Tips to improve the quality of the sperm

The spring, the fertility alters. And the reason is scientific you Know what ovarian reserve you have left at this point?The myths around fertility more and mo

Tips to improve the quality of the sperm
The spring, the fertility alters. And the reason is scientific you Know what ovarian reserve you have left at this point?The myths around fertility

more and more couples have problems to conceive a child naturally. This disease is impossible conception natural for a child or a pregnancy after one year of sexual intercourse without use of contraceptive methods. In Spain, infertility affects 15% of couples in reproductive age.

In the last ten years, male infertility has increased by 9% and the sperm of the 65.5% of males do not meet the criteria of normality that mark the World Health Organization (WHO). This disease accounts for half of the cases dealt with today by the clinics of assisted reproduction, and this fact, coupled with the apparent decline in semen quality, jump the alerts with respect to the evolution of the fertility of the male.

The detection, prevention and intervention are the key to achieving conceiving.

what Is good the quality of my sperm?

do you Have problems with the sexual function, for example, low sex drive or difficulty maintaining an erection? Do you suffer from pain, swelling, or you realize that you have left a lump in the testicle area? Have you noticed a significant decrease in facial or body hair, or other signs of a chromosomal abnormality or hormonal? If the answer to any of the questions has been affirmative, attention: the above list includes several of the symptoms low sperm count.

currently, sperm quality is determined by a sperm analysis. This study, also known as a semen analysis is done, it is carried out from a sample of semen with the purpose of evaluating its seminal quality. Thanks to this test are obtained analyses that comprise a basic tool to detect pathologies or alterations that may pose an impediment to pregnancy.

"as long as they appreciate symptoms such as those we have advanced above, you should consult with a specialist," advises Elisa Flaquer, embrióloga the Madrid Institute for Fertility (MFI). In the case of couples with difficulties reproductive , the embrióloga considered that this request should be initiated after a year of searching for offspring if the woman's age is below 35 years. In the case that this age could be 36 or higher, the time is reduced to six months of unprotected sex without achieving pregnancy because it is estimated that normally 85% of couples achieve pregnancy in this time.

Causes for which the semen is of low quality

"The causes of the sperm is of a low quality can be varied," says the embrióloga, "there are study each case , to see if there is some kind of alteration caused by diseases, or if what is needed is a change of habits of life".

After the studies and elaboration of the clinical history by the specialists, the diagnosis and gives the patient a few recommendations to continue, and supplements if needed to try to improve his sperm quality.

To make the assessment of the sperm quality of a patient is performing various studies of the sperm, as they are measured and analyzed volume, concentration, motility and sperm morphology according to the criteria that determines WHO . Another important factor is the measurement of sperm DNA fragmentation.

The factors that determine the quality of the semen are both intrinsic, inherent to the patient, and extrinsic, environmental or life-style. While in the first group are malformations, anatomical, varicocele, retrograde ejaculation, genetic alterations, certain diseases such as cancer and immunologic factors, infectious, or endocrine, in the second they emphasize the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, and certain drugs. Other risk factors such as obesity, temperature (scrotal wear tight-fitting garments, cycling...) or exposure to toxic substances such as fertilizers or pesticides also form part of these past causes that are not the patient's own, and that reduce the sperm quality .

to Produce healthy sperm

What is the best way to produce healthy sperm?"In general, keep a healthy lifestyle that includes a varied and balanced diet, reducing fat, regular physical activity, moderate -, and it is important to reduce the level of stress," says She. This advice also goes by reducing the consumption of alcohol and avoiding tobacco, as well as other stimulants and xanthines.

The type of clothing that is used on a daily basis also influences in the quality of the sperm. The specialist advised to avoid the use of garments which may compress and increase the temperature of the genital area; as well as physical activities that can cause the same problem, as for example the practice of cycling over long periods of time.

The diet is another key factor in this matter. "It seems to be that certain types of diets are able to affect positively or negatively on male fertility", points out the specialist. In fact, and in his own words, it has been proven that a balanced diet is associated with a higher sperm concentration, higher levels of testosterone and a lower DNA fragmentation of sperm.

Although the relationship between diet and sperm quality is not fully understood, the consumption of certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, folic acid or vitamin B12 appear to be beneficial for semen quality. For Flaquer, these nutrients can be found in foods such as: blue fish, seafood, nuts and olive oil, which are rich in omega-3. Also in red fruits, dried fruits, grapes, tomatoes, dark chocolate and turmeric are rich in antioxidants. And finally in green leafy vegetables, especially if taken raw, are rich in folic acid. Milk and meats are also a great option due to its high content of vitamin B12.

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Date Of Update: 15 September 2019, 09:00

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