They kill two human rights defenders in Honduras in 48 hours

The Honduran activist and TRAN Women Thalia Rodríguez was shot dead on Monday in a neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, where 402 people from t

They kill two human rights defenders in Honduras in 48 hours

The Honduran activist and TRAN Women Thalia Rodríguez was shot dead on Monday in a neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, where 402 people from the LGTBI community have died violently since 2009.

The Crime of Rodríguez, 58, was denounced by the Honduran LGBTIQ "Cattrachas" organization on Twitter. "We demand justice for the terrible murder of Thalia Rodríguez, Trans Activist in Honduras, today January 10, 2022, Thalía Rodríguez, Trans and Activist in favor of LGBTI rights, he was murdered at his house located in Cerro Juana Lanez, in Tegucigalpa, "he said. A man who was in Rodriguez's house at the time of the attack was wounded by bullet and was transferred to a hospital in the Honduran capital.

The organization indicated that until now "the material and intellectual actor of the facts" is unknown, and recalled that the victim was a "trans who dedicated more than 20 years to the defense of human rights" in Honduras.

"He had recently pointed out that the sentence to the state of Honduras for the murder of Vicky Hernández was an advance for Trans and who had expected more than 20 years for the recognition of gender identity in official documents," he added in another message. Cattrachas pointed out that Rodríguez was "fighting for a Honduras without discrimination against LGBTI people and people living with HIV". She also denounced that since 2009 they have been killed in the Central American country "402 LGBTI", according to figures from the TMIS Observatory of the Lesbica Cattrachas network.

The murders of LGBTI people "are not investigated by the authorities and as a consequence most cases remain in total impunity," he added. "Honduras is a hostile and dangerous country for LGBTI people and the government has not done enough to face this reality," said the organization.Cattrachas demanded the Public Ministry to "investigate the facts and make all the necessary efforts to define responsibility. Criminal of those who committed the crime. The murder of Thalia Rodríguez can not be impuned. "

He requested the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to "ask the State of Honduras to investigate and sanction those responsible for the murder" of the activist.

The death of Rodríguez took place only two days after the shot murder of the Indigenous Leader Pablo Isabel Hernández on Sunday in the department of Lempira, in the West of Honduras, denounced the Committee of Family of detainees missing in the country (Cofadeh).

The murder occurred in the municipality of San Marcos de Cabijín when armed men intercepted Al also Director of Community Radio to be and shot him, said the coordinator of the Cofadeh, Bertha Oliva.

"We have been surprised with the murder of Pablo Hernández, a human rights defender, the environment and the interests of the Lenca community, and a committed local and national leader," he said. He added that Hernandez prompted and integrated the Human Rights Network of Cofadeh and was currently part of the NGO NGO of Family NGO of Hondurans.

The indigenous had repeatedly denounced that it was the subject of "persecution, threats of stigma and hatred" by the authority of the municipality of San Marcos de Cabiking, Oliva said. The last reporting of Hernández was reported on March 16, 2021 for defending human rights, water and land, Oliva said, who said that Cofadeh has begun to verify whether the accusation was formalized before the Public Ministry.

Hernandez was also a religious leader of his community, environmentalist "by conviction", and promoted an indigenous university and peoples. "We are worried about the murder and the way they murdered him," added Oliva, who demanded the Honduran authorities to clarify the crime and punish those responsible. He presided over the agroecologists network of the Biosphere Cacique Lempira Lord of the mountains and was indigenous Lenca, the same ethnicity to which the Honduran Berta Cáceres, was awarded by his environmental work and killed in 2016 after years of fight against megaprojects that threatened with moving to originating peoples. Honduras is a country considered one of the most dangerous for the advocates of the environment, human rights and land, according to Amnesty International Reports and the Global Witness NGO.

Updated Date: 11 January 2022, 12:36

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