This is so basic that you have to do to lose weight the pounds you've gained this summer

"The formula for weight loss is not only eat less and burn more""a Lot of people think that if you don't take meat you have not eaten"Only 5% of diets that

This is so basic that you have to do to lose weight the pounds you've gained this summer
"The formula for weight loss is not only eat less and burn more""a Lot of people think that if you don't take meat you have not eaten"Only 5% of diets that start in September have success

In September we are coming back from vacation with the batteries recharged and new purposes, but also with some kilo more. Dr. Maria Amaro recalls that the first thing you have to do is... Not do a "diet miracle" to lose what we've caught this summer . Why? "The word miracle because it's giving us a lot of information. Nothing in this life is miraculous and less weight loss that involves our health. We only have one body and comes with no parts then, ¡¡cuidémoslo!!", insists.

"let's Change this idea by making a healthy diet to lose those extra pounds without putting at risk our body and, above all, so that's not we are going to recover quickly, that is the most important. That does not arrive the following summer and we find "back to school" and everything picked up, as each year," he insists. To do this, Amaro proposes to "make an appropriate diet to your body, based on your needs and tailored to your schedule, tastes and lifestyle.

The fact that the patient care is the best gift that can be done to yourself". .

Get the patient to stop seeing diet and exercise as a punishment is quite a challenge. In reality, it clarifies the creator of the Method Amaro, "we have to understand this as a way of taking care of our body, to prove to ourselves that we care about, that we want, that we care for to be well. This vision of the body as something valuable and of our efforts as a struggle to improve and to feel better about ourselves, raise our self-esteem and make us feel more happy and safe." But to do this, he stresses, "it is important to always put yourself in the hands of a doctor who specializes in nutrition to help us in our purpose."

Return to the good habits

there Are many causes why during the summer we take weight. The first, points to Amaro, it is often because the caloric intake is usually greater than, but also because we change all of our routines as much exercise as of intestinal transit. "During the summer, our intestinal transit does not work well because we consume more fatty foods and less fiber in addition to that we do less exercise. This makes you retain fluids. Then first less salt, more fiber and return to our exercise routine. Only with this, we already began to lose weight", it recommends.

The exercise alone, adds Amaro, "even though it is moderate, increases your metabolism, makes you feel more active and with more energy, improves self esteem, helps you sleep better... The practice of any sport will help the patient feel better, with more strength to achieve his goal".

"As we have said, he continues, this doctor-we've lost our usual hours of meals, so it is important to re-regularize our schedules as much food as sleep.

we Must take some mid-morning and mid-afternoon to get the lunch and the dinner with a hunger to infinite and, above all, to avoid the pecking".

In regards to diet, says Amaro, "despite the fact that the patient ingested less calories and that has restricted many foods (especially processed foods, fats and alcohol), eating a balanced and healthy makes you feel better. When you include fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods, the patient is better provided that, before starting to diet.

If the diet is adequate you do not have to feel tired, lacking in energy or bad mood . On the contrary, the patient will have digestion best to avoid binge eating and your body will be better care than ever."

Out sugars and refined flours

in Addition, insists this expert, " should we forget the processed foods and ultaprocesados (the intake of ultraprocesados has been linked to obesity and a higher body weight, as well as ingredients of these products, such as added sugars or refined flours, are the determinants of weight gain), and return to fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, (fresh in salad or cooked), meat, and, above all, fish, and if they can be, white (sole, bream, sea bass, snapper, cod, sea bass....). Best these because they are little calorie, diuretics, and very nutritious ".

Another of the recommendations of Amaro passes by cooking more at home and not eat out if possible (i.e. tupperware), given that eating out can pose a greater consumption of calories without realizing it, as well as the consumption of more nutrients from low quality or addictive power such as sugars, trans fats or sodium. "I mean with this to cooking with love. Dieting does not imply that the meals are not rich and appetizing, that is why it is important to put yourself in the hands of a professional that will help you with your menus, and always thinking that you are caring for and not on a diet like a torture that you're looking forward to finish," he says.

For this, he said, "it is essential in every diet that, part of being balanced and suitable to the patient, is that it never goes hungry, if a patient starves to 100% abandon the diet . Then it is important that the diet include all the food groups, be varied and, above all, adapted to each type of patient to get not only lose the extra pounds for the summer but for garment, the habits of a life serviceable in the time and do not see the next summer in the same situation."

But not only with the food and the exercise is accomplished by a thinning successful and healthy, but that sleep patterns altered they can cause more hunger and thus, to be the cause of our weight gain. That, he notes Amaro, "without considering that rest evil, causes stress and this can cause us to gain weight. Then take care of the quality of our daily rest beyond the amount of hours that we can stay in bed is key for our sleep to be truly restful, and contributes to the good functioning of the organism".

Be on a diet to lose those extra pounds does not have to mean going hungry, and being a torment, concludes this doctor, "but a way of re-education and self-care something unique that we have and we must not lose: health" .

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Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 04:01

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