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The deputy of the British Conservative Party David Amess, 69, has died after being stabbed several times in a church of the town of Leigh-on-Swea, east of Londo

Today's news, October 15 |
 Last hour of today, live

The deputy of the British Conservative Party David Amess, 69, has died after being stabbed several times in a church of the town of Leigh-on-Swea, east of London. The Essex police confirmed at three in the afternoon death by "multiple wounds" of the deputy, who was assisted by paramedics at the place of events for almost an hour, according to the Daily Mail. The police stopped the author, whose identity has not been revealed. The police anti-terrorist unit has taken over the investigation, although at the moment it has not transcended information on a possible political or terrorist mobile.

The attack occurred in the Belphairs Methodist Church, during a local political act of veteran deputy by Essex, elected for the first time for Parliament in 1983 and outstanding Eurolesceptic, known for support for the 'Leave Means Leave' campaign during the referendum of the EU.

The PSOE celebrates its Federal Congress this weekend, an appointment from which the match road map will come out for the next electoral cycle. A forum where the socialists want to exhibit "unity" and that has begun with a family photo of Pedro Sánchez with the socialist ministers and the PSOE territorial leaders. A congress of "Unity and Social Democracy", has expressed the president of the government and secretary generates socialists, after the photo of family. One of the focuses of the appointment will be to know the new composition of the executive, where Sánchez plans to take some ministers entry.

The socialist leader will remode the core of power, by half reducing the size of the current executive - consisted of 49 members - and giving entry to moderate profiles. The sense of what Sánchez wants has been reflected with the continuity of Cristina Narbonne as President of the PSOE.

The Spanish tennis player Paula Badado was classified on Thursday for the Indian Wells semifinals after beating the German Angelique Kerber for 6-4 and 7-5 in an hour and 26 minutes. The Spanish will be measured in semifinals to Tunisian Ons Jabeur.

Badoa is the first tennis player in Spain to arrive at the semifinals of the known as "Fifth Grand Slam" from Conchita Martínez in 2003.

"I'm very excited, it's my second semifinal of a 1000 master's degree. The first was in Madrid (2021), which was a very special place, but here I am gaining very good games," he said. "Madrid could have been, to be in quotation marks, a coincidence, but now no longer and I'm happy to have shown that," she added.

The coordinator of the Geological Response Unit against Emergencies of the IGME ensures that they are learning day by day over the volcano, which continues with great activity: "In mid-November we could still do the same".

The geologist emphasizes an aspect that is very important for him, and that he is not standing out in this volcanic crisis, and that of the palm "is the youngest volcano in the world. A volcano has been born and we have seen it born, underlines . Ensures that you are learning aspect aspects on how you behave, "because one thing is what the books tell you and another thing is to see it live, day by day, and how you alternate your effusive and explosive phases."

The Popular Party grows 1.6% points at the last Barometer of the CIS, corresponding to the month of October, which gives it an intention of vote of 22.1%. With these data, shortens a distance

The Popular Party grows 1.6% points at the last Barometer of the CIS, corresponding to the month of October, which gives it an intention of vote of 22.1%. With these data, it shortens a distance of almost three points (2,7) with respect to the PSOE, which the survey gives 28.5% of support, and takes 0.6 points of advantage to VOX, which falls to 13, 2%.

Some data that, as in previous occasions, are still contrary to the average of surveys - the last panel of the world-Sigma two estimated that the PSOE would fall below 25% after not stopping its wear - correspond to the first barometer performed by The Center for Sociological Studies since October 8, its director, José Félix Tezanos, as a result of a complainment for an alleged crime of malfueling.

A 69-year-old British deputy from the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson was stabbed several times as he met with his voters in a church. David Amess, which represents Southend West in Essex, east of England, was stabbed by a man who entered the meeting at a Methodist Church.

The police said a man was arrested after a stabbing. Amess's office confirmed that he had been stabbed, but did not give more details. "He is still in the church and they do not let us go see him. He seems very serious," said Conservative Councilman John Lamb to the Basildon Echo newspaper.

The triple cost crisis (rise in raw materials, energy and transportation) has already stressed the basket of purchase, last link of the supply chain. In the prices of some products, this increase is noticed and that extends seems inevitable, even though manufacturers and distributors try to adjust margins so that the consumer does not appreciate it, especially at the doors of the Christmas campaign, key in spending .

"There is increasing tension because this rise in raw materials is transferred to the final price and this uncertainty is already perceived in households," explains Bernardo Knee, Director of Commerce at the consultancy Kantar Worldpanel, who presented yesterday on evolution of great consumption in Spain.

