They open a procedure for incapacitating Czech president for hiding his state of health

The Constitutional Commission of the Senate of the Czech Republic has initiated the procedure for illness to the head of State, Milos Zeman, while the police ha

They open a procedure for incapacitating Czech president for hiding his state of health

The Constitutional Commission of the Senate of the Czech Republic has initiated the procedure for illness to the head of State, Milos Zeman, while the police have opened an investigation against their environment by the possible crime against the Republic that would have hidden deliberately your state of health.

"The president's health does not allow him to develop the obligations of the position and is very unlikely that he could do so again in the coming weeks," explained the Chairman of the Constitutional Commission, Zenk Hraba, in a televised statement. Zeman, 77 years old, It is entered into the intensive care unit of the Central Military Hospital in Prague because of a chronic disease. This last internment began on October 10, only one day after a parliamentary elections. This coincidence over time has created a situation of political uncertainty in the country, since the results of these elections continue in limbo, while only the president has the power to commission the formation of government and that assignment has not occurred.

The Disability Declaration of ZEMAN for health reasons was an announced chronicle, but the outcome is not only late but also suspect, hence the police have initiated an investigation into the environment of the President by possible crimes against the Republic.

More than a week after the emergency income of Zeman at the hospital, both his office and his family hidden information about his state of health. Brooving themselves in their right to privacy, they did not respond to the particular question of the President of Senate, Milo Vystril, if he was trained to exercise office when, in addition, a change of government is prepared in which his participation is indispensable. Faced with the silence of the presidency, Vystril was subsequently addressed to the central military hospital.

The response of the hospital center was forceful. "In the opinion of the Central Military Hospital, Milo Zeman, President of the Republic, is not currently trained to make any work obligation for health reasons. Taking into account the character of the disease, the forecast of long-term health status The president is considered as extremely uncertain. And, with it, the possibility of his return to the exercise of his labor obligations in the coming weeks is considered unlikely, "says the statement.

The third conclusion of the Hospital Center discussed by Vystril directly collides the behavior and assertions of the Zeman environment during last week. "The valuation of the Central Military Hospital on the State of Health of the President of the Republic was shared last Wednesday, October 13 early in the morning with Vratislav Myná, director of the President's Office of the Republic, who was given this assessment also in writing ", the center,

However, both the Zeman spokesman, Jií Ováek, and Vratislav Myná from the beginning subtracted gravity to the situation of the President, reaching even that eaten sweets or sausages in the intensive care unit in which he is admitted, something unthinkable for A diabetic in its situation, as many experts alerted.

On October 13, Myná already knew this information that now knows the whole country. However, on the 14th, the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Radek Vondraek, said he had been gathered with Zeman at the hospital, whom he said finding better health and that he supposedly signed a document by convening the new low exit from The elections for November 8.

The hospital was immediately distant from the statements of Vondraek and the visit itself, which would have led to Myná, and who did not know those responsible for the Medical Center. Meanwhile, the police began to investigate the signature, which raised a mediatic lifting and not a few suspicion about its authenticity.

Ethnicity in his posture, Vratislav Myná still accused the president of the Senate yesterday to seek only to fall to Zeman. "So much hypocrisy as the president of the Senate show and some of him, I have not seen her in my life, and everything, from the beginning, is directed towards a single goal: to separate the president of the authority of him" He affirmed.

In today's morning, the police announced on Twitter that he started "an investigation for a possible anticonstitutional behavior in which he could see signs of crimes against the Republic." Shortly after, the prime minister, Andrej Babi, asked for the resignation of Myná, who, otherwise, threatened with his cessation as soon as Article 66 was activated. This article foresees different situations such as the current one, in which the elected president It is not in a position to exercise his position.

The Constitutional Commission of the Senate decided on Tuesday before noon that, effectively, the conditions for the activation of that article, never used in the Czech parliamentary history are gathered. It is not a dismissal, since the functions of the President of the Republic would go to the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the House down solely during the convalescence of Zeman. The final vote in the Senate would most likely be held next November 5.

But the activation of the article must be approved by the two parliamentary chambers, and the Chamber of Deputies is not gathered until the aforementioned November 8, with its new provision output of the elections.

Updated Date: 20 October 2021, 08:41

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