This is the new Google phone to combat the iPhone

Google will put on sale next week by your pixel telephones with own processors. To get one, however, you will have to travel to France or Germany. At the mo

This is the new Google phone to combat the iPhone

Google will put on sale next week by your pixel telephones with own processors. To get one, however, you will have to travel to France or Germany. At the moment, the Giant of the Network does not plan to sell them in Spain.

And it's a shame because the new pixels seem very appetizing. With a price of 649 euros for the Pixel 6 and 899 model for Pixel 6 Pro, these phones are coded with high-end models of other brands (often with prices above 1,000 euros) and boast of a perfect integration between Hardware and software.

These are the first Google smartphones that have a processor designed by the company itself, tensor.

Google advanced some details of this processor last August.

It is an optimized chip, especially for machine learning tasks and artificial intelligence, tools that the company uses in all kinds of scenarios, such as taking a picture.

According to Google, the Qualcomm processors and other known semiconductor manufacturers are not up to the needs of the company in many of the progress that Google is doing, such as the interpretation of natural language or optimizing the photos. With your own chip you can perform these tasks much more efficiently. The processor is 80% more powerful than the included in pixel 5 last year.

The processor is the same in the pixel 6 and pixel 6 Pro models, but the similarities can almost be said that they end there.

Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. In the pro size increases up to 6.7 inches and refresh rate, which adapts to the on-screen content, uploads to the 120 Hz.

Both include a fingerprint reader for the first time, a common feature on many Android but until now Google had not implemented in the pixels.

There are also differences in memory. PIXEL 6 come with 8 GB of RAM and can be purchased with 128 or 256 GB of memory. Pro use 12 GB of RAM and can be configured with up to 512 GB.

Finally, there are small differences also in the materials. The PRO, for example, has a better protection on the screen and a more luxurious finish.

But, as is usual, what really makes the difference between both models are the cameras. This is also the feature of the phone to which Google has devoted more attention.

PIXEL 6 come with a new sensor of 50 megapixels that is much greater than that of pixel 5 and even that of the recent iPhone 13 of its rival, Apple.

Capture 2.5 times more light than the sensors of the previous generation and although it has 50 megapixels, combines the information captured by the photoreceptors to generate 12 megapixel images.

This sensor is accompanied by an ultra-angular 12 megapixel camera that covers some 114 degrees of field of vision.

The PRO model also has a telephoto camera equivalent to a zoom of 4 increases with 48 megapixels. Combined with other sensors and Google image processing tools, it is able to offer up to a digital zoom of 20 increases.

As usual, Google has included various intelligent functions to improve photos, such as the option to erase unwanted objects or people easily or give more sharpness to the faces if the photo has been taken in motion. The camera also recognizes and exposes the different skin tones better.

Much of the power of the processor is dedicated to these "tricks" to get better results in the photos, but Google has implemented in new pixels 6, also some more advanced tools.

The phones are now capable of translating in real time so much talk spoken and messages at 48 languages, for example.

During a demonstration made at the event, the phone translated the voice in Japanese of the Guru of the Personal Organization, Marie Kondo, naturally and practically instantaneous.

Google also has a new function that identifies the origin and filters commercial calls and that you can estimate the waiting time by calling a customer service.

Telephones can be reserved from today and will arrive at the stores of the countries where it will be marketed on October 28. It will be available in three different colors for each of the two versions.

In addition to telephones, Google has also presented a new wireless charging base that is capable of loading with a power of 23W, instead of the 15W that support most wireless loading systems.

Updated Date: 20 October 2021, 00:45

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