Today's News, October 19 | Last hour of today, live

The Government of the Canary Islands last a decree-law that will create a unique official record to channel the applications of those affected by the Eruption i

Today's News, October 19 |
 Last hour of today, live

The Government of the Canary Islands last a decree-law that will create a unique official record to channel the applications of those affected by the Eruption in the Palmay that will streamline the administrative procedures for the granting of different aid. That unique official record will be the source of information from which all administrations are nourished to help the victims "eliminating paperwork and cutting deadlines".

The British Government has submitted its expected zero emissions plan with which it aspires to attract more than 105,000 million euros of investments and create 440,000 jobs in the next decade. The presentation of the plan, in the anteroom of COP26 of Glasgow, has reached however preceded by alleged friction between Boris Johnson and the Treasury Secretary, Rishi Sunak, by public spending and the lack of returns of 'green recovery', in a moment of economic uncertainty and energy crisis.

The Constitutional Commission of the Senate of the Czech Republic has begun on Tuesday the procedure to disable due to illness to the head of State, Milos Zeman, while the police have opened an investigation against their environment by the possible crime against the Republic that would have hidden deliberately your state of health.

Half a hundred councilors and advisors of the Popular Party at the City Council of Valencia during the Rita Barberá stage as Mayor will be processed by a Bleaching crime, the so-called 'Smurfeo'. The judge of the 18th Instruction Court who instructs this separate piece of the case Taula has dictated auto of abbreviated procedure against 49 people and the party itself in the city as a legal entity.

The laundry located southwest of the lagoon mountain is at the moment just 120 meters from the cantil of the west coast of La Palma, so in the event that it will eventually reaches the confinement not only of the Barrios de San Borondón, Marina Alta, Marina Low and La Countess, but also from the Tazacorte helmet. As already known, the contact of lava with the sea can cause explosions and emanation of harmful gases for the next population, so, in this case, the confinement of some coastal cores of Tazacorte was decreed, as already done with the Previous laundry that reached the sea, and also from the helmet, due to its proximity, just 1 km north.

More than 1,700 teachers and academics have denounced by letter before the European Commission "Tibieza" with which the Rectors Conference of Spanish Universities and the Ministry of Universities have reacted after the attack suffered by the young people of the Constitutionalist Association S'ha Finat At the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

The key week for the future of relations between Poland and the European Union, for the stability of the short-term Union and for the integrity of the legal system has not begun well. This Thursday and Friday the leaders of the 27 will see the faces in Brussels to talk about migrations, energy, climate change or foreign affairs, but after the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court to question the primacy of Community law on the National, and The Warsaw's order, the debate on the rule begins to be outlined as the key issue of the Summit.

The Council of Ministers has approved, at the proposal of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, a Royal Decree that reforms the Rules of Immigration, modifying the legal regime of minors and ex-adjusted to favor its integration. The new regulation will facilitate access to work. With the reform approved today, it is an end to the current situation in which, de facto, the inclusion of unaccompanied minors and the explored young people was prevented. The current regulations causes many minors to remain an irregularity, after 18, a situation caused by the rigidity of that regulation that the Government modifies.

The Steering Committee of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergencies Plan (PEVOLCA) Haauthorized Rescue attempt with drones of at least six powers trapped in two ponds surrounded by the Lava del Volcán de la Palma, have reported sources from autonomic government. This authorization occurs after receiving a formal rescue request and after analyzing the action plan presented by the company that will be responsible for the operation.

The specialist in preventive medicine and public health and researcher of the FISABIO, Savior Peiró, considers that "it does not make any sense" to keep the mask in open spaces like the courtyards of the schools, but you have to be "very vigilant" with the multitudinal closed spaces for "the danger" that mass outbreaks occur in them.

The Nonagenarian Irmgard Furchner, former secretary of the Stutthof concentration camp, sat on the bench of the defendants on Tuesday to respond from an alleged crime of complicity in the murder of more than 11,000 people, a process that starts late for attempt by attempt by Leakage of the defendant. On this occasion and to avoid incidents as the one caused by the elderly on September 30, justice did not give him an option to come before the judge by his own means. Furchner, 96, was collected in the elderly residence where he lives for a transport for disabled and conducted directly to the provincial audience of Itzehoe, a city near Hamburg, where he will be judged by the juvenile room, while the crimes occurred When Fuchner was a minor.

