This is how New York Eric Adams will be resurrected, his next mayor

His victory was not surprised anyone because New York continues to be one of the great democratic bastions where Republicans have been almost two decades withou

This is how New York Eric Adams will be resurrected, his next mayor

His victory was not surprised anyone because New York continues to be one of the great democratic bastions where Republicans have been almost two decades without winning elections. Indeed, Eric Adams beat on Tuesday's elections with rotundity and next January 1 will become the second black mayor in the history of the Great Apple. But the challenges he has ahead are uppercles, with the great challenge of leading the recovery of a city that suffers the social and economic impact of a pandemic whose effects are still being felt daily in their streets.

"New York has chosen one such night like you, one of yours, I am like you," said an euphoric Adams before the supporters who congregated himself in a hotel in the city when they began to fall the first data at closing of the polls. "For the young man who touched him grow facing all the challenges that New Yorkers face, tonight is not just a victory over adversity, it is the vindication of faith," held the next mayor of the city. "After years of praying, waiting, to fight and work, we headed to City Hall," he added.

With almost 90% of the votes scted, the Democratic candidate achieved 66.1% compared to 28.7% of his Republican rival, Curtis Sliwa, who did not have more remedy than accepting the strength of the results and congratulated him With a warning. "The political campaigns are terminated, but political movements do not. This is not the end, it is only the beginning," he said after confirming himself the defeat of him. "We are the new face of the Republican Party that is desperately needed in New York City," he added the founder of the controversial "patrolmen" of Los Angeles Guardians.

A little over a year ago, Eric Adams was presented before the electorate-and before the donors- as the quintessence of the American dream, the poor child who grew up in the Marginal neighborhood of Bushwick and who managed to get ahead against wind and tide. A young man who began as a transit agent in the 80s and that after working almost two decades in the police department, he retired with the position of captain in 2006 to make the leap to politics. First as a State Senator and then as President of Brooklyn County, since he occupies since 2014.

A New Yorker "like you" that in recent months also has earned the support of the great business men of a city that is not understood without Wall Street, who has been facing the still a progressive mayor of Blasio for eight years. That's why it was not strange to see that at the party that Adams organized in an exclusive private club in the Nono neighborhood to celebrate his victory, he was wrapped by outstanding figures such as Eric Schmidt, the former Mandamás de Google, or rapper Ja Rule. "We are going to convert again into one of the most 'business-friendly' cities of the country," the future regidor launched them.

When installing in Gracie Mansion on January 1, the new mayor of the Great Apple will assume the reins of a city that desperately needs a leader to direct recovery after the pandemic of Coronavirus, which left a deep wound with almost 35,000 dead, A unemployment rate that brings 10 percent, the office buildings still partially empty by teleworking or the inability of many companies pay for the rental and a tourism industry that does not end up.

It should also resolve the open war with the unions by the obligation to vaccinate the public officials of New York, where almost two-thirds of the population has already been put at least the first dose, although the virus remains a threat with an average of 800 daily contagions. You should also find consensus to convince the most radical sectors between your own ranks that request the police department, from which it was part twenty years, in a city where data does not improve and the crime rate increased in October a 11.2 percent over the previous year.

Another of the great challenges that Eric Adams will have ahead is to find urgent solutions for the Drama of Homeless in New York, an urbe of more than eight million inhabitants facing a serious housing crisis with the prices of exorbitant rentals , with tens of thousands of eviction orders pending executing and where the number of people who sleep every night on the street continues to increase, about 48,000 according to the latest official estimates, including 15,000 minors.

With the gradual reopening of trade and leisure centers - the last to join were the large Broadway theater halls - and before the imminent final of the restrictions that prevented the entry of European tourists, the city of the skyscrapers is recovering Little by little normality, although the great incognita remains to know if Eric Adams will be able to curb the decline of a city that once presumed to be the world's financial capital and who has been able to reinvent each other to shine again.

Updated Date: 04 November 2021, 00:46

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