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The Netflix leaders are prepared for a protest of employees and a demonstration in Los Angeles on Wednesday, provoked by a recent comedy special that activists

Today's news, October 20 |
 Last hour of today, live

The Netflix leaders are prepared for a protest of employees and a demonstration in Los Angeles on Wednesday, provoked by a recent comedy special that activists consider that it hurts the transgender community. The Streaming platform has been involved in an intense and public controversy by The Closer, the special of the American comedian Dave Chappelle, in which it says that "gender is a fact" and accuses the LGBTQ community to be "very sensitive" .

More than a thousand years ago a group of Viking settlers coming from northern Europe reached the coasts of the island of Newfoundland, in a place called today L'Anse aux Meadows. There, the remains of a Nordic town suppose the first test of the European presence in America, 500 years before the Spanish caravels crossed the Atlantic. Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the settlement could correspond to the legendary country of Vinland, founded by Explorer Leif Erikson at the end of the first millennium of our era. Now, a new dating by radiocarbon confirms the presence of objects belonging to the Vikings in the year 1021. The study, published this week in the journal Nature, analyzes wood remains used by the ancient inhabitants of L'Anse Aux Meadows.

"I want justice for him, if a person makes a mistake he has to pay for that mistake, you can not teach the youth that you can drive drunk, without insurance, omit the help, give you later and that you leave Impune. Everything is so incredible". This is how Mónica is expressed, the mother of a 19-year-old girl who died on October 11 after a drunk driver will overcorate him when he returned from work towards his house in the core of Empuriabrava de Castelló d'Empúries (Girona) . It is a case that to the pain of the family by the death of the boy is added the police and judicial aftermarks that have led the parents' lawyers to claim in the Courts of Figueres the detention of the suspect as well as that measures are adopted. Against him as a removal of permission of circulation or even the prison.

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), under the Ministry of Health, has registered so far 46,573 notifications of adverse events to vaccines against the Coronavirus, among the more than 70 million doses administered. The most frequently notified events are general disorders (fever and discomfort), nervous system (headache and dizziness) and musculoskeletal system (myalgia and arthralgia). These 46,573 notifications of adverse events correspond to 66 notifications for every 100,000 doses administered

The Christian Lawyers Association has asked the Court of the Contentious-Administrative Number 1 of Castellón to execute the Auto dictated by this body in which the reiterated 32 LGTBI-themed books was remembered distributed by twelve institutes of Castellón after seeing the answer " Of local and autonomous politicians "before this judicial decision. Last Friday, the court dictated that measure "cautious" after the complaint of the Christian Association based on the "urgency", since the books are already found in the schools spread over the Council of Equality of the City Council of the Flat.

Scientists trust that the group of casting of the Palma Volcano who crosses the neighborhood of La Laguna, one of the Azeas is "powerful" and has quickly reached the gas station, continues its advance towards the south of the mountain of the place, Well, if it was going to the north, there would be "an undesirable scene" of damage. This has been commented this afternoon Miguel Ángel Morcuende, the technical director of the pevolca, who has insisted that the two castings that are most commonly concerned are eight and ten. And, if they "spill" north of the mountain, a new "transport" of the lava load will be created and could devast new buildings and many crops along the coast road,

After several days of upward trend, the Bitcoin has ended up again overcome its price record when it is 64,405 dollars and later in the $ 66,000 environment. The launch of an ETF of Futures of the Asset - but not of the cryptomoned itself, which will not quote - had been helping the currency for several days to return to levels that did not reach six months.

The castings of the Volcano de la Palma that from yesterday circulated towards the center of La Laguna have not finally diverted from their trajectory and have already reached the neighborhood, according to the technical director of the pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, who has explained that these two castings have "enough heat contribution". Morcende has indicated that one of the castings, known as La Colate 8 by the UME, is the one that destroyed the SPAR supermarket of the lagoon and just 15 minutes ago has reached the gas station in the neighborhood, while the other, called cast 10, Direct to the College of La Laguna.