Offensive of the national audience to prove the alleged illegal financing of Catalonia Democratic Convergence (CDC) from a separate piece of the cause of 3%. Specifically, agents of the Civil Guard and the Mossos d'Esquadra, in joint teams, have delivered requirements from the Central Instruction Court of the National Audience on Documentation Referred to alleged invoices of audiovisual companies to public administration as well as for TV3 when They had conducted work for CDC electoral campaigns of 2010 and 2015. In addition, the anti-corruption prosecutor suspicion that these payments were camouflaged allegedly through societies, such as Triacom, who received money from the Catalan public issuer.

The Chef José Andrés, Princess Award of Asturias of Concord 2021, has recognized the "exceptional work" that have played governments, security forces and emergency teams after the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano, in La Palma, where it will donate Part of the money received by the award. "That job makes me feel very proud of the palm and the canaries and all the Spaniards who have been at the foot of the canyon," he said on Tuesday at a press conference in Oviedo.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has announced that the Government will present "in a few months" its proposal to implement tolls in the high capacity roads of the State Road Network from the year 2024.In the Press conference after the Council of Ministers, Sánchez has advancing that different studies and analysis are already being carried out to determine which system will be developed, although it has ensured that it will be a "fair, rigorous and sustainable" charter.

The movement of Eh Bildu with which for the first time in 10 years recognizes the "pain" of the victims of ETA is marking the tenth anniversary of the announcement of the EESC activity of the terrorist band. The government bet on temperance, analyze the approach and the words on the left abertzale, observe the reactions on the political board. Its assessment has arrived more than 24 hours later. The Moncloa decides to be more forceful than the PSOE and qualifies it from "insufficient passage" and requires that they should "ask for forgiveness for the pain" caused.

The 'who is who' of the nascent twenty dome that considers Bildu bourgeois traitors and is said "heiress" of the "fight". Linked with acts of Kale Borroka and with the most unredented prisoners, they demand their amnesty. They were born at the Basque University, they have just gathered 2,000 young people and have their own television.

The judge of the National Audience Manuel García Castellón has reopened the cause on the alleged irregular financing of we can. The Instructor Judge has taken this decision after the statements of the former responsible for Intelligence Chavista Hugo El Pollo Carvajal, who has involved founders of can in the reception of funds from Venezuela.

The Council of Ministers has approved the endowment of 1,000 million euros on the Autonomous Communities on Tuesday to promote the transformation of mobility systems in cities in a sustainable manner. The objective is to advance in the decarbonization of urban transport. These are budgetary credits in favor of the Autonomous Communities and the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla for the financing of mobility actions, within the framework of the recovery, transformation and resilience plan. The distribution will be negotiated with the autonomies at a conference that will be held at the beginning of November.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), CaixaBank or the General Council of Economists were some of the agencies and entities that had reduced the growth forecasts of Spain. And to them, BBVA Research has been added today, which has been very remarkably its estimates and, at the same time, has evidenced that the macroeconomic table on which the government supports the state's general budgets (PGE) of 2022 presents figures that They do not conform to reality. Inflated, ultimately.

The Russian Government today proposed declaring non-working days across the country from October 30 to November 7 to stop the progress of the Coronavirus pandemic, which was charged in the last 24 hours the lives of more than a thousand people, while The contagions exceed 30,000. "We propose to declare from October 30 to November 7, non-working days throughout the national territory," said Vice Prime Minister Russian, Tatiana Golíkova, at a meeting of the Government dedicated to the health crisis.

You will still have to wait for the law that legalizes cannabis and equips its consumption to tobacco. The PSOE, PP and VOX will cut the passage to a law proposal presented by more country and that today is discussed in the Congress of the Deputies. The position against socialists is decisive in the vote because it will prevent the initiative from being processed despite the fact that it is a regulation that supports us and its partners. This blockade of the PSOE does not close much less the debate that has been opened in Spain. And, the Congress constituted a Sub-Commission last week to study the medicinal use of cannabis. It is precisely the existence of this parliamentary forum to which the PSOE grabs to justify its vote against.

The governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernández de Cos, criticizes that in the country make ideological decisions without evaluating their costs and fears the European funds. In a speech by collecting the Great Cross to the merit in the service of the 2021 economy of the General Council of Economists, the Governor has described serious shortcomings in the management in the country: "Spain goes late with respect to other countries of our environment. And It is not due to lack of available technical knowledge, but, in my opinion, because of the limitations existing in the current administrative, political and social ecosystem, which does not sufficiently encourage the insertion of the evaluation process within the design and revision cycle of the Public policy programs ".

ENDESA E IBERDROLA has given the government with the Government at the Great Renewable Auction held on Tuesday to award a regulatory retribution to 3,300 'green' power megawatts. ENDESA justifies its decision for the purposes of the measures included in the Royal Decree Law designed by ecological transition. Specifically, due to the obligation imposed on the large electrical groups in the country of auctioning part of its electricity production among large industrial customers and independent marketers.

Agents of the Civil Guard has identified four people who had long approached the Old Summit Volcano, jumping out the exclusion zones, thus putting their physical integrity and that of the people who had to go rescue them. The same happened yesterday Monday when a boat that, despite the warnings by radio, had also surpassed the nautical miles decreed by maritime captaincy. These behaviors have become aware of the physical and sub-election of the government by a presumed crime of disobedience.

The Civil Guard arrested a 24-year-old girl in Santa Maria del Camí (Mallorca) by alleged crimes of sexual abuse. According to the Armed Institute in a press release, the arrest took place on Tuesday. The events occurred on different days between October 12 and 18, when the alleged author of the facts, supposedly addressed the victims, trying to abuse them.

Patxi López, the only Lehendakari of a Socialist Government in Euskadi, has accused the "right and his media" to use "terrorism against socialists" after the PSOE flattens to the last statement on the left abertzale. Next to the tree of Gernika - where Lehendakari was invested thanks to the votes of PP Basque, López has insisted on putting the words read by Arnaldo Otegi and Arkaitz Rodríguez who interprets as a "amendment to the whole" to the support given by the Left Abertzale to ETA. A diametrically opposed analysis to which the current Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu (PNV) has performed that questions the lack of "self-criticism" on this political and social support for Etarra terrorism.

He held one of the most critical charges of US foreign policy. He was the few members of the Trump administration who survived the change of government. But, now that it begins to escape the Polvarada that raised the chaotic replication of international troops from Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, the special representative of the United States for that country, which forged by 2020 the agreement that allowed the withdrawal, has left by the door behind. That has not been a friendly farewell comes off from the words that, according to the Digital Politician, Khalilzad put in writing in the letter of resignation of him.

According to the Annual Report of the Observatory for Rural Decarbonization published by CIDE, only one in 1,000 vehicles is electric in the rural scope. That is, less than 8,000 of the 7.7 million (21% of the total) of the automotive park of these areas. The percentage in city - if not very far from abandoning fossil fuels - quadruple this figure: 4.1 per 1,000. This scarce penetration is added to a lack of interest in this solution in Spain emptied and a very aged fleet that does not seem to be electrified when it comes to renew it.

Donations to help victims by the eruption of the Palmaascienden volcano already at 5,573,880 euros, as can be seen on the website created by the Cabildo de la Palma to inform the progress of the eruption. On the same page you can see that in the last week there have been 543 earthquakes, the greatest magnitude 4.7 (last update on Monday 18).

The spokesman for the Basque Government, Bingen Zupiria, has expressed its "concern" for the increase of contagions by Covid-19 in the last week, as well as for the breach of sanitary measures in the agglomerations of people without safety distance that occur In certain events abroad and in the changing rooms of certain sports enclosures whose users do not use the mask.

The spokesman for the popular in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has assured that in the PP they believe that the words of Arnaldo Otegi to the victims of ETA are entirely insufficient, and that is why it will promote, in the tenth anniversary of the end of the Terrorist band, an institutional statement in which the expression expresses the organization and an acknowledgment that violence never had to occur. Maroto has taken advantage of ETA's EFFEMERIDS to clear the "confusion" on the passage that Bildu has given by expressing that he "feels" the pain of the victims and "should not occur".

