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The dreaded "hecatombe de los pigs" in the farms of the United Kingdom, due to the lack of personnel in the slaughterhouses and in the meat processing plants,

Today's news, October 5 |
 Last hour of today, live

The dreaded "hecatombe de los pigs" in the farms of the United Kingdom, due to the lack of personnel in the slaughterhouses and in the meat processing plants, it has started this week with the sacrifice in East Anglia of 500 animals, subsequently buried or incinerated . "This is just the beginning," said Zoe Davies, Executive Director of the National Association of Porcine Cattle (NPA), which she has warned that up to 120,000 pigs can be sacrificed in the coming weeks if the situation does not change.

According to experts who analyze the activity of the volcano in La Palma, the end of the eruption "is not close", but point to positive points as an improvement in air quality. However, daily emissions from sulfur dioxide have reached 1,200 tonnes, with an accumulated 250,000 tonnes since the eruption began, and the volume of magma expelled could be located at 45 million cubic meters.

Kosovo is no longer a problem of first order for diplomacy and Spanish policy. It remains a headache, an insistent point, but it is no longer something that prevents the day to day of the European Union in the Balkans. In May 2018, the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, 'boycotted' the EU Summit with the Balkan countries for the presence of Kosovo. Last year a new encounter with aspiring perenns to enter the Union was performed virtually and there was Pedro Sánchez, while forcing a very careful choreography without flags, names or titles, so that no one could 'accuse' Attend an event with the Kosovar Leader of Equal as well. But this year, with a lot of land earned in a short time, the president will be in Slovenia and will sit in the same room, for the first time in history, with his equivalent Kosovar.

RENFE recommends the use of alternative transport in Madrid except on the C-5 line (Móstoles the Soto-Atocha-Fuenlabrada-Humanes) for non-compliance with minimum services nearby in this fourth day of strike convened by the Semaf machinist union, that denies those breaches. Renfe also pointed out at 2:00 pm that the sun tunnels and recollects are congested, which has caused the temporary closure of the sunstation, widespread delays and numerous problems at Atocha and Chamartín stations.

Health underlines the need to start two new phases of the vaccination strategy. There will be a first phase, more predictable, of "stabilization" or incorporation of population to the already established groups, where the population that progressively is achieved by 12 years of age. The second possibilities should be considered: the vaccination of the child population (under 12 years); Administration of additional doses or dose of souvenir in concrete population groups, including vaccinations with adenovirus platform vaccines (heterologous guidelines); the administration of new vaccines; or the need to vaccinate in front of new variants of SARS-COV-2.

The volcanic eruption of the island of La Palma, of which 16 days are already true, has destroyed 726 constructions, of which 605 are homes; 58, buildings for agricultural use, and 30, of industrial use, according to the cadastre data registered until yesterday afternoon. The latest data contributed by Copernicus speak of 1,154 constructions affected by the eruption, of which 1,046 would have been destroyed by the lava and 108 would be damaged or at risk of collapse.

The President of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, nuanced the statements previously offered to the Digital Discussion on Kylian Mbappé on January and assured that "we have to wait". "My words have been misinterpreted, what I have said is that we have to wait for the next year to have news and always with respect to the PSG, with which we have good relations," said the maximum white leader in the microphones of the aforementioned French .

The judgment of the Constitutional Court against the decision of the Congress Bureau to restrict the activity of the House and suspend the computation of the terms of initiatives of the Parliamentary Groups, as well as the Plenos between March 7 and April 13 2020, that is, during the toughest stage of the pandemic, has obtained the reaction of Meritxell Batet. The president of the Congress has issued a statement in which he shows his "absolute respect" to the sentence but in which he has also replicated the Guarantee Court herself recalling that the decision to suspend the plenary sessions in Congress was taken "days after That other constitutional organs, including the Constitutional Court, shall make similar decisions "to restrict their activity.