The way to address evictions in Catalonia will not change, at least while the moratorium approved by the government during the pandemic is valid. In an agreement, the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) resigned to update this protocol signed by various administrations in 2013 that guaranteed assistance to families and vulnerable people who were forced to leave their homes after a judicial process. Shortly after reaching the presidency of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès announced that he would commission the Wildlife and Interior a new protocol before the eviction, which involved the administration of justice, after several cases of police charges against activists who tried to prevent evictions , as denounced the Cup and the 'Common'.

The psychologist Daniel Goleman jumped to fame 25 years ago by popularing the idea of emotional intelligence, more valid than ever. "The more you strengthen the neuronal connections, as if they were a muscle, you better control stress," says the former editor of The New York Times, who participates in the Enlighted Congress, in this interview with the world.

The two portable desaltoes installed in Puerto Naos to guarantee the irrigation of the plantations affected by the volcanic eruption in La Palma will be able to begin this Saturday to inject water to the network if the tests that start this Wednesday "go well". This has been announced to EFE the Ecological Transition Counselor of the Canary Government, José Antonio Valbuena, who has remembered that both desaltoes arrived on the island two weeks ago.

During the two years that the protonten officer of Madrid leads open, Catalan healing has derived patients susceptible to this therapy to Germany, Switzerland, Italy or France. Today will be the first evaluation consultation of a patient derived to the capital, to the center of Quironstalud, as the world has known. Until now, the rest suffered the destiny of Matilda. This four-year-old girl has to spend little more than a month in Zurich to eliminate a tumor in her brain. From there, accompanied only by her parents, she travels every day 35 kilometers to the Paul Scherre Institute to receive one of the 30 sessions that make up her therapy.

The Minister of Education, Pilar Joy, does not want "Steps ago" in the struggle of the academic community against the pandemic of Coronavirus despite the good evolution of epidemiological data, so he has appealed to prudence "with the same measures "Preventive that until now. "We can not take steps back in measures that have worked well and have been agreed with the Autonomous Communities," said the minister to journalists, on Wednesday in Valladolid, before closing the FP Talks Day organized by the Board of Castilla y León. Toanate the future of dual vocational training.

Gabby Petito told the world its marriage commitment just a year before the trip that would end up paying for life. Already then, with only 21 years old, she had a legion of followers on Instagram, more than a million. She opted for a photo of her first date, dressed in a blue sweatshirt, smile of fullness and a piece of sushi between chopsticks, very stuck to the boy from which she was in love with her institute days, Brian Laundrie. They chose the anniversary of that announcement to undertake a four-month trip: national parks, a rosary of states, the far west. They lived free down the road, slept in a van transformed into housing and were happy until they stopped being it. They fought and only one returned home.

The Government of the United States today announced its plan to distribute vaccines against coronavirus to children between five and 11 years old as the competent authorities authorize it. The objective of the US government is that the immunization of minors is more efficient than that of adults, whose beginning ten months ago was marked by the shortage of doses that caused many to have to wait to vaccinate. In this regard, the White House explained in a statement that has already ensured sufficient doses for the 28 million children between five and 11 years old who can receive them.

Unharmed 30 years ago is already in jail after trying to flee on foot with a suitcase that contained almost 20 kilos of ahhish in 193 tablets and who transported in the trunk of a car, who tried to make the escape in a control of the civil guard But he hit a curb of the AP-7 motorway. According to sources of the Provincial Command of Castellón, agents of the citizen security unit of the Command of the Civil Guard of Castellón (USCIC) were doing a routine control and gave the halt to a vehicle occupied by a man.

The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has emphasized on Wednesday at a press conference held after the Meeting of the Pevolca Steering Committee, which can fight against the Covid or fight against the volcano with air and land media, but "I do not know You can do anything to prevent the lava from coming where it will finally come. " Thus, he has emphasized that no mechanisms are available that may prevent the progression of lava, although the executive will do the "humanly possible" to alleviate the pain of those affected and rebuild the island.

The national audience has agreed to make the delivery to the United States effective from the former Venezuelan General Hugo Armando Carvajal, known as the chicken, once it has acquired the denial of asylum in administrative asylum. In a given providence this Wednesday, the third criminal section has decided that the claimant is available to the International Police Cooperation Unit that should materialize the delivery and pound of the General Subdirection of International Legal Cooperation, as well as the Director of the Penitentiary center in which the claimant is located.

