Today in Rhein-Main: those who do not gender, will be punished

Good evening, (k)a fashion city: Frankfurt had to wake up quickly from this dream. Just two years after moving from Berlin to the Main, Fashion Week is in fact

Today in Rhein-Main: those who do not gender, will be punished

Good evening,
(k)a fashion city: Frankfurt had to wake up quickly from this dream. Just two years after moving from Berlin to the Main, Fashion Week is in fact coming to an end. Because the Berlin Premium Group, as an important organizer of the fashion Week trade fairs, is turning its back on Frankfurt. The company, which represents the trade fair brands Premium, Seek, The Ground and Fashion Tech, wants to present the complete program again in Berlin in July. The return to the Spree is not a decision against Frankfurt, but one for Berlin, said Premium Managing Director Anita Tillmann on Monday - which is exactly what they say in such situations. More interesting is the postscript: "At heart, we are Berliners.“ It sounded very different two years ago. Tillmann had painted the image of a fashion metropolis Frankfurt with strong colors, talking about a creative location that would become the center of at least the German fashion world.

Jacqueline Vogt Head of the Rhine-Main editorial Office of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. I am following

It is unclear now how the Frankfurt Fashion Week will show up in the future. With the departure of Premium, the two trade fairs Neonyt and Value still remained for her. It was said on Monday that a contemporary concept was being considered. In order to bring the fashion week as a whole to Frankfurt, the trade fair company and the municipality had promised her the investment of ten million euros in the first three years after docking.

Dynamic language: What do you think of gender, dear readers? A student at the University of Giessen may not really know where he stands these days in his efforts to create a language that tries to present women and men on an equal footing: Surprised by the grading of an exam at the Department of Social and Cultural Studies, he turned to the responsible lecturer. And received an answer: deduction of points also due to incorrect gender. Means: too often uses the generic masculine, which names groups masculine, but also means the female members ("the students", "the teachers").

There was a similar case at the University of Kassel, where a lecturer also punished a teacher student with a point deduction because he had used the generic masculine in a study paper. The student complained publicly, and the university then commissioned a legal opinion from state and constitutional lawyer Michael Sachs from the University of Cologne. It came to the conclusion that under certain conditions, lecturers are quite capable of grading the use of gender-appropriate language. The prerequisite is a sufficiently professional or professionally qualifying reference to the specific exam. On the other hand, Sachs refuses to use gender-appropriate language as a general formal criterion for exam grades. He argues that gender is not recognized in the same way as the rules for grammar and spelling. So all doors open, let's see where this still leads.

Personnel renewal: At the Frankfurt CDU it takes concrete forms. The party is still dealing with the effects of the recent local elections and in addition that the chairman Jan Schneider does not want to stand for re-election at the party congress on March 12. Now Honorary Chairman Udo Corts has presented his ideas for a new personnel board to the district board. In the question of who will succeed Jan Schneider, everything boils down to a duel between the former city treasurer Uwe Becker and Bettina Wiesmann, who was a member of the Bundestag until 2021. Corts has also developed a plan for the entire Board. The expanded party leadership should achieve what is urgently needed, also to send a signal that it should involve more women and more people with a migration history. The honorary chairman therefore wants to bring young talents such as Esra Kahraman, Deputy chairman of the Young Union, to the board and the city councilor Pavlos Tsachidis from Oberrad. Corts, of course, also put wing arithmetic, an indispensable calculation exercise for every party strategist, to the test. Martin Benninghoff reports.

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And in addition, 6649 other corona infections were reported in Hesse within 24 hours on Monday and the seven-day incidence rose to 1411 after 1395.8 on Sunday +++ according to the Ministry of the Interior, 597,000 hours of additional work of the 21,500 employees of the Hessian police last year could not be compensated for by free time +++ since November, the Hessian regional offices have checked more than 1100 companies for compliance with the 3-G and home office rules, mostly since nothing had been objectionable, it was said on Monday.

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