The president of the Rioja Government, Concha Andreu, has asked for forgiveness after noticing, by the publication in networks, that he was going from escorts in a car 156 kilometers hour when he was heading to Valencia to the National PSOE Congress.

The photo was withdrawn after the controversy is on social networks by excess speed for, minutes after, upload a photograph of similar composition but with the speedometer of tourism trimmed with the image.

A 25-year-old man has suffered the semi-cloth of a hand while stuck in a machine while working in a meat industry in the Madrid municipality of San Agustín de Guadalix.

This has been reported this night Emergencias 112 of the Community of Madrid through its Twitter account in which he adds that the worker was released after a "complicated rescue" by firefighters from the Community of Madrid.

The National Police will deploy 300 agents at the center of the capital before the call tomorrow Saturday afternoon of a manifestation of the CGT to which groups of the ultra-relief as the anti-pressure movement of Madrid are going. The march of this group last March in support of the rapper Pablo Hedél ended last March with serious disturbances at the center of the capital.

Sources of the Government Delegation have indicated that the demonstration has been driven by the CGT union of the Southern Zone of Madrid, which has given a forecast of participation of a thousand people to protest "by the increase of repressive measures and laws in the State ".

The act will start at 7:00 pm from Carlos V Square, climbing at Atocha Street to Jacinto Benavente Square to end at the Puerta del Sol, where the organizers will read a statement.

The 40 deputations -including the forms-, the three island councils and the seven island councils suppose an expense, only in public salaries, of more than 1,100 million euros per year. It is the result of adding the perceptions of the presidents, deputies, counselors and officials of these agencies, which in many cases have a very relevant and tangible role, as can be in the case of Canarian councils, but in many other cases, As in the provincial deputations, it is not much like that.

In addition, these intermediate areas of the administration are the highest spending accumulate. And on many occasions, the need for its existence has been very questioned given that the Autonomous Communities and the City Councils already exist, who could assume the tasks of the provincial deputations.

Inditex will charge for its bags in Spain as of Monday, a measure that is already implemented in Germany and that will be progressively extended to the rest of the countries in which it is present.

Specifically, the company founded by Amancio Ortega will launch this measure in all its chains in Spain with the collection of 10 cents per bag and 20 cents on, with the exception of the large bags of Lefties, which will cost 15 cents, and the of Massimo Dutti, with a price of 35 cents.

The draft of the new curriculum of that is "more ambiguous", "more abstract" and "more generalist" than the previous PSOE and PP. The teachers consulted maintain that "details less content".

From the centers they say that in mathematics, the logarithms are no longer mentioned, for example, nor is it urged the management of radical expressions, while in the Spanish language and literature, the scope of literary history is reduced by recking the reading with perspective of gender.

The state curriculum establishes the minimums that all students must learn mandatory throughout Spain. That do not appear certain content does not mean that they are not going to be taught in the classroom, because the text still has to be completed by the CCAA, by the centers and by the teachers, but it will remain, yes, to the Albur of what they decide each one of them

The popular YouTuber El Rubius, who moved his residence to Andorra last January to save money on taxes, has burned the networks with his latest declarations about tourism in Andorra.

Rubius has criticized that there are parents who carry their children visiting the houses of YouTubers who live in the Principality: "How do you have the audacity to take your child to visit YouTuber houses that have not even invited you? What world is that an acceptable education? ", He says outraged in one of his videos

Hacienda yesterday published the maps that will help determine the reference values of the real estate in 2022. Under this initiative it is actually hidden a change that affects the tax base on which some taxes related to buildings are calculated and that, in the Practice, it will result in an increase in payment for taxpayers.

They have only needed 24 hours to renew the outstanding constitutional organs, except the CGPJ. The PSOE is surprised by the prompt of some popular who play their cards.

Why have they taken so little time to unlock the appointments? What is the compact wildcard? What does PP look for? Do you lose Sánchez strength to renew the judiciary? Who is Felix Bolaños? This is how Raúl Piña, policy editor, Angela Martialay, head of courts, and Marisa Cruz, political correspondent of the world.

The Civil Guard resumes the search for Sergeant Mario Quirós Ruiz, 22 years old, destined in the engineer regiment number 8 of Melilla, in the Grade Reservoir, in Huesca, after which at the late afternoon of this Thursday concluded The third day without any result.

The Panel of Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Civil Guard seeks since Tuesday in the aforementioned reservoir, the Natural de Malaga, who carried out a diving practice at this location, reports Europa Press. Quirós is intended in the engineer regiment number 8 of the Military General Command of Melilla.

The disappearance occurred during the realization of a scheduled practice of the diving course as an assault diver. Family members have been informed and the General Command has become available.