The European Parliament will grant this Wednesday the Sajarov Award for the Freedom of Awareness of the Year 2021 to the opposition leader and Russoexei Navalny anti-corruption activist, one of the great political opponents of Vladimir Putin and who has in jail since February of this year. The leaders of the European parliamentary groups mainly supported this candidacy over the other favorite, that of a collective of Afghan women in defense of human rights and equality, and that of the former interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Añez, currently in prison.

"A disgusting stench to medicines flooded the atmosphere of the room. He breathed with difficulty. The air, too hot, almost did not reach the sickle of the sick, whose body was outlined under the scalored bedspread and gave off a dizziness smell of fever." This is the beginning of the widow (Alphaguara), an unpublished novel in Spanish of José Saramago. And the first one he published. It was in 1947. José Saramago himself (Azinhaga, 1922-Tías, Lanzarote, 2010) remembered it that way in third person, as if it were not with him, in a text that appears as a prologue. "The author is a 24-year-old boy, quiet, introverted, who earns life as a scribe in the administrative services of the Lisbon civil hospitals, after having worked for more than a year as an apprentice of mechanical locksmith in the workshops of those Hospitals ".

All public institutions have guaranteed women and minors victims of macho violence in the palmache are going to have aid "and a roof" under which to stay, after detecting an increase by 84% in calls by ill-treatment, with a total of 72 Since the volcano exploded. In this period, the apprential women's care device (DEMA), compared to 16 in which it had to be launched in the same dates last year, as stated on this Wednesday at a press conference The director of the Canarian Institute of Equality, Kika Fumero.

The observation of meteor rain - popularly known as rain of stars - of the Orion is complicated this October for its coincidence with the full moon. The Oriones will have their peak maximum the nights of October 20 and 22, as Detailed Bill Cooke, head of the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office. He concretely has pointed out "around 20-25 meteors per hour when the rain reaches his maximum point during the early morning of October 21".

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, today gave a week of vacation paid to the Russians from October 30 to November 7 to stop the advancement of the Coronavirus pandemic, which took life in the last 24 hours of more than one Millar, while contagions outweigh the 30,000 daily. "Now it is especially important to stop the peak of the new wave of the pandemic," said Putin

The Plenary of the Constitutional Court has unanimously agreed to inadmit the appeal of unconstitutionality of the PP against the preamble of the Law that last April decriminalized the coerciones of the picketing. The exhibition of reasons for that norm affirmed that the PP had initiated "a constant and systematic process of dismantling of freedoms and especially those that affect the public manifestation of disagreement with government economic policies."

The collective of victims of terrorism (COVITE) has further denied the Minister of the Large-Marlaska interior, warning that since 2011 has practically ceased the police activity of Etharas detention and research of his crimes. The president of Covite Consuelo Ordóñez has described as "Payment Management" The 11 arrests practiced since an ETA "negotiated end" is reached and there are still 350 crimes without having identified their culprits. Minister Grande-Marlaska had assured hours earlier in Congress that in this last decade had occurred 241 arrests of Etharas. At present, they do not reach 200 who are imprisoned in Spanish prisons.

The account of the investigation of the Branch of the Taulaen Valencia case is not left in the 'Pitupheum' of 1,000 euros performed by 49 former councilors and advisers of the Valencia PP between March and April 2015, but that it disembowel an operation of party financing In the 2007, 2011 and 2015 campaigns that, although it can not be judged as irregular financing by not existing that crime, they lead the investigating judge to define it as "clandestine financing procedures that flagrantly violate the normative limits of the electoral law."

The National Geographical Institute (IGN) has reported this Wednesday that the highest-magnitude earthquake recorded to date in the palm, of magnitude 4.8, located 39 kilometers deep, has been "widely" meaning throughout the island and In some populations of La Gomera and Tenerife. It is the greatest earthquake of the entire seismic series produced by the Volcanic Reactivation of Old Summit, this Wednesday has pointed out, which indicates that in the last hours 71 earthms have been located, seven of them felt by the population.