Íñigo Errejón has broken its silence and on Tuesday, after several days of speculation, has cooled the Alliance that seeks the Second Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, with the aim of reuniting the parties to the left of the PSOE on a platform in which The political formations are "secondary" and dies with greater prominence to civil society. Before the "speculations", the leader of the most country has rejected that he is assessing to adhere to this project and has confirmed that, although he speaks "frequently" with Diaz - who has said good opinion for years - he has not received No offer for the moment.

The leader of Real Madrid Karim Benzema faces as of this Wednesday in the Court of Versailles the trial for the alleged complicity in the blackmail to his former companion in the Mathieu Valbuena team in 2015, in which it can be sentenced to five years in prison and 75,000 euros fine.

After the aggression suffered last Sunday by an agent of the National Police Out of Service on a Zaragoza bus, the police have asked for a citizen collaboration to locate the young man who assaulted him for asking him to raise the mask. The body has asked that if someone sees it, call 061 to report the whereabouts of it, since the aggressor has been identified and is looking for and capturing thanks to a video that has become public from the moment of attack.

Days after the information published by the world about the accounts of RTVE, José Manuel Pérez Torrene has sent a letter to all the employees of the chain to ensure that "nor the capital reduction of the company (which adopted the previous administration) or Debt dragging derived from the VAT litigation (which affects all public radiotelevisions) will constitute any inconvenience for the sustainability of the company ".

The new volcano that began to manifest on the surface on September 19 is the most harmful among historical eruptions occurred on the island of La Palma. Virtually duplicates on the surface that until a month ago was the one that had covered in lava, the Charco in 1712, when it affected 441 hectares, according to the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (Involcan) citing Carmen Romero, professor holder The University of La Laguna.

The pandemic and the toughest sanitary restrictions truncated in 2020 the evolution of Spanish culture, especially the performing arts, movie theaters and concerts, who lost approximately half of their offer and retained only a quarter of their attendees and from Your income These are the main conclusions of the YEARIO SGAE of the Performing Arts, Musical and Audiovisual Arts 2021, presented on Tuesday with a prologue in which the President of his Foundation, Juan José Solana, points out how the figures last year accounted for "a precipice" that broke The tendency to recover the economic crisis towards the maximum peak registered in 2007 and 2008.

Alberto Rodríguez, Deputy of United Can, condemned by the Supreme a month and a half of prison and a special disqualification penalty for attacking against authority having a kick for a policeman, he will be able to stay in his seat of the congress. Thanks to the vote of the PSOE at the Chamber Bureau and the decision of the President Meritxell Batet not to ask for a report about the Electoral Board. A decision to rebel the three opposition parties, PP, citizens and VOX, willing to claim before the JEC and before the Supreme Prosecutor's Office

For more than a decade G.O.O has been a fugitive of justice that has lived in several European cities. The United States authorities are claimed since 2010 when they arrested it in an operation against the exchange of P2P files with pedophile material, since they found mime computer files with images. He now was located and detained in Barcelona by agents of the Civil Guard as he was claimed by the US authorities by OID (International Order of Detention).

The Supreme Court has rejected resources on Tuesday the resources brought by the Popular Party and VOX against the appointment of the former Minister of Justice Dolores Delgado as Attorney General of the State, as legal sources advance to the world. The Fourth Section of the Contentious-Administrative Hall has adopted this decision, appreciating lack of active legitimation of the appellants.

Once medicals exercised in the Principality of Asturias have given positive for Coronavirus after returning to their place of residence after having attended a congress of family doctors held in Palma. An event celebrated ten days ago that it brought together in the Mallorcan capital, 2,500 people, mostly health from all over Spain. Congress, organized by the Spanish Society of Family Medicine and Community, had the outstanding presence of Fernando Simón, the media director of the Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center, a visible face of the Government in the struggle and prevention of Coronavirus.