The images of dead fish and birds bathed in the thickness of the crude have not taken to go around the world. The beaches of places as exclusive as Laguna and Newport Beach have thrown up to further notice - they could be weeks before they return to the public - and the spot on the water has a size superior to alcobendas, in another natural disaster Calcated for the History of California. The crude oil pouring from an oil platform that began on Saturday against Huntington Beach has thrown up 476,000 liters of oil to the sea until the causes are investigated. The company behind the crisis, the Texana Amplify Energy, believes that it could have been the anchor of a large cargo ship that hit against the pipeline causing the catastrophe

An agent of the Mossos d'Esquadra of the Subelo Unit has died in the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç de Munt, in the municipality of Matadepera (Barcelona) while doing training maneuvers in speleology. Mosses move their "most sincere duel to family, colleagues and friends." According to police sources agent went with three other colleagues in these practices and for reasons that are being investigated has fallen from a height of 30 meters and became unconscious, that is why the medical emergency system (SEM) was activated, with a medicalized helicopter, and the Firemen of the Generalitat.

The Government has approved on Tuesday a second urgent aid plan for those affected by the Palma Volcano for an amount of almost 214 million euros, destined to alleviate the effects of the eruption of the volcano on the island. The Minister of Presidency, relations with the Democratic Courts and Memory, Felix Bolaños, has explained at the end of the Council of Ministers that these 213,763,000 euros, approved via decree law, are added to the 10.5 million that the executive granted in His meeting last Tuesday for the acquisition of homes and appliances.

The judgment of the Constitutional Court against the decision of the Congress Bureau to restrict the activity of the House and suspend the computation of the terms of initiatives of the Parliamentary Groups, as well as the Plenos between March 7 and April 13 2020, that is, during the toughest stage of the pandemic, the immediate reaction of VOX has obtained, the political force that appealed in Amparo before the High Court to understand that the Decision seriously violated the Constitution. Macarena Olona, General Secretary of the Parliamentary Group, has demanded the immediate resignation of the President of Congress, Meritxell Batet, which she has accused "kidnapping Congress" and "giving an institutional coup."

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said this Tuesday that it considers that a dose of Pfizer reinforcement to the general population at least six months after the second dose is "safe and effective", but can not do at this moment "a firm recommendation On when and for whom to implement "this third injection. Marco Cavaleri, Head of EMA vaccination strategy, noted that the conclusion reached on Monday by the agency's experts on the third dose in the general population with a healthy immune system a "prudent recommendation" and are the member countries that They make decisions about the vaccination campaign.

The president of IBERDROLA Ignacio Sánchez Galán rejects frontally rejects "unilateral solutions" on the process of energy transition that already launched the Government of Pedro Sánchez. Measures that it has qualified as "terrifying interventionism" and that go against "trust" and "stability" that claims as essential conditions to address large investments that, in the case of IBERDROLA, are quantified at 150,000 million euros up to 2030 . Galán exempts the electricity of the light invoice that links exclusively the increase in the price of gas in the international market.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has shown again who holds power and has disavowed this morning the position and negotiation that the PSOE maintained in the Housing Law. He has not politically wanted to wait more to close the agreement that unlocks budgets for 2022 within the coalition government, an essential requirement to have some option in Parliament that it was supported by Esquerra or Bildu, among others.

Hours After closing the agreement with United we can on the future housing law, the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, surprised again by announcing the creation of a housing bonus for the rent of 250 euros monthly destined for young people between 18 and 35 Young people whose annual income level is less than 23,735 euros. The bonus will be valid in the next two years and for vulnerable families, that bonus will be completed with more direct aid to rent up to 40% of the value.

The Constitutional Court has endorsed on Tuesday unanimously the validity of the Euro-orders against the fugitives of 1-or, specifically, against the Expresident of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont and the former Consellerstoni aus and Clara PonSatí. The plenum has thus dismissed the appeal and the request for precautionary measures interested in fleeing in a car that will be announced in the coming days, whose paper has corresponded to Magistrate María Luisa Balaguer.

It will not go aboard the USS Enterprise but on a more modest spacecraft, the New Shepard, but Captain Kirk will fly to the space in real life at 90 years. We naturally refer to the actor who embodied the protagonist of Star Trek. The Canadian William Shatner who played James Tiberius Kirk in the original series and the first movies of mythical spatial saga, will be one of the crew of the next Blue Origin mission, the company of the Billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The "Premier" Boris Johnson has declared that there is no crisis of supplies and that the difficulties that Britons are experiencing, with queues for more than ten days before the gas stations, are linked with "the reactivation of the economy". In an interview with BBC radio 4, Johnson came to proclaim even that the United Kingdom is "a giant who is waking up".