The merger between the Extremian towns of Don Benito (about 37,000 inhabitants) and Villanueva de la Serena (25,000) continues to take accelerated steps so that it may be a reality in 2027 if the neighbors of both Pacensian populations grant a majority backup to a project. It is the most ambitious union that has been raised in democracy and would turn this population nucleus into the third of greater importance of this autonomous community, only behind Badajoz and Cáceres, with an area with an area of 713 km2. On Wednesday the mayors of both populations (José Luis Quintana and Miguel Ángel Gallardo) have been received at the Palace of La Moncloa by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who has endorsed the project and has committed to accelerate the procedures of it.

In France, the Ombudsman, Claire Hedon, showed this Wednesday "worried" for the purpose of reimbursement of Covid-19 screening tests, which, according to her, could be equivalent to an "covert vaccination obligation", making it difficult The "screening of people away from the health system", as well as "precarious and / or isolated populations", informs AFP. Since October 15, events are no longer reimbursed to people who are not totally vaccinated, except in exceptional cases.

The Production and Distribution Company of Audiovisual Content in Streaming Netflix registered a profits of 1,449 million dollars (1,245.9 million euros) in the third quarter of 2021, while leaving their forecasts from new subscribers after the premiere during the Quarter of the Korean Series The Game of Squid, which has already become the most successful series of its history, as reported by the company.

Queen Isabel II has suddenly suspended his trip announced to Northern Ireland and will follow the medical prescription to take "a break for a few days". The British royal house has denied that the monarch is sick or that the decision is related to the Covid. According to a statement from Buckingham Palace, the Queen has decided to follow the medical advice "reluctantly" and is "with good spirits" despite the frustration caused by the suspension of his two-day official visit to the Ulster that started on Wednesday .

Aerocameras, the company that has achieved permission to carry out a rescue operation with dog drones trapped in allow through the Volcano de la Palma, has confirmed on your Twitter account that this Friday will take a reconnaissance flight from the area In which the animals are located. Yesterday he was successfully carried out a first test before the rescue. This consisted of a flight of 1,200 meters of trajectory with a drone that endured 15 kilos of cargo.

The National Police has dismantled in the Community of Madrid a band dedicated to distributing fake bills of 50 euros. In the operation, 13 young people, eight of them and five Spaniards have been arrested, and 11,750 euros have been intervened in false tickets. The arrested bought mobile terminals through a well-known online shopping platform, Wallapop, using banknotes of fake 50 euros to pay in hand to the victims.

The President of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, Manuel Marchena, has been directed on Wednesday to the President of the Congress of the Deputies, Meritxell Batet, to refer the report on the date of the initiation of compliance with the inchabilitation Special for the right of passive suffrage imposed on the United Kingdom, we can Alberto Rodríguez, with the purpose of making the liquidation of his sentence.

The Committee on Research on the possible relationship between the Barajas Airport and the expansion of the COVID-19 in the Community of Madrid has started this Wednesday at the Regional Assembly with two of the comprehensive ones cited by the PP, the promoter parliamentary group of this initiative. None of them has held the Government of Pedro Sánchez for not having adopted sufficient controls to prevent the spread of the pandemic by the region, as the Party of Isabel Díaz Ayuso sustains.

The high consumption sector has today warned the risk of the triple rise in costs (of light, transport and raw materials) for the recovery of consumption, at a time when a large part of the savings contained during the pandemic He has not yet grown and in which inflation is going to continue. "They are not uploaded in the short term, but rather in the medium term. At the moment companies are not picking up part of this rise, they are absorbing, Perola inflation is already emerging and will be the same or even worse," said Ignacio González, president of the Association of Companies and Manufacturers of Greater Consumption (AECOC)

The tenant who last Thursday received his homemade at Zaragoza at Zaragoza when he claimed unpaid for rent and who managed to flee for an open one has wounded two policemen when he was arrested. It is Abdelkarim A. M., 27, of Moroccan origin and with antecedent, which has bitten and pushed the stairs to the agents. From the 14th of this month he was in search and captures by using a detonating pistol during a discussion with the homemade of him. On Tuesday he was identified by a patrol of the motorized unit of the Superior Police Headquarters of Aragon, who carried out citizen security work in the neighborhood of El Hook.