Six victims of the rapeseed have come this morning to the Prado Museum and have deployed a banner in Room 12, before the table of the Meninas, claiming a meeting with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, when 40 years of approval are celebrated of the Royal Decree to give urgent response to your situation. According to Europe Press informed in sources of the Pinacoteca, the situation is already normalized after the police present at the museum had had to stop at least one of the people who did not want to desist from their action and threatened to self-caller. Another of the protesters has decided to leave with the detainee.

The Ministry of the Interior has confirmed its decision not to grant the asylum to the former Venezuelan intelligence head Hugo the carvajal chicken when recalling that it does not meet the necessary requirements, as required by this newspaper sources of the Ministry. The Asylum and Refuge Office has already been denied in September 2019 for - as well as now - not to meet the conditions of the Law of Law of Asylum. That year the Spanish judges agreed to extraditate him but the former solder was left and remained unknown until September, the police gave with him on a floor of Madrid where he remained hidden.

A group of victims of rapeseed oil has been locked up in the Prado Museum and threaten to "run the Eternal Rest" if the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, does not commit to fix a meeting with them. In a statement released on social networks, the platform remains living announces that they will take pills "to come to rest that you do not offer us".

A scientific study announced on Tuesday by an Australian University revealed that the impact of COVID-19 can be predicted in a patient and their immunological response to infection through the effectiveness or aptitude of pulmonary cells. The study investigated a cellular fitness marker, known as HFWE-LOSE, to identify sub-optimal cells in patients who had been hospitalized or died by Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic, according to EFE from a statement from the Australian University of Queensland that He participated in the study.

The eruption of the Volcano de la Palma "remains strong" and the second wash will reach the sea in a few hours, the spokesman of the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (INVOLCAN), David Calvo has told Efe. When a month of the start of volcanic eruption is met in the Mountainous System of Old Summit, David Calvo has indicated that during the night a lot of lava material has come to the second wash, so it has accelerated its progress, and is A About 30 meters from the cliff, in Tazacorte. He has also pointed out that new evictions of neighbors will surely occur.

Two years without Chupinazo, two years without enclosures and two years without the poor of me. The pandemic of the Coronavirus has taken many things and has also left many others, one of them the Sanfermines. If everything continues as so far in 2022 you will see again the spectacular careers of the waiters and the Pamplona Square to overflow with red scarves and white outfit.

The provincial audience of Cádiz has definitely filed and with "anger" the proceedings against the company of Cazatesoros Odyssey, author of the Frigate Expolio of the Spanish North America of the Mercedes, from which they extracted a treasure valued at 500 million dollars , by the Tardiness of the USA to fill out a Rogeic Commission requested eight years ago.

The key week for the future of relations between Poland and the European Union, for the stability of the short-term Union and for the integrity of the legal system has not begun well. This Thursday and Friday the leaders of the 27 will see the faces in Brussels to talk about migrations, energy, climate change or foreign affairs, but after the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court to question the primacy of Community law on the National, and The Warsaw's order, the debate on the rule begins to be outlined as the key issue of the Summit.

Russia reports on Tuesday of a record number of daily deaths related to Coronavirus in the midst of an increase in COVID-19 cases. The Russian Working Group on the COVID-19 reported 1,015 deaths related to the Coronavirus, the highest figure in a single day from the beginning of the pandemic, as well as 33,740 new infections in the last 24 hours

The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Torres, has secured in RTVE that the Palma volcano is "stabilized", according to the latest data from the experts, but has pointed out that it does not mean that "we are near the end" of the eruption.

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, has assured that "science saves lives and protects people" and stressed that scientists have been demonstrated in La Palma, first predicting the start of the eruption and then facilitating the Key data to make appropriate decisions.

Neymar, who says he will leave the selection after the Qatar World Cup, surprises his lack of motivation and the decline of his performance. Are we before the classic storm in a glass of water, typical of the football world, in which everything is taken from mother? Is the N of the MNM jealous for the protagonism of Messi and Mbappé? Or is there a problem with the Brazilian, whose performance in the PSG is disappointing? For the definitive answers, we will have to wait. At the moment, this is the status of the Neymar case.

