Tide fuchsia vs. Blue tide and hatred on social networks

How Rocío Carrasco (44), allergic to social networks, manages to have a legion of fans under the name of FUCSIA tide that defends it actively and daily on the I

Tide fuchsia vs.
 Blue tide and hatred on social networks

How Rocío Carrasco (44), allergic to social networks, manages to have a legion of fans under the name of FUCSIA tide that defends it actively and daily on the Internet since its DocuSerie, dew, tell the truth to continue alive? How are those who are opposite, the blue tide, which day after day do they manage to be a tendency in networks with their hashtag of support to Antonio David Flores (45) and the current wife of him, Olga Moreno (45)?

We start from the beginning. Or from one of the beginnings, because not even in this the two tides agree. The issuance of the first part of the Docío Carrasco documentary began on March 21 this year. A media surge and solidarity policy toured networks and television sets before the testimony of the protagonist, who reported the "hell" that she had lived next to her who had been her husband, Antonio David Flores. A wave that was reflected in social networks and that under the name of Fuchsia, color in honor of the suit that Carrasco took throughout the documentary, grouped different women who felt the words of Rocíito as his own. This also relates those Ana Bernal-Triviño beginnings, a visible face of that media wave and participant of the debate that followed each episode of the series: "The first movement is that of fuchsia tide. It arises as an anonymous movement, a natural reaction in the Social networks that serve as support for victims. "

And this is where the divergences begin, because, according to the blue tide, its movement is before that of the Carrasachists. This is what one of them explains, @SR_Peter_, Loc in conversation, as not, via Twitter: "The blue tide began with the entrance of Antonio David to Big Brother VIP as a support group and fans. And since then we are with He and his family: we support Rocío Flores in survivors and then to Olga Moreno. " Something that his partner refutes, and as he founder of the movement, @ smaraazul8, who even contributes to document that his tide was already active in networks in 2019. That yes, both accounts recognize that the movement began to catch strength after the emission of the Documentary and simultaneous entrance of Olga Moreno to survivors. "With the documentary it is when the blue tide passes to other levels and becomes a more powerful movement, but it is much more than the reaction of a fuchsia tide, created by Telecinco; it is a movement of people who viewed and see how they sentenced A family and how they foster hate towards them, "says @sr_peter_.

We are here with the second friction point: the dubious goals that each tide is in face. The fuchsias argue that their movement is only based on the public denunciation of gender violence to which Rocío Carrasco has put an expensive. "This phenomenon has made many women, it is enough and they will call on the phone against gender violence, which during the documentation of the DocuSerie increased its activity by 42%," says Gossip Boy, tubero of various realities and "proud" member of The fuchsia tide. And he accuses the blues to be "a very dangerous movement that contradicts all the arguments that Rocío Carrasco has demonstrated with documents in the program." Before this evening insinuation of negationism of the macho violence, the blue tide defends itself: "Our only goal is to defend the family always from respect and with elegance. We are not denisationists of gender violence; if for something they should call us denicalists is For not believing in a media judgment. So serious topics are judged in court, never on television, "argues @ smaraazul8.

One of the algid points of the virtual confrontation of the two tides are the mutual accusations of insults and threats. The journalist and researcher Ana Bernal-Triviño has it in the first person: "A hate campaign was unleashed, they have come to want death and I had to end up silencing or blocking some of those accounts that are integrated within the tide Blue. But he had the need to isolate me, to protect me. " @Sr_peter_, on behalf of the blue tide, is unmarked from what behaviors ("we condemn the faults of respect or threats, but it is difficult to control such a large movement and black chickpeas there are in both sides; particularly my advice is to report and block IN To a family, not only on TV if not also on social networks ".

Exposed assessments of some and others must seek the opinion of the communication experts. Are the campaigns of the Fuchsia tide and the blue tide a simple mirror of the tension that is lived daily in the networks or is there something else? To learn more about this issue responds to Loc Mariele Sánchez-Palencia, SocialMood, digital agency with extensive experience in social networks: "Yes. It is a more reflection of the polarization that has been seen in the last decade in networks. What started As an ecosystem where you can follow those with whom you shared interest today has led us to contexts in which we only reaches what we like, which reaffirms our way of thinking. "

Mariele then aims to what can be one of the keys of that new media-virtual reality, the profitability of polarization: "This is not something that the stations do not take advantage of and take advantage to make more noise. If the audience is by Yes polarized I'm going to give them more reasons. " And she adds: "While the postures are extreme, we all have a small loudspeaker from which to show them. Hence the ability of any conversation to reach the Trending Topic in an organic way".

And the last words of Mariele Sánchez-Palencia make us consider another question. How do they seem apparently formed by anonymous people, alien to the media game and not specialized in social networks achieve every day that their hashtag are trend? And here we return to another crossing accusations. From the blue tide insist that its popularity is the result of the spontaneity of the people. "We have been a tendency every day for all the support in networks that the family has. There are no strategies, only thousands of droplets that form a great tide; every day we are more who shout and denounce what means of this country are silent . Our only organization is a group on Twitter from which we coordinate the hashtag of the day, "says @sr_peter_. But since the fuchsia tide they accuse them of having powerful organizations behind; Bernal- Triviño points to "parents who claim to be affected by law against gender violence, STOP Feminazis ..." and even point out a darker direction. "It runs the rumor that this movement gets trend thanks to bots (purchased accounts that generate automatic tips)", drop Gossip Boy. From the blue tide they deny it: "We are just a lot of people who day every day we interact with the hashtag."

The testimony of Rocío Carrasco in his DocuSerie Rocío, telling the truth to follow alive turned the first-born dew jury in a feminist icon, added by policy interventions such as the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, who publicly gave him his support. Following that media explosion if there is a pop icon that has transcended the program is the famous fuchsia suit that she took during the series. The stocks of that or any two pieces were exhausted in stores and this summer Carrasco announced that she will auction her costume and that she will donate the benefit to associations against gender violence. She's sister, Gloria Camila, intentionally or not, brought trousers and American of the same color to the homage held in Chipiona in honor of the mother of both. On the other hand, Rocío Flores has a blue bracelet on her wrist, which is interpreted as a wink to the tide that defends the paternal family of her.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 04:17

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