but also Peru, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, etc, We are together in the Group of Lima (the more combative with the regime), in the OAS. We act jointly in a number of policy and legal frameworks.

How do you see the phenomenon of Brexit from Colombia?

there are concerns. There is enormous interest by the later impact the outcome, both if it is towards one side as the other. Hopefully the resolution to this process so complex is the most convenient for Europe and for the world.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2019, 08:01

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