He met the most resounding success at age 18 with the Ronaldas and the later journey, when he had to play in slums in front of 20 people where, remember, "A drunkard sent you to shit." Now Mesh coke returns with his compilation 'Giant astronaut'. An interview by Pedro Simón.

The former Secretary of Organization of United Canalberto Rodríguez will continue in his seat of deputy despite having been condemned to a critical penalty of liberty. The Congress table of the deputies will approve this Tuesday that keeps the Act, after the Chamber Chairman, Meritxell Batet, has asked for a report to the Law House Laws and this has been favorable, as the world advanced. But, above all, the decision occurs after Congress has not asked the Electoral Board to make the final decision.

The Volcano Head de Vaca at least had the delicacy of choosing, to erupt, the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane, governed by the psychologist at Nonelia García (49, pp), and she has dedicated himself, during this month, to Embrace and listen to almost one by one to the 7,000 evacuated neighbors. It is not a saying: this newspaper has been found several times, at dawn, sharing nights with her fellowships in the evacuation areas.

Some 200 agents of the Civil Guard develop an operation against drug trafficking in the Malaga localities of Marbella and Estepona, where they have practiced several arrests. In the operative, which has begun at first time of the morning, house records are being made in these municipalities, according to the investigation sources.

The economic recovery has caught with the foot changed to the transport sector. Despite being one of the protagonists of job creation last September, companies are not able to cover vacancies that offer to drive both heavy and international transport vehicles as vans who make other types of services including the Known as last mile distribution.

The Holder of the Court of Instruction Number 5 of Alcalá de Henares has decreed the release for Christopher LC, alias El Toba and known as Pedrast of Valdeaverus accused of the alleged commission of a continued crime sexual abuse to at least11 children of the locality where He lived and in which he ran a greek. The Civil Guard arrested Cristóbal in December 2020 accused of abusing allegedly from more than a dozen minors from 3 to 13 years.

The founding multimillionaire of Alibaba, Jack Ma, who disappeared from Chinese public life last year after criticizing the country's financial control system, is on vacation on the island of Ibiza, has revealed the Hongkonian newspaper The Standard. Ma flew to Spain on a private aircraft at dawn on Saturday accompanied by other "billionaires and business partners", after which he checked in his Zen yacht, valued at 1.6 billion hongkonese dollars (205.69 million dollars), according to information.

The National Health Commission of China today announced the detection of 25 new positives of the Coronavirus Sars-COV-2The last Monday, 9 of them by local contagion in the province of Shaanxi (center, 5), Inner Mongolia (North, 2), Hunan (center, 1) and Ningxia (center, 1),

The National Police investigates a presumed sexual abuse to a six-year-old girl in the Valencian town of Torrent. The incident presumably took place last week in Torrent and, after being denounced the facts, the police are investigating it. At the moment there is no detainee. As the provinces today advances, the facts were recorded near the home of the parents of the minor and the complaint was stated that this could have suffered abuse by a man who approached him on the street and convinced her so that Enter with him in a home.

In recent weeks, some of the most important industrial companies that have factories in Spain have announced cuts in their production that, if they are maintained over time, are going to move to employment. "Of not acting urgently, the work future of workers from strategic industrial sectors is going to be threatened by the announcements of ends of activity, delocalisations of productions outside our country and application of ERTE and ERE, some of which are already They are producing ", alert the UGT Industry Federation. These companies involved in this first wave of production reduction generate some 20,000 jobs, many of which are in danger if the current situation of high energy prices persists.

The seismic activity on the island of La Palma has been slightly reduced from last midnight in relation to past days, with 14 movements registered in the early hours of this Tuesday, according to the data of the National Geographic Institute (IGN). The one with the highest intensity, of 3.9, has taken place in Fuencaliente de la Palma, 37 kilometers deep. Yesterday, Monday and Saturday 16, an earthquake of 4.6 was recorded in Mazo, so far the greatest magnitude of the senses from the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano, which is now a month.

Shlomi Katzin, an amateur diver, found a 900-year-old sword, almost a millennium, at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea while diving this Saturday in front of the Carmelo coast, in northern Israel, the Antiques Authority said Monday of Israel (IAA) in a statement. Although it has embedded marine organisms, the leaf, grip and lining of a meter were enough enough to recognize it after the underwater currents moved the sands that had hidden it.