The National Police has arrested a woman who, after a discussion, bitterly bit and ripped part of the thumb, in circumstances that are investigated. The event occurred around four o'clock in the morning at number 8 on the street of Mantuano, where a discussion began between both women and the course of the trifulk one of them, Dominicana of 39, violently bit his thumb finger to the other one and started a part of him.

The 14 Algerian immigrants rescued in waters of southern Mallorca had been dehydrated for more than 10 days, in a panic and exhausted state. They had had to drink water from the sea and three of them jumped into the water prey of despair in the middle of the temporal that he whipped the vicinity of Cabrera, the uninhabited islet where the missing men is still looking for.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Flat, has celebrated the Aid Package that the Council of Ministers for those affected by the Eruption of the Volcano in La Palma has advanced and has advanced that its department will carry out "Activities of Promotion and support that are necessary "for the banana, as well as for the rest of the affected agri-food sectors.

If the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) was already complicated enough, another element that disturbs the relationships between the PSOE and the PP must now be added. Socialists have facilitated that the popular negotiator in this matter, Enrique López, has been cited to declare in the Commission that he investigates the Kitchen case in Congress, that is, the alleged espionage to the former popular treasurer Luis Bárcenas with media and funds from the Ministry from the interior during the Mariano Rajoy government.

The municipal elections in Italy ended on Monday with results aimed at leaving a broad margin to political discussions and negotiations over the next few days. In Milan, Naples and Bologna The left center won in first round (in Milan with a historical result) while in Rome and Turin there will be a second vote. In Calabria, who celebrated regional elections, won the right center. As for participation, it is collapsed at levels never seen.

The Tourist Director of the Cabildo Dela Palma, Raul Camacho, has asked to visit the Canarian Island as a way to help her overcome the crisis caused by the eruption of the volcano, and recalled that at 90% of the island you live with Total normality, with all services, including hoteliers, running without problems. Camacho has grateful "the entire population of the island the exemplary behavior that is having during this volcanic crisis," which, according to the emergency plan, affects 1,050 buildings, 435 hectares "and the island has grown up in 30 hectares, but what important is that there has been no personal injury, only materials and all that has a solution. "

The Vice President Valenciana and Leader of Commitments, Monica Oltra, handed the hand weeks ago to the Vice President of the Government Yolanda Díaz to weave alliances to the left of the PSOE capable of disputing her leadership, but in this project she also wants Íñigo Errejón. "He is a first-line political actor who can not be dispensed with" he said in an interview at the time of TVE, in which he acknowledged that "he would be well" dispensing from the acronym to form a "collective project".

The Jury of the XXXIV International Award Loewe of Poetry 2021 has awarded the Mexican poet Orlando Mondragón for his work Notebooks of Human Pathology, according to the fault revealed this Tuesday, October 5. This is the first time that this award is granted to a less than 30 years and, in addition, being the child's under 33 the award-winning, according to the bases of the prize, does not contemplate a prize for the young creation.

The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, has reversed to the most ambitious extent of his Organic Law of the University System (LOSU): which allowed the guards to be elected by a committee of personalities outside the campuses, such as They do in other European countries, and the wear, easements and payments of favors that cause electoral processes are reduced.

King Felipe VI has opened the South Summit, who celebrates his ninth edition on the ship, in Madrid, to bring together entrepreneurs and innovators. Don Felipe has influenced the "high dynamism" that characterizes the model of entrepreneurship of Spain, something that he, he assured him, should be a source of pride. In addition, he highlighted the creation of new companies.

The Constitutional Court has estimated on Tuesday the VOX APPARATION Appeal against the agreements of the Table of the Congress of the deputies of March 19, 2020, where it was agreed to reduce the activity of the lower house during the toughest weeks of the pandemic. The sentence has come out with six votes in favor and four against, as indicated by legal sources to the world.