Social security has warned in its social networks of a fraud by letter that is passed through the entity to cheat the citizens. In this document, which includes the General Treasury logo, bank data are requested to those who receive it under the pretext of a loss of information derived, precisely, from a computer attack. The letter also alludes to a climb of benefits that works as a bait for this hook that, according to the experts, is not the only Phishing case applied to a physical format.

From the first hours of the morning a hundred agents of the Civil Guard belonging to Algeciras Command and with the support of OCON and GAR units are deployed in the line of conception. Specifically on the Canary streets and in the Zabal area known as the Ordoñez Road. The goal was to stop, something that has happened during the intervention, to one of the strong men of the Narcotraphicante clan of the Badge brothers, the chestnuts. Specifically, the one known as 'El Coco', which was escaped since September 2020.

The most recent eruptive mouth, which opened last Friday at about 300 meters south of the main cone of the Palma Volcano, has begun to emit Piroclastos, the National Geographic Institute (IGN) reported on Wednesday. So far that mouth was emitting ashes, but as can be seen in a video that IGN has hanged on social networks, it emits piroclasts. Itahiza Domínguez, Sismologist of the IGN, points out on his Twitter account that at the moment there is no record of casting of this new eruptive mouth.

A 38-year-old man has been found dead this morning for his partner inside the bathtub of his house located at number 125 of the Avenue of Portugal (Madrid), according to the 112. The man was inside the water with the mobile phone and The cable plugged into the network. The main hypotheses is that he has died electrocuted. In fact, the victim had a burn on the chest where he had the mobile phone.

ERC continues to be shielded its profitable relationship with Pedro Sánchez of the interference that would imply include JUNTS in the bilateral negotiations maintained with the Government. If in September, the President of the Generalitat expelled its partners from the negotiating table on the "conflict" to be able to agree without opposition that "without deadline" dialogue with the central executive, now the Republican leader is denied to negotiate the general budgets From the state with the training that leads Carles Puigdemont.

The miner Zhu Xianjian crossed the river that separates Korea from northern China in 2013 and was arrested. After starring a spectacular leak, the authorities offer a large reward to give with the whereabouts of it. This is how the chronicle of the correspondent Lucas de la Cal begins: "It was July 2013 when the North Khoean mine Zhu Xianjian crossed swimming the Tumen River, which makes border between North Korea and China, and arrived to the village of Hongguang, in the province China of Jilin. The deserter was only wearing the wet clothes with which he had managed to overcome the monitoring of the military posts on both borders. "

Morocco suspended direct flights from Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom from midnight today as a measure of prevention against coronavirus propagation. The decision was announced today by the Moroccan Royal Air Maroc (RAM) airline and the Emiratí Air Arabia, which manage flights to these countries, although the Moroccan authorities have not been pronounced.

The lava from one of the castings of the Volcano de la Palma has come to the urban area of the Laguna neighborhood, in the Plains of Aridane, at the first hours of this Wednesday. This laundry threatens a service station whose fuel tanks had already been emptied weeks ago, and more recently water, and headed towards a banana packaging company. Another cast further ends the college of the lagoon and to follow his current trajectory could reach the church square, neuralgic center of the neighborhood, which was completely evicted last week.

The legendary Serbian goalkeeper Dragan Panción today died at 69 for complications caused by the Coronavirus, reports Efe from the Nova Portal. Pantelic died at the Clinical-University Center of NIS, Southern City of Serbia in whose Club Radnicki played more than ten years. He acted in more than 250 games of the First Yugoslav League, was also a player of Bordeaux, among other clubs, and with the selection of the country of him participated in the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

The planet earth, little by little, is darkening. Or, in other words: during the last 20 years the amount of light that the earth emits towards space has been decreasing considerably. This is revealed by a recently published study at the 'Geophysical Research Letters', where researchers in charge of their realization (which come from the Big Bear Solar Observatory, in California; the University of New York; the Institute of Astrophysics of Canarias and the University of The lagoon) ensure that this is due, in part, to the heating of the oceans.