The number of suicides between minors has reached a new record in Japan. Last year, in full pandemic, 415 minors between 6 and 18 years old were taken away, which is 31% more than in 2019, when 317 cases of this type were recorded.

It is the highest suicide data since 1974, the year in which the Government began collecting this information. They are children who failed to overcome the physical and emotional loneliness generated by the pandemic in 2020.

The growth of suicides was concentrated especially in the past month of June and, something later, as of August, when the little ones returned to the classrooms after summer vacations.

The French Socialist Party gave this Thursday its unanimous support to Mayor Parisian, Anne Hidalgo, to be his candidate in the April 2022 presidential elections, in which the polls a few possibilities of Victoria are a few possibilities.

The 208 sponsors received, compared to the 34 of his only opponent, the supply of agriculture and current Header of Le Mans, Stéphane Le Foll, anticipated that there was no surprises in the open vote at 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The provisional figures of this scrutiny reserved for militants were clear: with a 90% count, Hidalgo took "more than 72%" of the votes, the first Secretary of Training, Olivier Faure.

The Internal Affairs Unit of the Mossos d'Esquadra has arrested four agents, one of them in leave, as alleged authors of the crimes of bribery, arbitrary realization of the right, which is commonly known as justice by its Hand ', robbery with strength and revelation of secrets.

The cause, which is under the secret of the actions, is investigated by the Ruby number 1 Instruction Court that this Friday will receive suspects to take them. Declaration of agents were arrested on Thursday in Barcelona, Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda and Montcada I Reixac.

The former president of the United States Bill Clinton (1993-2001) is admitted since Tuesday at a Hospital in California because of an infection, his spokeswoman revealed this Thursday.

"He is improving, in a good mood, and very grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff who are taking care of him excellently," the spokesman, Angel Ureña said in a statement.

For its part, the medical team that is dealing with Clinton at the California University Medical Center in Irvine secured in another statement also disseminated by Ureña who hopes to promote the Former Speaker.

The young student of Biology who on Wednesday shot his Faculty in Vizcaya had thoroughly prepared his particular revenge against the University of the Basque Country (UPV). The universityman achieved the weapons license before the classes were resumed, he located a shotgun in an Internet portal and formalized the acquisition of the weapon before the Civil Guard.

It is a sliding shotgun or pumping that belonged to an ertzain, alien to use that only hours after the university student. With that weapon that Ertzaintza also uses as a police station began to shoot at the Leioa campus to crystals, walls and a car.

An error in the Aval Decree of the Generalitat of Improvised Catalonia on July 6 has facilitated the rejection of the Court of Auditors and the beginning of the preventive embargo procedure against 28 independence leaders accused of embezzlement in external action.

The error, according to sources of the Court of Auditors to the world, is a reference to the Supreme Court that invalidates that the guarantees of the Generalitat to those convicted of the Procedes - concluded through the Català Institut of Finances - can cover them.

The main commissioner of the Municipal Police of Madrid, José Luis Morcillo, has warned parents of minors who find early hours drinking alcohol in public roads that could face economic responsibilities of fines or even legal Like the loss of the guardianship or parental authority of their children.

This has indicated it in an interview with Telemadrid, collected by Europe Press, in which Morcillo has explained that the guardian agents are working on the problem of the bottles and are detecting minors and that many parents call them worried about the type of responsibility that You can assume in case you intercept one of your children there.

Alitalia turns off her engines after 74 random flight years to leave the track free to a young startup, Ita, born of its ashes, in an air market that struggles to recover from the turbulence of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The first flight of Italy Transport Aereo should take off on Friday at 6:20 pm (0420 GMT) of Milan-Linate destined to Bari, in the south of the country, seven hours after the last landing of Alitalia the day before in Rome, from Cagliari.

Born on May 5, 1947, Alitalia symbolized the economic success of Italy after the Second World War, becoming the seventh airline of the world in the 70s, before entering a long decline, which has aggravated in recent years .

On the verge of bankruptcy, Alitalia was placed under public administration in 2017, but its situation has deteriorated even lower the impact of the COVID-19 crisis that has left on land the world airlines.

In 2020, Alitalia lost 2 million euros per day, transporting only 6.3 million passengers, while Ryanair transported 52.1 million and Air France-Klm 34 million. The last landing of Alitalia

The US real estate magnate Robert Durst has been sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of probation in a court of Los Angeles on Thursday for the murder of his best friend.

Durst, an American billionaire who was the explosive documentary of HBO The Jinx, always denied having shot Susan Berman in the back of the head in the year 2000 at his house in Beverly Hills to prevent him from being before the police for the Disappearance of his wife. But a jury pleaded guilty in September, after more than a year of trial interrupted by the pandemic.

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