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located on Tuesday 30 seismic movements in the Palma, several of them felt by the population and 17 of them of magnitude 3 or higher, in a case of 3.9. Carmen López, Responsible for Sismology of IGN, has reminded EFE that this increase in seismicity is part of the eruptive process, and explained that at once the volcanic eruption began and as material comes as lava and piroclasts, the deepest system Feedback You have to adjust.

Set of thrones ended after eight seasons, but the series fans will have several spin-off to continue hooked. The first is his prequel, the dragon's house: gods and fire, of which there is already a first advance. House of the Dragon will focus on the history of the Targaryen house, the ancestors of Daenerys and the powerful dynasty that ruled the seven kingdoms, about 300 years before the original history. HBO Max, who will arrive in Spain on October 26, has just launched the first advance of the expected series, which will be released in 2022 and will have ten episodes. Part of the scenes will be filled in Extremadura, in Cáceres and Trujillo.

The National Police investigates an alleged sexual assault on a young Belgian who denounced he has suffered her in the portal of his home at dawn in the neighborhood of Argüelles (Madrid), have informed Efe police sources. According to the complainant, the event occurred between four and five o'clock last Saturday last Saturday in the street environment of Martín de Los Heos.

The Chinese promoter Fantasia Holdings has confirmed that on Monday he could not face the obligations of payment of the maturity of a debt for an amount of $ 205.65 million (177 million euros), feeding the uncertainty surrounding the leveraged Chinese real estate sector , whose maximum exponent is the giant Evergrande, whose actions have remained suspended from negotiation by second consecutive session in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The forecasts, like the rules, are there to boast of their breakup. And that is basically what has been decided to do the Spanish film academy by presenting Fernando León de Aranoa's last work, the good patron, at the 94th edition of the Oscar in the best international film category. The most foreseeable thing was, without a doubt, that the two-time winner and six times nominated Pedro Almodóvar outside the chosen one with the last work of him, 'parallel mothers'.

Mario Vargas Llosa was the holder of a society in the British Virgin Islands, a fiscal paradise. This was confirmed by Pandora's Los Pandora, some documents published on Sunday for the International Consortium of Research Journalists. The writer would have founded EscomiaDaffShoreen 2015 for managing the money obtained from the copyright of the novels of him and the sale of several houses between London and Madrid. The author's literary agency ensures that Peruvian did not reside neither in Spain nor in its native country when Melek Investments - name of society - was founded, and in 2017, when it became a fiscal resident in Spain, it was declared to the tax authorities, They have reported the country and the sixth.

Large owners are the key to the agreement that they have reached this Tuesday PSOE and united can be illuminated the first Law on Housing in Spain. Socialists have finished giving on to the main claim of purple training and will intervene rent prices in areas that are considered more tensioned, both large and small owners.

The Civil Guard of Castellón has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to committing scams to companies and individuals of the region of the Upper Palancia (Castellón) and the region of La Vega Baja (Alicante), by the scam crimes, money laundering and belonging to criminal organization. The facts are investigated since December 2019 by the Team of Computer Crimes and Telematics (Edit) of the Organic Judicial Police Unit of the Civil Guard Command, within the framework of the so-called Frageo operation.

The National Seismic Network has received more than 1,000 seismic questionnaires through its website and more than 3,500 through the app since September 11, when the seismic swarm started on the island of La Palma, which led eight days later in the Eruption of the volcano on the old summit.

The International Foundation Foundation Organization Franz Weber has submitted writing to the president of the Cabildo de la Palma, Mariano Hernández, with the proposal of six emergency measures to serve animals affected by eruption, such as creating a network of host homes for them.

The fortune of the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was reduced on Monday at about $ 5,900 million after a bad session on Wall Street in which the social network. However, even though the day's news related to whatsapp blackout, Facebook and Instagram, Facebook actions experienced its collapse during the hours prior to the disconnection of social networks.

The City Council of Vitoria will return from ex officio, that is, without the need for prior request, the amount collected by the sanctions imposed by the local police during the first alarm state activated by the Coronavirus pandemic. The consistory thus adds to the decision of the Basque Government to return the amounts satisfied by the fines derived from the breach of the sanitary measures to stop the transmission of the COVID, in compliance with a judgment of the Constitutional Court who annulled the confinement and ordered to paralyze the Processing of these files.

