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The port of Felixstowe, where 36% of the UK entry and departure containers circulate, is at the limit of its capacity for the lack of delivery truckers. The s

Today's news, October 14 |
 Last hour of today, live

The port of Felixstowe, where 36% of the UK entry and departure containers circulate, is at the limit of its capacity for the lack of delivery truckers. The same problem that caused the tails in the gas stations now threatens to collapse the port of the southeast of England, which has begun to divert boats to other points of docking about the lack of space.

"We had to stop the downloading operations simply because there is no place to leave the containers," the Times' Larks Mikael Jansen, head of the east-west ocean network of Maersk. The freight company has confirmed that at least two boats - with capacity for 20,000 containers - have had to be diverted to other ports in the last week.

Hacienda has published on Thursday the maps that will help determine the reference values of the properties in 2022. Under this initiative it is actually hidden a change that affects the tax base on which the Succession Tax and Donations are calculated, the ITP and the equity tax and that in practice it will result in an increase in payment for taxpayers.

The change affects the value of the buildings that will be taken as a reference to calculate these tributes. So far, the real value of the properties was used for that tasted, but as of January 1, 2022, the reference values published today by the department leads María Jesús Montero will be taken as a guide.

The IFM Australian Fund has not been able to comply with its aspirations at the OPA launched on Naturgy and has only been done with 10.8% of the energy company, a figure below its minimum aspiration of 17%. However, the firm has communicated to the CNMV that renounces the condition of self-imposed acceptance and will enter the capital of the group.

IFM has not been able to sell half of the actions to which he aspired at the beginning of the process, since acceptance has been limited to 47%. Do not reach 17% suppose a blow for the group, since this figure gave two armchairs in the Council and some influence on management

The United States has just authorized for the first time in history the sale of Vapeo Vuse device manufactured by the Tobacco Giant R.J. Reynolds, owned by British American Tobacco.

The argument made by the Medicine Agency (FDA) is that the data provided by the manufacturer showed that its tobacco-flavored products can help smokers to "significantly reduce" consumption of conventional cigarettes, the Main cause of preventable deaths in the country.

The Supreme Court has referred this Thursday at the Table of the Congress of the Deputies, the judgment by which the United Kingdom Deputy, Alberto Rodríguez, for a crime of attack against authority a month and fifteen days of prison is condemned, and the Special disabling by the right of passive suffrage for this same period of time. The prison sentence was replaced by a six euro daily fine for 90 days.

However, to avoid its disqualification, Rodríguez has sent a written to the Congress Bureau in which he asks him to be done at the fulfillment after making the payment of the fine. Rodríguez justifies with this payment of 540 euros compliance with the sentence, despite the fact that the judgment also includes the accessory of disqualification to be elected public charge during sentence time. A point to which they cling together can we consider that Congress, in any case, will disable who was Secretary of Organization of We can for a period of a month and a half since its resolution.

José Ángel Pranda, one of the five members of the Herd that in July 2016 violated a young woman in Pamplona, has asked for forgiveness to his victim. It is evident that it is a "pretended" forgiveness, they say from jail port III, and that the manuscript letter that he used to ask for clemency would have been dictated by him. But "it's a step forward," they say who treat it.

Last year he asked the Social Services of the Criminal who was subject to the same home as his girlfriend. It was the previous step to become a partner. Asponder is not the only one that maintains relationships with women from abroad. Another of the five condemned, the Civil Guard Antonio Manuel Guerrero, already expelled from the body, was the father of him being between bars with his lifelong girlfriend.

The IFM Australian Fund has not been able to comply with its aspirations at the OPA launched on Naturgy and has only been done with 10.8% of the energy company, a figure below its minimum aspiration of 17%. However, the firm has communicated to the CNMV that renounces the condition of self-imposed acceptance and will enter the capital of the group.

Citizens has qualified "Unfortunate" agreement. His spokeswoman in Congress, Edmundo Bal, has expressed the indignation of the group of him before what they consider a "new distribution of armchairs between the PP and the PSOE".

Bal has accused both the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the opposition leader, Pablo Married, "lying" and mounting a "teatbreaker of confrontation" when they actually reach immediate agreements when what it is about is being distributed The armchairs "as if they were chromos".

Euphoria on the eve of the celebration of the Planeta Award: The Director General of the Editorial Group, José Creuheras, has announced that the best-endowed prize of the Spanish letters considerably increases its amount and will pass from the 600,000 euros to one million in this edition. The finalist goes from 150,000 euros to 200,000 euros. In this way, the award surpasses the Nobel of Literature, which gives its winner 990,000 euros and thus becomes the best endowed in the world.