Alfonso Graulleva in prison since last May, five months than at 80 years weigh a lot. It is the price you have to pay who was the most powerful man in the town hall of Valencia in the Rita Barberra era, who "moved the threads" for years of absolute majorities with tejemanexes that has led him to be arrested four times in cases of corruption , judged two and condemned on one occasion. Its activity, according to the instructor of the 'Smurf' case, as a "religner" of Box B of Valencia PP between 2007 and 2015 will sit back on the bench and still have a pending cause, the one that has you in the Picassent prison, the Azud case of alleged urban corruption.

Total immersion in nature is only possible if it is accompanied by that auditory and sensory experience that Gordon Hempton, the American acoustic ecologist knows. Hempton went around the world looking for natural silence and now wanted to give a new dimension to him with Quiet Parks International, the organization that aspires to create a global network of calm spaces. The turn has now arrived at the Parc del Montnegre I the corridor, just over 50 kilometers from Barcelona, the first park of the silence of Spain. The initiative has been possible thanks to Heike Freire and the student of her from the upper course of Green Pedagogy, a postgraduate training for human development in contact with nature.

Pedro Sánchez, he has assured the government's control session, marked by the tenth anniversary of the end of ETA violence, that the PSOE "has never used terrorism" when the terrorist band existed and has emphasized that it will not do it either Now that it has ceased to exist. Pablo Married has asked Sánchez if he is going to take 200 terrorists from jail in exchange for the five deputies of Eh Bildu vote in favor of budgets in Congress, as explained by Arnaldo Otegi to the militancy of him. The Government president has responded with a "non-resounding".

Just a few hours after his solemn statement assuring that the suffering caused by ETA "should never have occurred", the leader of Eh Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, has made clear his intentions: "We have 200 prisoners in jail and if to take them out there is to vote the budgets, because we vote them. " The Left Abertzale and the Government of Pedro Sánchez have been negotiated for weeks for 2022 accounts for weeks, but spokespersons as Deputy Mertxe Aizpurua had focused contacts in the "Social Agenda".

The cold station is just around the corner and they have spent almost two years since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. To date, Coronavirus has infected more than 240 million people and almost 4.9 million have died. What is the path that the virus has taken? Can you predict how it will change in the near future? How will the coronavirus change in the coming months? How will this winter act?

They had everything prepared to kill their goal. The plan, designed from Barcelona by the "Supreme", that is, the boss, were going to execute the "soldiers" of the "death squad" in Madrid, but the Civil Guard frustrated it in an operation that has left overcome to the Band Latinablood, characterized by its extreme violence.

Israel has identified the first case of a Delta subvary of Coronavirus Covid-19, which already circulates in several European countries, according to the Ministry of Health. "The variant AY4.2, which has been found in several European countries, has been identified in Israel," said the ministry in a statement on Tuesday. A 11-year-old European child was a carrier of the subvainment. He was identified at the Ben Gurion airport of Tel Aviv and placed in quarantine, said the same source, underlining that no other case has been identified.

The Government, who seeks new resources to cover public services, said yesterday that the highways will be paid in 2024. It lacks what detail how and how much we will pay per kilometer. The Spaniards We are going to have to get used to paying for the use of the highways that are today free. From the ministry they have dropped that the rate could be a cent per kilometer. The Madrid-Barcelona journey would rise to 6.2 euros. The employer of the concessionaires, Seopan, has calculated nine cents -55.8 euros for the same route-, while the Acex proposes four cents -24.8 euros for the same distance.

As published today The Verge, Facebook, the company that owns social networks Facebook and Instagram, from the Oculus virtual reality platform and the WhatsApp Messaging App look for a new name. The objective, according to filtration, is not to subtract weight to all the trouble in which it has recently been involved, as an investigation into the US, several fires caused by information published by the press and the constant pressure of the regulators of the European Union. According to the company, it is due to the need to better represent the services it offers and focus more on the development of 'metaveso', thus leaving the Facebook name just to refer to the social network itself.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has announced that the Government will present "in a few months" its proposal to implement tolls in the high capacity roads of the State Road Network as of the year 2024. In the Press conference after the Council of Ministers, Sánchez has advancing that different studies and analysis are already being carried out to determine which system will be developed, although it has ensured that it will be a "fair, rigorous and sustainable" charter.