The lava of the new Palma Volcano will continue to flow through where it is unless there is new eruptive mouths in a direction or direction different to the current ones, or if it increases its density, it has indicated to EFE Nerea Martín, Geographer of the Chair of Risk Reduction of disasters from the University of La Laguna. Lava began to leave on September 19 of the Volcanic Summit Volcanic System, in cow-headed, an area of El Paso Municipality, and nine days later La Colate came to the beach of Los Guirres, in Tazacorte, where he has begun to Build a fajana or lavish delta that until now occupies almost 33 hectares.

Yesterday, we live for six hours without Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp. The three services stopped running around 17:40 when an unidentified failure at the time made it impossible to establish connection with them through apps and web browsers. After the storm, now we know what failed. As they report from cloudflare, the fall of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp originally at the Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP, a routing protocol necessary for our computers to find web pages on the Internet.

The Soyuz MS-19 takes off this October 5 with the filmmaker Klim Shipenko and the Actress Yulia Peresid to the International Space Station to film scenes from the first film fiction in orbit. The spacecraft will be coupled to the Russian segment of the ISS orbits after the launch. The Russian shooting equipment in orbit at least 12 days, according to Roscosmos.

The Royal Academy of Sciences of Sweden has granted the Nobel Prize for Physics to Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi "by important contributions to the understanding of complex physical systems." Half of the prize is for Manabe and Hasselmann, while the other half goes to Parisi. On Monday, the Swedish institution granted the Nobel de Medicine to scientists David Julius (New York, USA, 1955) and ARDEM Patapoutian (Beirut, Lebanon, 1967) for unraveling the mechanisms that allow us to feel the cold, heat, pressure or the pain.

The crisis of the chips or semiconductors is rambling in the automotive industry and has paralyzed the production of the main vehicle manufacturers. At stagnation of the economy derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, and the technological uncertainty of buyers when choosing a car, the global scarcity of microprocessors has now been rejoined. However, the frenazo of production and lack of stock are not affecting all brands and models equally. Specifically, there are five models of four different brands that are not suffering from the crisis (for now) and are best-selling in Spain.

In the Supreme Court, the decision of Italian justice on the delivery process of Carles Puigdemont was, if not the desired, yes expected. Sources of the High Court emphasize that in favor of suspending the delivery of the former president of Catalonia weighed both strictly legal and political elements. Of the first, the fact that the Euro-orders of the Proc, pending two resolutions of European justice. And among politicians, that the Government's message that has long arrived in other countries is not precisely that of immediate delivery.

Negotiation hurried up to the end. Another year, long night. And of startles, of living negotiations, who have been moving all the time. This reflects it that while the Secretary of State for Social Rights, Nacho Álvarez, said in a live television interview that there was no agreement, PSOE and united we can sealed this morning an agreement in the Law of Housing that means unlocking budgets.

The Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (INVOLCAN) has been evaluating the emission of sulfur dioxide (SO2) since the beginning of the old summit eruption and the amount accumulated from September 19 until October 4 has been estimated over 250,000 tons . As reported on its official Facebook page, this amount can be considered an underestimated value, given that it is based on the realization of SO2 emission measures in a terrestrial mobile position that currently present significant limitations due to several factors.

"More than half of the fruit that the platrencies harvest in painful conditions ends up converted into fertilizer because of the ash damage of the Palma Volcano:" Look, look, are all cracked, stained, with the black tips .. . These are no longer worth it, "regret". Thus begins the new chronicle of the Special Envoy to La Palma Pablo Herraiz, with the photographs of Alberto di Lolli.

A Juro of California has condemned Tesla to compensate a former black employee with 137 million dollars (about 115 million euros) for turning a blind eye with the racism suffered by man in a group factory, according to Bloomberg News, who Appointment to one of the lawyers of the plaintiff, Lawrence Organ.