After a month since the beginning of the eruption of the old summit volcano on the island of La Palma, the surface affected by the lava has already reached 763 hectares and 1,956 destroyed buildings, according to the last report of the Department of National Security (DSN ) Issued at first time of this Tuesday. National Security has also reported that the eruption goes on and the main flow of lava wash runs through the north flank, going down the northern part of the previous cast, following trajectories to the west and northwest, and within the area of Current exclusion

Korea of the Northwalk a ballistic missile from a submarine, the South Korean army reported on Tuesday, in the latest of a series of Pyongyang warlike tests in recent weeks. "Our army detected a unidentified short-range ballistic missile that is presumed is a SLBM triggered by North Korea," said the joint state of South Korea in a statement. SLBM is the acronym in English of Balístico misil released from Submarine.

The leaders of Eh Bildu and Sortu, Arnaldo Otegi and Arkaitz Rodríguez, made a statement on Monday when 10 years of ETA is celebrated in which they now expressed their "pain" by the victims of the terrorist band. A pain that, said, "should never have occurred, nobody can satisfy that it had prolonged both in time." The PNV is Bildu's political rival and valued this statement as "short and insufficient". For the PSOE, left abertzale is a governance partner in Madrid and considered that the words assumed an "an important step, a turning point."

The Government of Ecuador, overwhelmed by citizen insecurity, declared the state of emergency throughout the national territory and shielded the public force (police and military) to exercise actions against crime. Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso, declared on Monday the state of emergency for sixty days before what he considered "serious internal commotion" due to the "increase in criminal activity", especially in provinces where statistics warn of a crime rebound.

Aerocamaras, a company hired by the platform, has designed a system of capture and release network in case of emergency for animals up to 20 kilos that will be used for the rescue of the dogs trapped by the lava of the palm volcano. For four days, three engineers, together with the technical director and R & D research of Aerocartas, designed an innovative system that allows to trap an animal and move it into flight. It had never been proven before because Spain's aerial security laws prohibit the transfer of animals via Dron.

The stars of tennis who are not vaccinated could run out of a visa to play the Australian Open, warned a local authority on Tuesday, which questioned the participation of the current champion, Serbian Novak Djokovic. The head of the government of the Victoria State, Dan Andrews, said he does not expect exceptions to the strict Australian rules against the COVID-19 for the players who play the Grand Slam of January.

Athletic footballer Yannick Carrasco chat with the world before the champions duel against Liverpool. "Going to China was a good experience in the human," he says about the strange parentheses of him in Asia. "The interviews are part of my work," he admits relaxed, with that Andalusian touch inherited from his maternal grandparents. You saw as if at any moment it was going to try a dribble. Just as he did the idol of him: "I liked Ronaldinho a lot."

The Prosecutor's Office left on Monday the passive role he has exercised in the investigation on the arrival in Spain of the Front Leader Polisariobrahim Ghali with a brief and forceful writing in which distance from the criterion of State advocacy. The Public Prosecutor's Office is placed at the opposite end by not being a party to archive the procedure as pursues the representation of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Arancha González Laya, investigated in the case.

The Volcano de la palmasorted at the late afternoon of this Monday by decreasing its explosive activity and in a phase of stability and slowness in which the contribution of lava seemed much lower. However, it was only a few moments because the night entrance recovered the explosiveness again. It was the Involcan himself who published this Monday images of lava castings descending at large volume through the Tacande area. The eruptive process can show episodes of increment and decrease of the stonbolian activity, as well as pulses with freatomagma activity.

The Lobby company that directs José Blanco, Accent Public Affairs, shoots its influence on Moncloa and has become the one that more relevant contacts has in power after the appointments of Peter Sánchez. White, the one who was Minister of Development and Secretary of Organization of the PSOE is the CEO (CEO) of this consultant and already has two people from the confidence of him in the nearest environment of the president of the government. The last to arrive is Antonio Hernando as a new deputy chief of presidency, as Sánchez himself confirmed on Monday to be. Hernando so far general director of accent and co-founder next to white ..

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