The neighbors of San Borondón, the Countess, Marina Alta, Marina Low and the core of Tazacorte will be confined again as soon as the pouring of the Palma Volcano, which runs south of the mountain of La Laguna, reach the coast of the They currently separate him just a hundred meters. The confines will be carried out once this cast reaches the sea "in anticipation of the emission of gases that produces the contact of lava" with water.

The Astronomical Observatory Roque of the boys is still open but the eruption of the Volcano de la Palma led to close by precaution the GTC, the largest optical-infrared telescope, and the Cherenkov. Other instruments continue operational. At the moment, they assure, no instrument has been damaged by the volcanic material: "In this observatory we have telescopes that are operated by different institutions and countries, and they are the ones who decide if they remain worked or not."

For the first time, a pork kidney has been transplanted to a human without triggered the immediate rejection of the receptor's immune system, a potentially important advance that could eventually help alleviate a serious shortage of human organs for transplantation. The procedure carried out in NYU Langone Health in New York City involved the use of a pork whose genes had been altered so that their tissues no longer contain a molecule known to trigger an almost immediate rejection.

The Greek Ala-Pivot Giannis Antetokounmpo contributed this Tuesday, at the beginning of the NBA edition 75, a double-double (32 points, 14 rebounds and seven assists) decisive for the Milwaukee Bucks champions, who defeated 127-104 A The Brooklyn Nets, who did not have the Kyrie Irving base. At the beginning of the season 2021-2022, the most valuable player (MVP) of the final speech scored 12 of 25 field shots, including a triple in four attempts.

Germany could breach its objective of donating 100 million doses of the Vaccine Covid-19 this year due to the conditions imposed by the manufacturers and the shortage of deliveries, as declared an official of the Ministry of Health in a letter addressed to Brussels seen by Reuters The 100 million dose represent half of the total promised by the Member States of the European Union to the poorest countries this year, according to the European Commission. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on October 19 that Germany had only donated something more than 17% of that amount.

Death has returned to Damascus, the Syrian capital. This early morning, an attack with several explosives against a vehicle that transported Syrian army soldiers has left a large part of them injured or dead. According to the Healthy State Agency, two explosive devices exploded at the bus pass at rush hour under the President's Bridge, at which time the neighbors come to work or school. Official media add that a third pump was deactivated by the security forces.

Legislators who investigate the deadly assault on the United States Capitol were unanimously expressed on Tuesday in favor of requesting criminal accusations by contestove Bannon, former dentald Trump Advisor, for refusing to participate in the investigations. "Mr. Bannon will fulfill our research or will face the consequences," said Democrat Bennie Thompson, who heads the bipartisan commission in charge of investigating the attacks on January 6 against the headquarters of Congress, criticized by Trump and the allies of him.

The detectors of the SMART project, of the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC), from the astronomical observatories of Seville and the Sagra and Sierra Nevada (Granada), Calar Alto (Almería) and La Hita (Toledo) have registered the passage of A ball of fire by this peninsular at 90,000 km / hour. According to the analysis of the main investigator of the SMART project, José María Madiano, the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC), the fireball has been recorded at 7:11 hours on Tuesday morning.

The British Government "monitors very closely" the new Delta subvariant of the Coronavirus that is spreading in the United Kingdom and the reaction of the new mutation is being investigated, called "AY4.2", derives from the Delta variant, against vaccines , Informa AFP. "We are closely following this new form and we will not hesitate to take action if necessary," a spokesman for Downing Street has affirmed. However, "there is no reason to believe that it is extending more easily," he said.

Mount ASO, the main volcano on the Japanese Southern Island of Kyushu, has entered eruption on Wednesday morning, as reported by the Meteorological Agency of Japan. The eruption has occurred at 11.43 (local time) in the number one crater and has forced the level three volcanic alert level, reports the Japanese Kiode Agency.

