Throw the clothes on tv: Now EVERYTHING is changed

When the 'Date me naked' runs across the screen again in two weeks on TV2 Zulu, is 26-year-old Julie Danielsen, one of the brave women who throw the clothes i

Throw the clothes on tv: Now EVERYTHING is changed

When the 'Date me naked' runs across the screen again in two weeks on TV2 Zulu, is 26-year-old Julie Danielsen, one of the brave women who throw the clothes in the hope of finding love.

This time it is the 23-year-old fisherman Allan, who must pick and choose among the five brave women. Unfortunately for Julie Danielsen, it was not a date for her.

Julie Danielsen decreased not completely in allans chainsaw flavor, and therefore, she was chosen as the first.

Anyway, she has been tremendously happy to be in the program. It has made a huge difference for her as a person.

- I've got a properly selvtillidsboost to be in the program. It really has made, that I see myself with more positive eyes. I love my body now. When I've been in the bath and walk around at home, I can find to run naked around. I could never find before. That I would be nervous of what others thought, she says and tells that she in the past was not satisfied with his body:

- I might not have been so satisfied with my body, because I have a few more forms than most. But that has changed completely now. Now I have really realized that all bodies are beautiful, and that I am beautiful as I am.

Although Julie Danielsen was elected from the first, she got many positive comments from the fishing-Allan. Comments, as she will bear in mind in the future.

- I got a lot of compliments. Even though you couldn't see it, because I stood inside the box, then smiled I really very. It was a really good experience to be with, and it was great with the compliments, I got, " she says, and continues:

His comments has really helped me. I have been a storsmilende person ever since, because I really have taken it to me. It has made me more open to the future in relation to find a guy. I have always gone with blinkers for the eyes with the men would only have the top models, but now it is proved that there are men who want women with the forms, which I also have.

Allan can freely choose between the women in the booths in 'Date me naked'. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

Participation in the 'Date me naked' has also meant that Julie Danielsen has got much more courage compared to to engage in dating.

- I see a man now. But it is not something crazy. We take it quietly. He likes my body. I'm not going to save me and suck your stomach in. I can be free, and this is how I want it, she says.

- I started a Peaks profile after the 'Date me naked', and it was actually there, I met him. It's quite new, but there is potential.

Film, tv & radio - 11. nov. 2019 - at. 22:49 After nøgenprogram: New date on the way?

this is Why Julie Danielsen also absolutely clear, that Allan chose not to go on a date with her.

- I was not upset that I was chosen for I got so many positive words on their way. Of course, one would like to reach further, but at the same time, I also had a feeling that it was completely okay that I smoke out, I've still got so much positive out of it, " she says, and continues:

- If I am still single, I would definitely do it again (participate in the programme, red.). It is the coolest experience you get, and it is such a different form of dating, which is really fun, and that appeals to me. Of course it is a very cross-border program, when you stand naked on national television, but it is worth it all.

Julie Danielsen feel like a new person after she has been with in 'Date me naked'. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

- It sounds to that you also have a message to stand out?

- I think it is important to strike a blow for that it is important that you love his body. All bodies and all forms are welcome. The program has completely changed me, and if you ask my family, they say that I am completely changed in a positive way. So I can recommend everyone to do it here.

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