At least six people have died and 60 have been injured as a result of street shocks starring by followers of the Chii Party Hizbollah and a right-wing Christian group. The bullets began to fly in all directions after the Civil Court of Cassation confirmed the continuity of Judge Tarek Bitar as an instructor of the cause of the Great Explosion of Beirut.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has claimed today in the Monastery of Yuste (Cáceres) - where he has received from the hands of the King of Spain, Felipe VI, the European Prize Carlos V- "more sovereignty and independence for Europe" before the geostrategic changes that is They are producing in the world order "with the ascent, from the political, economic and military point of view of China." Hence, she has claimed "a sovereign, innovative and capable of acting to enforce our values in the world."

On the occasion of the premiere this Friday of the good pattern, Javier Bardem returns to the orders of Fernando León de Aranoa. In the film, the actor plays the white Lord, owner of white scales, a sympathetic entrepreneur but immoderic. The film, chosen by the Academy as a candidate for the Oscar, arrives at the billboard 20 years after Mondays in the Sun, where Fernando León placed Bardem just on the other side (gave life to a worker unemployed). Read here the interview that Luis Martínez to Bardem does.

Commissioner José Manuel Villarejose sat yesterday for the first time on the bench of the defendants of the national audience by the so-called Tandem Case, the Macrocausa where the orders were investigated that the police received from various clients to spy on and discredit their main adversaries.

The oral view began with the phase of previous issues of the pieces Iron, Land and Painter; nor by far the most outrageous works that are attributed to Villarejo. Nor the espiones performed for the IBEX 35, nor the dirty war against the former People of the Popular Party, Luis Bárcenas, nor the insixts of the robbery of the mobile of the former adviser of Pablo Iglesias, Dina Bousselham, have been still prosecuted on the street Genoa de Madrid.

The CNI could only decipher 49% of the 40 terabytes of apprehended recordings and the National Cybersecurity Institute achieved 3%.

Luis Alemany, journalist of the world, explains that the 30th anniversary of the Cervantes Institute ends with a book, a good phrase and a data battery that, although they are the continuity of statistics already known, still impress. First, the phrase and book: "Spain is Spanish, it is Spanish and some other things, but Spanish is the great cause of Spanish society," said Economics Professor José Luis García Delgado in a colloquium with the Scientist of the CSIC Elea Giménez Toledo celebrated to present Spanish in the world. Yearbook of the Cervantes Institute 2021.

According to the Cervantes, Spanish is the native language of 493 million people; Only Mandarin Chinese has more. If those non-native speakers are added to the account but who have some linguistic competence, the figure rises to 591 million people. English and Chinese are ahead.

Suicides of children in Japan are the highest that have occurred in more than four decades, according to Reuters of the local media that cite the Ministry of Education of the country.

When the Covid-19 pandemic caused the closure of schools and the interruption of the classes last year, 415 children between the primary school and the secondary school were recorded, according to the Survey of the Ministry of Education.

After suspending Italian justice its extradition, Carles Puigdemont wants to carry up to the last consequences the pulse that has been raising four years to the State. The prófugo rejects the granting of an anticipated pardon and requires ERC that it does not raise the negotiating table with the government's personal situation. Thus, he has said in an article published in the Punt Avui: "I can assume perfectly from exile a true process of negotiation with the Spanish State without preconditions".

The Leader of VOX, Santiago Abascal, has launched to criticize the agreement between PP and PSOE to renew the Court of Auditors, the Constitutional Court and the Ombudsman. And he has focused the first criticisms of him in the formation of Pablo Married.

"Give oxygen to a government that trampled the Constitution, and who has agreed with all the enemies of Spain, is exactly the opposite of having a sense of state," he said on his Twitter account.

The reporter of El Mundo Pedro Simón tells the story of Khatisa Ajahiou Zinooun, who for a baccalaureate, was on a road, at night, between types that were clicked drugs. He prepared the Evau in an icy house. It is already 377 days without electricity supply in the Madrid Chabolist village. "Here, young people do not have the turkey age," says Khatisa.

The Court of Auditors has decided to reject the polemic Aval of the Generalitat to the independence accused of embezzlement for the external action of Catalonia, as confirmed from sources from the organism to this newspaper.

The delegate Instructor Esperanza García has decided that he can not accept that the Generalitat Catalan covers the bonds of accused of malversing funds precisely from the coffers of Catalonia.

The Supreme Court has submitted on Thursday at the Congress Board and the Central Electoral Board (JEC) the sentence for which the United States, Alberto Rodríguez is condemned, for a crime of attack against authority a month and fifteen days in prison, and special disqualification by the right of passive suffrage for this same period of time. The prison sentence was replaced by a six euro daily fine for 90 days.

To avoid its disqualification, Rodríguez has sent a written to the Congress Bureau in which he asks him to be given at the fulfillment after making the payment of the fine and not having, therefore, to leave his seat.

