These are the keys to success in assisted reproduction

The five keys to getting the pregnancy this summer What are the chances that a pregnancy of quintuplets?The spring, the fertility alters. And the reason is, sci

These are the keys to success in assisted reproduction
The five keys to getting the pregnancy this summer What are the chances that a pregnancy of quintuplets?The spring, the fertility alters. And the reason is, scientific

infertility is no longer a taboo subject. Quite the contrary, it has become a social and health problem of the first order. However, the bulky statistics in relation to this "epidemic of the XXI century" does not decrease the emotional suffering some people who suffer from it. Receive the news that you can not have a child can bring on a life crisis for those who have long been dreaming of with this, to be thwarted projects in relation to becoming parents or forming a family.

The assisted reproduction can be the solution to the problem of infertility. Treatments such as in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and the preservation of the maternity, through the vitrification of eggs help today to mothers and fathers all over the world. Now, the way to deal with, first, the infertility, and, second, the treatment, are fundamental in the success rate. Of course, also, in the personal happiness.

According to a study by the Spanish Society of Fertility, between 25% and 65% of the women and/or couples that undergo assisted reproduction treatment recorded symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem or guilt , among others. For this reason, the psychological support is key to tackling the process.

The experts of the Clinical Eva have developed a list of tips that will help you manage the emotional impact caused by the problem, focus on possible solutions and to maintain a positive attitude.

1. Accepts the situation. To overcome a difficulty, the first step is to acknowledge its existence, knowing, furthermore, that it is normal to be sad, to have confusion and frustration because things have not gone as we had hoped. To acknowledge the pain of the loss of that basic experience of life, maternity, or paternity, you will take the first step to deal with the situation.

2. Find out more and solve your doubts. Go to an assisted reproduction clinic and asks for the authoritative information and rigorous. Avoid the "doctor google" and forums, since sometimes the data or comments are not certain and can raise your anxiety. The medical professionals will guide you and inform you of the chances of success with these treatments.

3. Values the possible scenarios. Decide or decidid, if you are a couple, up to where you're willing to go, taking into account your personal situation today. Planning and organization are optimal for not to abandon treatment.

4. Seek psychological and emotional support. psychologists, experts in assisted reproduction clinics are familiar with the processes of grief and depression for those who go through the patients. Ask for their advice and help. On the other hand, the medical director of the clinic, Fulvia Mancini, warns of the importance of being surrounded by family and friends if they receive bad news during the so-called "betaespera" (the time from start treatment until it is known if it is positive the result). For this reason, the specialist considers the holiday as a time optimal to be a technique of assisted reproduction.

5. Promotes a body image own healthy. Take care and love. It is important that you look good in front of the mirror and you like. The healthy eating, active living and sport will be your great allies to overcome the nerves. The doctors take your case we will explain what sports activities you can carry and if you need some vitamin supplement.

6. Love and I know positive. Leaves behind any feelings of guilt and promotes the aspects of your daily life that you like: hobbies, activities, outputs, as a couple and with friends... A fertility treatment should not be experienced as a disease, but rather as a new opportunity. Face it with a smile help to maintain hope.

7. Power to the sexual life of the couple. The quest for conception can be relegated to the pleasure to a second location, " explains dr. Mancini. For this reason, the expert recommends that you also practice other kinds of sex such as cuddling and massages, which promote the relationship. The change of routines, he adds, it is useful and brings sensuality.

And, finally, the gynaecologist recommended to always ask for help, ask questions to clarify doubts and avoid confusion. Tranquility is the key.

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Date Of Update: 16 September 2019, 05:00

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