The proposal to improve 2% the salary of the officials that the Government has submitted on Tuesday, as it had advanced this newspaper, has achieved total rejection by the unions. So much so that CCOO has not even been presented to negotiation and has been very hard with the executive, who accuses him from carrying out "a negotiation farce". "Public personnel do not deserve this contempt for collective bargaining that represents the refusal to negotiate the salary recovery and the elimination of the replacement rate that allows recovering public employment," they argue from this union.

The fourth day of a 24-hour strike that has called for today the Machinist Union Semaf has forced RENFE to delete 178 minimum service trains until 8:30 in the morning, 46 of them near Madrid, so that The degree of compliance with minimum services has been 70%. In Rodalies de Catalunya, the protest has caused the abolition of 112 minimum services trains, with a degree of compliance of 42%. In the vicinity of Valencia, the convoys that have been suspended have been 20, which sets compliance with minimum services at 56%.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition studies formulas to alleviate the chaos that has produced the hax on the income of large electricity in the contracts at a fixed price that they have signed with the country's industrial companies. Vice-Chairperson Teresa Ribera met yesterday with a wide number of representatives from the secondary sector of the economy to listen to her concern after Iberdrola, Endesa and Naturgy have moved his intention to impact the cut of his income on the price of contracts . The industry warned that, if the coup is consolidated, many companies will be forced to reduce their activity and stop production in the last line of the year and in 2022 with the consequent effect on the recovery of the economy, according to the world attendants to the meeting.

The battle that frees traditional self-schools and the digital enters a new phase. The Congressional Commission has been put on the side of the second and, through the reform of the trafficking law, will allow training for the theoretical test of the card and the awareness courses to be completely carried out online on line . In addition, a physical place will not be necessary to exercise from autoescuela, as long as there is already one in the country.

The National Geographical Institute (IGN) has registered in the last hours more than thirty earthquakes, the highest magnitude of 3.9 located in the village of Mazo 38 kilometers deep, at 4.36 hours. Also in a deck another tremor of magnitude 3.4 was located, 37 kilometers deep, which was felt by the population, at 5.18 hours.

After two and a half years of work, the independent commission on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church (CIAE) has published its conclusions on Tuesday. In an extensive report of more than 2,500 pages there is a data that stands out. Priests and religious abused 216,000 minors in France between 1950 and 2020, although the figure would amount to 330,000 if they take into account the laity who worked in the religious institutions, Jean-Marc Sauvé, president of the Commission, during the presentation of an expected report.

"It's been too long, the police bodies in Catalonia have reached the limit and therefore, it is necessary to reverse an unsustainable situation." Unanimously the main union organizations and associations of the Mossos d'esquadra and local police have wanted to show their firmness before the episodes of violence that are repeated in most bottles during the past summer against the agents and wanted to make very clear that They feel questioned by their political leaders.

The Public Health Commission meets this day after the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has given the approval to administer Pfizer's reinforcement doses to the general population over 18 years of age and an additional to immunosuppressed. The vaccination campaign in Spain follows its course seeking to refusate the most lags and clicking on third doses of senior centers and people with the compromised immune system, such as transplanted and cancer patients.

Boris Johnson will announce this week the decarbonization of the British electrical system at 2035, thanks especially to the marine wind energy, which will quadruple in ten years the installed power. The United Kingdom adds to the commitments already announced by the United States and Canada, in the anteroom of the Glasgow COP26 to be held in November.

The tremor or indicator of the newvolcan intensity of the palm continues in the range of values with respect to what was observed from the beginning of the eruption, although it has presented different pulses in the last two days, coinciding with the moments in which the Surface activity. This has been indicated by the National Geographic Institute (IGN) on a note in which it has indicated that the eruptive activity continues that on September 19 began in La Palma.

Renfe adds today the fourth day of unemployment of his machinists, one of 24 hours. In the Ecuador of the strike (there are still another four days of unemployment), everything remains practically as the first day: with breaches of minimum services by some workers in Catalonia, Valencia and Madrid, according to Renfe denouncement, and a sour confrontation between the company and the machinists.

The Cuban authorities have reported an increase in the concentration of suspension particles and powder mixed with sulfur dioxide from the Sahara desert and the eruption of the volcano of the Island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands. Several forecast models of the Department of Solar and Atmospheric Radiation of the Provincial Meteorological Center of Camagüey aim that the cloud with SO2 will reach the Cuban East on the afternoon of this Monday and will be extended from Tuesday to all the Cuban territory, reports the Cuban news agency Latina press.

