Those over 70 premiere the two punctures: against the flu and against the Covid-19

As of Monday, the communities may begin to administer the reinforcement dose of the COVID-19 to those over 70: Some have not materialized, others will take adva

Those over 70 premiere the two punctures: against the flu and against the Covid-19

As of Monday, the communities may begin to administer the reinforcement dose of the COVID-19 to those over 70: Some have not materialized, others will take advantage of the flu campaign to give the two punctures at a time and Others will choose to separate them.

On October 25 is the date he agreed by the Public Health Commission to begin to give a Pfizer reinforcement to the general population of more than 70 years who have completed the schedule at least six months ago, although Andalusia has been ahead of days.

Those over 70 have been the following in the vaccination strategy to receive extra puncture, after the highest residences and groups of Group 7 (severe immunosuppressed by transplantation, some oncological patients, kidney disease in hemodialysis or people with syndrome From Down over 40, among others).

At a time when the evolution of the influenza epidemic, which last year was non-existent, it is an unknown for experts, many of the autonomies have been betting on joint vaccination, something that allows them the aforementioned strategy.

In fact, the last update, published last Tuesday, points out that vaccines can be administered at the same time, in different anatomical places, than any other, also the one of pneumococcus or that of diphtheria, tetanus and tesferina (DTPA).

Influenza is advised for those over 65, under that age with a high risk of complications derived from the virus or that are institutionalized in a prolonged manner; Pregnant in any trimester of gestation and women during the puerperium (up to 6 months after childbirth and who have not been vaccinated during pregnancy) and babies from 6 months to 2 years with prematurity background under 32 weeks of gestation.

Also for people who can transmit the flu to those that have a high risk of presenting complications such as toilets. At the moment, only those over 70 may have the two vaccines, although the calendar and dates differ according to which community.

It began last Monday to administer the additional dose of those over 70, an initiative that has coincided with that of the flu that was previously launched for immunosuppressed patients and higher residences.

Andalusia began to inoculate the anti-entire vaccine on October 15 to the people of higher residences and disability centers, and on Monday it expanded it to the rest of the collectives for which it is recommended.

Monday begins the vaccination process against influenza in the higher residences, after which they will open, gradually and depending on the availability of dose, the agendas for the autocita for the following age groups and sectors to the That for health risks or characteristics of your profession, it is recommended to be immunized in front of this virus.

In addition, in those over 70 years the administration of the flu vaccine will be parallel to that of the third dose of COVID-19, although they can choose whether they receive both or one of the two.

Will not announce until next week the start date of the influenza vaccination campaign; It foresees joint inoculation for over 70 years, although it may be performed on the same day or at different times.

The Balearic health service, IB-Salut, will put together the vaccines between November 4 and 21. The Infovacuna line has already begun to call those who comply or have turned 70 years in 2021 and those of this age to vaccinate them. People of this age strip can also go to health centers for appointment to receive the injections at the same time.

Regarding the usual campaign of influenza, it will start on November 22 and will last until December 17.

Over 60, pregnant women, some chronically ill, health personnel and caregivers of vulnerable people are the target groups of the influenza vaccination campaign in the Canary Islands that will begin next Thursday. 19 And the flu, with the punctures in different arms.

It plans to start flu vaccination at the beginning of November, although it has not yet been fixed because it is awaiting the arrival of the drugs. That dose will be given at the same time that the third against the Covid-19, one in each arm.

The third dose greater than 65 that are not in residences will begin on Monday, but we will have to wait to receive the flu until the beginning of November. The intention is to put the flu and the additional of the Covid-19 at the same time to those over 70, except those who receive the reinforcement next week, which will have to come back later to receive that of the flu.

The vaccination campaign against the flu and pneumococcus will be staggered this season in Castile and León, and will begin next Tuesday with the oldest of the residences; Already in the first or second week of November it will be over 70 years old, to which he will be administered at the same time the dose of memory against the Covid-19.

Then it will be the turn of those over 60 in the community and the risk groups and essential for those who are indicated that vaccine.

It will generally start the administration of the third dose of the VACCO against the COVID this Monday over 70 years. At the time of arranging the appointment at the Primary Care Center, the user will have the option to ask for administration at the same time from the two vaccines, one in each arm, or do it separately, one day of the flu and another The reinforcement of the Covid-19.

The vaccination of the flu and the third dose will begin at the Valencian Community as of next week, but they have not yet materialized day.

Already prepares the necessary logistics for a scenario in which the flu vaccine will coincide with the third dose of the coreavirus vaccine: the Government Extremado has set the first week of November for dealing with the moment "adequate", as the first peak It is expected for mid-January.

With the totality of the users of the residences already vaccinated with the additional dose against the COVID-19, he has started this week to be administered to those over 70 years old users of residential centers.

In Galicia, the campaign begins tomorrow with those over 80 who are not in residences. Only of that age will be concomitance between the Antigripal vaccine and against the Covid-19.

The Strip 70-79 will be cited since mid-November and in the people of this group, injections will not be simulated.

Madrid will simultaneously inject the two more than 70 years from tomorrow Monday. During the first two weeks of influenza campaign, only those belonging to this age group may be cited with nursing professionals from their telephone health center.

It will begin at the end of this month or at the beginning of November vaccination of influenza over 70 years, to which at the same time will be given the extra dose against coronavirus. It will be the health centers that call the patients and once it is finished with people over 70 years, it will progressively be extended to the collectives of greatest risk for which the anti-jripty is indicated.

It is one of the communities that tomorrow the output pistol on the antique vaccination campaign that will be combined with a joint additional dose in the case of people aged 70 and over, as well as those considered population of very high risk that make up Group 7 of the vaccination strategy.

The citation process has already begun this days with the progressive shipment of SMS to the target population from 60 years, so that they can be cited by the channels enabled (by telephone, web appointment and email).

The Basque Health-Osakidetza service initiated the campaign against influenza on October 18 with the collectives of risk and will open it to the general population as of next November 15. In addition, it will offer the third dose at the same time as that of influenza to people aged 70 years old or older.

La Rioja has finished this week with the highest residences. At the end of October, even without determining the date, it will initiate the vaccination of the flu, which, in the case of those over 70 years, will simultaneously simultate with the third dose against the COVID-19.

Updated Date: 24 October 2021, 17:28

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