These are the secrets of Secret Story

The secrets of each of the 17 contestants of Secret Story have kept us in Vilo over the twelve weeks we have made of contest, and Gala Gala have been discoverin

These are the secrets of Secret Story

The secrets of each of the 17 contestants of Secret Story have kept us in Vilo over the twelve weeks we have made of contest, and Gala Gala have been discovering some of the most unlikely moments in the life of the aspirants before His arrival at Guadalix's house. Some of the secrets seemed predictable, but on more than one occasion there have been surprises.

The contestants have been revealing their secrets after their expulsion, and the game of the spheres has been another mechanism to discover them. Each contestant has been able to go with them betting on the solution to the secrets of his companions, and one of the spheres contains 50,000 euros. They are cumulative and, although everything is a matter of chance, the probability also has. If the amount increases the possibilities, Julen is today, by far, the first candidate for the prize.

The DJ entered reality and was the first expelled of the edition. The secret of him was not about to walk around: '' I made a miracle. '' Actually, and as he counted, 18 years ago Chimo went to see one of him fans, who unfortunately was terminal in the hospital because of a cancer. He made some gifts, and spent a while he discovered that he had improved a lot.

Chimo does not believe that he did a "miracle", but he is glad that a great friendship would arise. The fan of him, tremendously grateful, came to invite him to him.

Former Maria Teresa Campos left the house in the second program , after being nominated by Miguel Frigenti . He was thus the second in revealing the secret of it : ' ' I am the brother or sister of my father . '' A strange secret as possible , it was understood when the comedian explained what happened after the birth of him . ' ' When I was enrolled in the registry , they did so with the two surnames of my father " Those were different times .

The daughter of Angel Christ and Barbara King was the third expelled. In the case of her, she was neither the audience, or her companions, who decided to leave her from her house. A aggression to Miguel Frigenti motivated her expulsion. The program decided to send it home that same night and, therefore, she had to reveal her secret.

Sofia acknowledged that he had '' had an adventure with a married woman. "Apparently lived a love story with a woman for a while. The relationship took place when she left rehabilitation, and although there was a lot of affection between both , his lover did not dare to take a step away from leaving her husband.

His secret was revealed by becoming full-full contestant after the expulsion of Sofia. The winner of GH VIP 7 said her secret was to have made love in a funeral. She has not had any more details on the subject, but in case there was any doubt, Gianmarco Onestini, representative of Luca on the set, denied live not to have been he who was with Adara on the day of the events.

FIAMA, who was expelled in the Fifth Gala, revealed that he had stolen underwear his lovers. Both the audience, through comments on social networks, such as contestants, thought that the secret corresponded to Cynthia Martínez, who had done it with Rivera channels. It was not like that, and it was evidently treated from a maneuver of desfision. The Canarian contestant confirmed after it is not a recent habit, since she began to take those trophies when she was eighteen.

After the entrance of Adara, and shortly after the march of Sofia, Miguel Frigenti left Secret Story. The expulsion of him occurred after putting across the house, and consequently to a large part of the audience, against. He finally left, and days later, he spoke of the secret of him.

Miguel Frigenti revealed: '' I have been given the extreme ''. An anecdote that everyone linked Fiama because she had told him on the Mtmad Canal of her. Miguel told what happened when she was born. She did not really reach her oxygen to her brain. She put a treatment and she reacted well, so that everything was in an anecdote.

Although the German contestant took its entry into 'Secret Story: The House of Secrets' as an expert in Realities, asked to be expelled from the house for disagreements with his companions. She left in the sixth program, and when she went, she told her unexpected secret of her: "I lived in a minor center because my mother abandoned me." Already out of Guadalix, she revealed that she, with only 17 years old, she stayed alone in Alicante.

Lucia relative starring one of the face to face that this first edition of 'Secret Story' will be remembered. She was with Adara Molinero and, although she lost, she did not have to reveal her secret because she was one of the contestants who could opt for the Repepping. The stay of her was brief, because the one chosen to stay was Frigenti, which meant a before and one later for the contest with the creation of two sides: that of the Repescados and that of the contestants 'of Pedrigi'.

Alba Carrillo's mother finally confessed her secret: '' My family does not know that the ESTEFÉÉ ''. Apparently, she filed her to make covers of musical discs, although the paintings were the sister of her.

The audience linked Rivera channels with the secrecy of the scam. He said that he changed his grandfather's testament to take off him and include his mother, although he also made it clear that it was something that his family knew. However, it was a smoke pump. A white rose began to blow up with the mystery of him.

The secret of the bullfighter was to have had his first sexual encounter with a trans. The matter raised at the beginning of any criticism, but Rivera explained that he wanted to tell him, "for his doubts," for a reason that returned a great and deserved applause: "Seeing in the media the harassment that the collective is suffering from the Universe that I proceed as it is the opposite, I want to give you all the notoriety and respect it deserves. " Thus the bullfighter managed to break molds.

The former lover lover said goodbye to Guadalix's house in the tenth gala. She had to tell her the secret, because, until then, and despite the tracks, none of her colleagues had managed to hit him.

Cynthia revealed that she had had a relationship with a Real Madrid player. She specified that she had been ten years ago, but she refused to give her identity. They only managed to tear out that the initial name of it is letter A. Who will be her?

The secret of Italian, who continues in the program, was enigmatic: "I made myself famous or famous the day I was born." Many contestants thought he was born on January 1 Bingo! In the first photograph of it is in the arms of her mother a cold new year's day.

For a while it was the one who had achieved in the program, but Isabel Rábago broke his expectations to guess his secret. She was, as in other cases, by pure discard.

Isabel's secret was discovered by Julen hours before the expulsion of the journalist. She left losing the whopping of 11 spheres, which passed at the hands of Myhyv's extronist. There was also a lot of discarding, and it was something that could be deduced by seeing the line of her life. During her stay in London to learn English and be able to find a better job back from her she cleaned in hotels to make a living.

It was Luca Onestini who discovered the couple thanks to the track of the manor wig. The secret of the twins was that they will inherit a marquesado. It is not little, but, as with the prize, they will be seen in the treasure of dividing it.

The sports journalist has always been at the program, although hiding his secret was not exactly well. He was Lucia relative who ended up discovering him, very much in sorrow of her and that of her spheres.

The secret of Porta was: 'I wanted to be a nun but they proposed me to be scort.' Although the songs were no relationship, she told her as a child she wanted to become a nun. She who's older she changed my mind. As for being scort, she confirmed that she was simply offered for Instagram.

The Gemeliers were the first inhabitants of the house to discover a secret. He was Sandra Pica, and it turned out a great surprise: "In childhood they called me Ball of Sebus with legs." Sandra confessed that those accusations had a lot to do with that later suffered Bulimia. Fortunately, he is now in shape and, If the screen does not lie, and Tom is not wrong, very much in love with Julen.

The Gemeliers have given evidence of having large detective skills. Although the track provided her the program, they were also those who uncovered Julen's secret.

Julen's secret was: '' I have a physical anomaly to which I call 'The Warrior Dolphin' '. And that anomaly is a small skin that looks like a fin in his penis, a consequence without greater importance of a phimosis operation.

Despite having a great experience in television for his work as a collaborator, Luis Rollán has not had a great activity at the house of Guadalix. He stays in the program, and the secret of him has been the last to revenge. There has not been too margin for the surprise: "I have been a lover of a presenter." It does not seem likely that he will reveal the name of him.

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