Directors and workers of the EBRO Observatory (OE), together with authorities of the Ministry of Industry and Energy, as well as responsible and employees of the maritime platform of the Beaver stated this Tuesday before the Court of the First Section on the second day of the trial on the Warehouse beaver. Together with another mentioned witnesses, the one who was director of the OE stressed that "the population was never afraid that the warehouse provoked with, feared that the gas will escape but not suffer earthquakes." The former OE director pointed to the possibility that was shuffled to complete the monitoring that was agreed with a scale through an underwater seismograph

The coronavirus may seem that it has gone to a background, but it has not been left anywhere. In the United Kingdom, where the 50,000 daily cases already border and have an incidence of 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, they begin to worry about that the hospital pressure, united to the traditional problems that winter becomes, can recruce some Christmas already of By itself

The spokesman for the Scientific Committee of the Pevolca and Director of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) in Canarias, María José Blanco, has insisted that you still can not talk about the end of the eruption of the volcano de la Palma Island in the short or medium term , Even though the emission rates of sulfur dioxide (SO2) have come down in recent days.

A key protected witness in the investigation by the death of the Sports fan of La Coruñancisco Javier 'Jimmy' during a brawl in November 2014 between Ultras del Riazor Blues and the Atlético Front has been ratified in the identification held at Police Headquarters of the alleged Author of death, as reported to Europe Press Legal sources. The case was closed in June 2018 before the absence of authorized author but months later, the provincial audience of Madrid ordered its reopening at the request of a resource brought by the particular accusation against the car that dismissed the cause as there is no "signs of crime against anyone".

The shadow of jail plans again about Sandro Rosell. After being acquitted by the national audience and waiting for the trial by scam in the possible simulated contracts to the detriment of the company in relation to the signing of the Brazilian striker Neymar by Barça, the former President Azurgran should now be sitting on the bench accused by The Prosecutor's Office allegedly disappointed to Hacienda 230,591 euros in 2012. For this reason, it is called for two years and nine months of prison and a fine of 300,000 euros, although it applies attenuating damage repair, since in June 2019 it returned to Finance a Total of 287,911 euros, corresponding to the fee defrauded plus interest.

Guanyem Badalona will support the censorship motion of the Municipal Group of PSC at the City Council of Badalona (Barcelona) against the Mayor of the city, Xavier García Albiol (PP), but discards at the moment entering the municipal government. He has explained it in a statement on Wednesday, after the Badalona PSC leader, Rubén Gijarro, announced that he formally began negotiations to promote a motion against Albiol after his appearance in Pandora Papers as a head of a power to manage a society In Belize.

From Friday with Mild Uploads, the incidence of Coronavirus in Spain has returned again and is located at 41.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the Ministry of Health, which accounts for 1,889 new contagions compared to 4,492 yesterday. In this pandemic situation, there are four more communities soften their restrictions and recover maximum aprote, reports EFE.

La Palma has registered tonight an earthquake of magnitude 4.8, the largest since weeks ago the volcanic crisis was started in which the island is immersed, according to the National Geographic Institute. The earthquake took place at 22:48 (Canarian time), with Epicentro in Villa de Mazo and focus at 39 kilometers deep. So far, the most important seamunities recorded on the island were two of 4.6 detected in the last three days. The movement has had intensity V (over XII), the maximum to date, and it has been felt not only throughout the island, but also in several locations of Northern Tenerife.

The Barcelona City Council, governed by Ada Colau, combats the "traditional male identity" by several fronts. In addition to the recent opening of the Plural Mask Center, municipal equipment equipped with a budget of 1.3 million euros per year to "generate imaginaries different from the strictest and most expired meaning of being a man," the consistory offers from its website " Pedagogical resources "To" prove that traditional male identity is at the basis of many social conflicts "and promote a kind of reeducation.

Mariano Rajoy and High representatives of the PP maintained a secret communication channel with the President of the José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero government during at least a part of the time in which he negotiated with ETA. The subordinates of the former PP leader were taking notes of the meetings, which has had access exclusively when the world's announcement of the end of the attacks are met.

Updated Date: 20 October 2021, 14:13

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