There will be no peace if NATO helps Ukraine: the new challenge of Putin a biden

Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, warned Moscow of the "costs" that Ukraine would have. "He did it during his meeting with the Russian

There will be no peace if NATO helps Ukraine: the new challenge of Putin a biden

Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, warned Moscow of the "costs" that Ukraine would have. "He did it during his meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, who said for his part that Russia does not want" No conflict, "but asked something in exchange for solving existing ones: no more NATO enlargements towards the East. This implies that Ukraine does not enter the Atlantic Alliance ever, nor as a member or as a volunteer Punta de Lanza.Lavrov recalled the Guarantees that the Kremlin has asked NATO to ensure that its expansion towards Russian borders will not continue: "A new NATO enlargement to East would affect the fundamental interests of our safety," he said. Allies have defended the freedom of Each country to enter the alliance. But before that Lavrov recalled that "If NATO declares that no one has the right to say to another country that you want to enter NATO if you can do it or not, we send ourselves to an AR TELE BY INTERNATIONAL LAW that any State is in their right to choose how to guarantee their legitimate interests in terms of security ". All a warning to Washington but also to Kiev, where blood froys all over the "interests" in "security matter". The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, complained this week of allied military aid to Ukraine and warned NATO against the installation of anti-missile defense systems in Ukraine. Lavrov, during his speech at the Meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), followed in this line warning that "the architecture of strategic stability is falling apart in an accelerated manner." It is the Western: "The military infrastructure of the Alliance approaches our borders." "The transformation of our neighboring countries on Russia's confrontation platform and the deployment of NATO forces near strategically important areas for our safety is categorically unacceptable," said Russian minister.

Ukraine in 2014 Russia annexed Crimea and organized the armed phase of an insurrection in Donbas has done to Kiev lose control of two provincial capitals and living with a frozen conflict. The price has been very high: 14,000 victims. Seven years have passed and it is increasingly difficult to find a Ukrainian who does not have some dead known in the frente.Rusia has been unwittingly the major sponsor of NATO in the neighboring country. 58% of Ukrainians want today that Ukraine will join NATO, according to a survey last month. Is the highest percentage since the group Reiting makes these sondeos.En March 2014, the same month when Russia annexed Crimea, the idea of joining NATO had only 13% support. Since the start of hostilities, Ukraine has already chosen two presidents and consolidated its identity on the basis of the rejection of Russia, who attacked in 2014 precisely to prevent integrated into the EU and NATO. "Now it turns out that this can happen even without entering NATO," said Alexander Baunov, of the Carnegie Moscow Center, because Ukraine is already by definition "an aggrieved country," ready to "welcome airplanes, ships and foreign troops, strengthening its own army. "

It is often talked about "frozen conflict" to talk about donbas. But combatants and civilians continue to die. There are variations in the balance of forces: Ukraine hopes to receive more US weapons and is successfully using Turkey drones (also a member of NATO) against separatists. "The military preparations for Russia and the request for guarantees by Putin for their southwest flank indicate that Russia recognizes the danger of coexist" together with a country as Ukraine, willing to "fortify". It is a scenario that Moscow "does not want to accept, although it still does not know what to do about it," according to Baunov.Lavrov criticized the "military supply of Ukraine", because "I urge Kiev's spirits to sabotage the Minsk peace agreements and feeds The illusion of an armed solution. "" The appearance of missile systems in Ukraine will force Russia to react, "says Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov on his telegram channel. "Kiev, Brussels and Washington should take these warnings very seriously."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, José Manuel Albare, also spoke with Lavrov, before whom he defended the territorial integrity of Ukraine. And criticized Belarus for the "instrumentalization he is doing with migration". From Russia it is perceived that Joe Biden - which has closed with controversy the mission of two decades of the US in Afghanistan - is still trapped between the necessary reorientation to Asia, which It is the new priority, and the mission of containing Russia in Europe, which is still an international identity hall for Washington. "According to Putin, the tension creates opportunities: these are the lessons of the Cold War," I wrote Fiodor Lukianov, president of the Foreign Policy and Defense Council, in the Russian newspaper 'Kommersant'.Rusia accuses Ukraine to deploy the Half of his army -125,000 soldiers- in Donbas. Ukraine denounces that the Russian attack is imminent because there are 90,000 soldiers next to their borders. Moscow admits a concentration of only about 10,000 soldiers by winter maneuvers. Satellite cards revealed what the Ukrainian government says they are units of the 41st Russian army concentrated in Yelnya, a Russian city 260 kilometers north of the Ukrainian border. But -Well, in the climbing of last April - the analysts do not agree on whether there are enough forces for an invasion or if Putin wants only to threaten to dissuade Ukraine or even to improve the Russian position in A new negotiation.

Date Of Update: 09 December 2021, 02:02

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