Agents of the National Police have arrested an important entrepreneur in the textile sector in Cocentaina (Alicante) accused of a crime against workers' rights: they made 12-hour days for 400 euros and carried out their work in very precarious conditions.

According to Headquarters in a statement, the employer was being investigated for a few months following a very specific information captured by the agents of the local police station of the National Police.

Express agreement, even faster than expected. After the conversations held between the Secretary General of the PP, Teodoro García Aegea, and the Minister of Presidency, Relations with Democratic Courts and Memory, Felix Bolaños, this morning, the Popular Party and Socialist Party have reached an agreement that will allow renewal of the Constitutional Court, the Court of Auditors, the Ombudsman and the Data Protection Agency.

The social bonus of the electrical is discriminatory as it is being applied and contrary to European legislation, but the lack of time limit and the absence of countervailing measures that characterize it is adjusted to Law. This this has been estimated at this Thursday, the Court of Justice of the EU by responding to a series of questions referred for preliments sent by the Spanish Supreme Court.

In December 2014, E.on Spain (currently viesgo energy infrastructures) filed with the high court a resource against the Royal Decree of the Government that fixes the percentages of distribution of the financial amounts of the social bonus, which is the compensatory discount that can be Access the most vulnerable homes, for social or economic issues, on the receipt of light.

The government has decentralized the history curriculum of ESO. For the first time, the Ministry of Education details the main historical facts that students of between 12 and 16 years should study throughout Spain. Both in the Logse and the PSOE LEE and the LOMCE of the PP, the Royal Decrees of Minimum Teachings had always listed specific knowledge of compulsory learning throughout the State: from prehistoric societies to this day, passing through Rome and Greece , Egypt, Al Andalus, the Middle Ages, the conquest of America, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the Civil War, the Transition ...

The President of the Community of Madrid explodes against the PSOE after the general budgets of the State prepared by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez include a reduction of 100 million euros in the item that the region will receive in 2022. "We have passed from the slogan of The independence of 'Spain robs us', which was a farce, to steal to Madrid, "said Isabel Díaz Ayuso during his speech on Thursday at the plenary session of the Vallecas Assembly.

A man armed with a bow and arrows sowed yesterday panic in Kongsberg city (to Oslo's surtest). Five people have died and two are injured in an attack that has shocked Norwegian public opinion and leaves many open questions, including the identity of the aggressor and the motivations of it. The aggressor is a 37-year-old Danish citizen who had become Islam. There are five dead - four women and a man, all aged between 50 and 70 years old- and two wounded.

Brian Goldner, CEO of the Hasbro toy manufacturer, died last Tuesday at 58, according to the company itself, only two days after being given temporary sick leave.

Married and father of a daughter, last year revealed that in 2014 a prostate cancer was diagnosed that was being treated since then. Only one year after starting his fight against cancer, Goldner lost Brandon's son for overdose.

An investigation from Edith Cowan University (ECU), in Australia, has shown that exercise can be a key weapon in the battle of cancer patients against the disease, as the researchers publish in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. .

Exercise makes the muscles segregate proteins called myoquinos, and researchers at the Medical Research Institute for the ECU exercise have discovered that these myocinies can suppress the growth of tumors and even help to actively fight cancer cells .

Irene Montero has filed for the Ministry of Equality to two Advisors who, according to the Code of Ethics, should be disabled to occupy any public office for being involved in alleged crimes of corruption. Carlos Sánchez Mato and Celia Mayer are prosecuted for embezzlement and prevarication after a Madrid court has sent them to the bench in the investigation of the Open tennis case.

Eduardo Suárez, seismologist at the National Geographic Institute, analyzes the earthquakes of La Palma to try to anticipate the behavior of the volcano. "It is exciting, even if you do not stop thinking about the people who are suffering from this," he says. The Magma with whom he dialogue, whom he observes between Bambalines and responds to each ratito -ayer, to 4.4 on the Richter scale, higher than at any time of this cow's head eruption - exists from millions of millions of Years, and another that remains ahead.

Quico Asso and Carolos García Pozo, world journalists displaced to La Palma, tell the story of this young astrophysician.

The 20-year-old universityman who wrote down the Faculty of Science and Technology had bought the shotgun hours before on the Milanuncios page, as explained by the Josu Erkoreka Security Counselor. Natural de Andoain (Guipúzcoa) But domiciled in Bilbao where he lived with other students, the young man legalized the weapon at the Barra de la Civil Guard of Bilbao of La Barrio Salve yesterday morning and first time in the afternoon. of shot on Mount Artxanda.

The university student entered his faculty carrying a firearm and fired inside the building located on the campus of the University of the Basque Country (UPV) in Leioa (Bizkaia).

The Irish Protocol consists of a series of customs or phytosanitary controls, regulatory requirements and inspections to goods that have been launched between Northern Ireland and Ireland to avoid hard-boundaries after brexit consummation. By leaving the UK, the EU, Northern Ireland should have been fully outside the EU or the single market, but to preserve peace and not generate a problem, a mechanism was sought.

The initial idea, agreed with Theresa May - Socuenta Pablo R. Suanzes, correspondent from the world in Brussels-was the so-called backstop, a guarantee that if things got ugly after separation, every United Kingdom would end up more or less low European umbrella, rules or jurisdiction of the Community Court of Justice. Boris Johnson rejected that option and preferred to put Northern Ireland in a unique situation, which is generating problems.

A pad was the gateway to Spain of the Algerian Man that the National Police places at the front of the Yihadist cell settled in Barcelona who prepared an imminent attack. The group leader - known as Sheikh (Sheikh) - arrived in Cayuco at the Andalusian coasts at the end of last March and from there he moved to Catalonia, according to sources of research, and chose Barcelona as a base of operations.

The port of Felixstowe, where 36% of the UK entry and departure containers circulate, is at the limit of its capacity for the lack of delivery truckers. The same problem that caused the tails in the gas stations now threatens to collapse the port of the southeast of England, which has begun to divert boats to other points of docking about the lack of space.

The pouring of the Old Summit advances to the northwest and has forced the preventive evacuation in new areas of La Laguna, in the municipality of Los Llanos. The technical director of the pebolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has reported that "very slowly" is advancing and now it is "losing bellows" in relation to the laundry that is located slightly further south. This is moving at more speed (about 50 meters per hour) and is accumulating the maximum energy and thrust from the emitter center.

The third Vice President of the Government, Teresa Ribera, will bring forward the controversial decree of urgent measures to alleviate the rise in light with the argument that it responds to the general interest, prevents the deterioration of domestic economies and protects economic growth. In addition, and although she recognizes that the measures adopted so far have been surpassed, she promises additional measures to stop the scaling of prices reducing the "charges" by 97% and clarifying the temporality of the "hack" to the benefits of electricity.

There are 102 parking spaces located in the city of Madrid and in the municipality of Aranjuez, they have come to auction and will be awarded to the highest bidder. The party price that has been set to each of them moves in a fork between 7,700 and 17,500 euros -more 21% VAT- depending on the type, location and surface.

The bid is organized by the Social Housing Agency (AVS), which depends on the regional government, and that with this initiative it wants to facilitate access to garages at a cost "less than the market" at the same time as "the real estate asset Public in disuse ". Those interested can present their offers until December 22 and in mid-January they will know if the new owners are or not.

After reducing the maximum limit to only 1,500 euros, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, points out that the "Global Feel" is further decreasing that figure and emphasizes that they are "regressive". Thus, Montero left in the air yesterday the future of private pension plans. She did not pointed out that she would disappear but, despite having a great opportunity for it, she did not assure her the future either. What is a certainty is that in the budgets of 2022, and in a totally unexpected way, they have been reduced from 2,000 euros at 1,500 the maximum limit of contributions.

A study in which the Institute of Environmental Diagnosis and Studies of Water (IDAA), the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) and the University Hospital are Espaseas de Mallorca has revealed that the air of the hallways of the centers Hospitables can have a higher concentration of coronavirus than the rooms of the infected people.

The results of the study, published in the Environmental Research magazine, could serve to review the ventilation systems of hospitals, improve the quality of its air and prevent health personnel infection.

The Municipal Police said last Saturday of a 21-year-old Chinese nationality, accused of enclosing his girlfriend of 19 for three days, as well as torturing her on the floor where he lived in Juan Antón Street, located the Madrid district of Latina .

The woman was served by the doctors of Samur and transferred to a hospital with reserved prognostic wounds. She had bruises and bruises for her body, and strands of hair that her couple had ripped him as punishment. She told the police that she had been three long days without being able to leave the house under threats from her couple. She could not explain the reason for her imprisonment, although she did she relate that she had been beaten for hours.

The day after Pedro Sánchez did not exchange any dialogue with Paul married in the acts of the National Festival, the leader of the opposition handed him to unlock the renewal of the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman and the Court of Auditors. The executive collected the glove with optimism, beginning the negotiations yesterday afternoon.

The lower house votes the Royal Decree-Law to fulfill the commitment acquired by the President of the Government and maintain the final invoice of consumer electricity this 2021 at the same level as in 2018. Follow it here live.

As they have announced on the Twitter account of the European satellite Copernicus, according to their latest images taken, the surface wasted by lava on the island of La Palma amounts to 680.4 hectares. In the last 24 hours it has increased by 24.4.

In addition, Copernicus has detected that the number of destroyed buildings is already 1,548 after adding 90 on the last day.

Date Of Update: 14 October 2021, 21:50

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