Three members of the Swiss Guard of the Vatican, the elite body that protects the Pope, have decided to leave their job instead of vaccinating against the Covid-19, reports Reuters from the Swiss newspaper Tribune of Geneva. After the application by the Holy See of the new measures against the COVID-19, three Swiss guards have left "voluntary", has declared a spokesman for the body. Three other recruits, so far not vaccinated, had decided to vaccinate but were temporarily suspended until they were totally inoculated, the spokesman said.

New research to TV3 for an alleged incitement to hatred. The Barcelona Prosecutor's Office has opened research diligence against the Catalan public issuer and those responsible for the 'L'Au Pair' program in which famous characters become kangaros of the little ones for a day. A few weeks ago, the association we speak Spanish denounced TV3 before the Public Ministry to consider that in a scene of this program, dedicated to families and children, "a character changes from the Catalan to Spanish for a moment of his performance and explains them to the Children who do it to look more bad. "

The British Government has decided to deliver a pulse with the entrepreneurs on behalf of the supply crisis, which forced the "deployment" of 200 soldiers on Monday to alleviate the lack of fuel in the Gas Stations of London and southern England. Fire opened by the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who assured that Premierboris Johnson "is not responsible for what is in stores" and blamed entrepreneurs directly for the situation: "I do not believe in a controlled economy, that's why We have a free market economy. "

Experts constantly monitoring the activity of the Volcano of the Old Summit on the Isle of La Palma do not rule out the appearance New Lava emission centers or an increase in explosive activity. This is indicated in the daily report issued by the Department of National Security (DSN) at 06:00 GMT, which collects information from the Government of the Canary Islands and the National Geographic Institute. According to this situation report, several active centers are observed within the main crater, as well as two two located in northwest side of the cone.

An average of one in five young people between 15 and 24 years surveyed said he often feels depressed or has little interest in performing some kind of activity due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the first results of a International Survey conducted by UNICEF and Gallup among children and adults from 21 countries, which is ahead of the world's global state of children. In Spain, the results of the survey reveal that 58.3% of the young Spaniards between 15 and 24 years recognize feeling worried, nervous or anxious "often" and 36.1% "sometimes". In addition, 11.5% ensure that they are depressed or have little interest in doing things "often" and 68.2% "sometimes".

The Public Health Commission meets this day after the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has given the approval to administer Pfizer's reinforcement doses to the general population over 18 years of age and an additional to immunosuppressed. The vaccination campaign in Spain follows its course seeking to refusate the most lags and clicking on third doses of senior centers and people with the compromised immune system, such as transplanted and cancer patients. The key issue is now the decision they adopt the Ministry and the Autonomous Communities after the announcement of EMA.

The Judge of Instruction number 20 of Valencia has cited to declare Jorge's mother Ignacio P.J., alleged murderer of the young Marta Calvo, on October 15 at 10.00, as reported by Europe close sources near the procedure.

A box of RENFE of three songs (Madrid) was stabbed last Tuesday, September 28 by two minors who he recriminated by not carrying mask when they were going to pass through the entrance lathes of the station. The man suffered cuts in both arms and face.

At the edge of 17.40 hours whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram stopped working because of a generalized fall in their services that has affected users around the world for hours and without any spokesperson for the company facilitated a version of what happened Beyond confirming the evidence that thousands of people had before their eyes: that social networks owned by Mark Zuckerberg had stopped working. Some problems in the service that in Spain lasted until 23:43 at night, although after a brief reestablishment they experienced connectivity problems again.

The Government of Guatemala reported on Monday that 11 members of their medical staff vaccinating against the Covid-19 were assaulted and retained for seven hours in a community in the north of the Central American country. The aggressions and the retention of the medical personnel took place in a village of the municipality of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, located in the department of Alta Verapaz, about 150 kilometers north of the city of Guatemala.

The price of electricity in the wholesale market (POOL) has returned to rise again more than 9% up to 203.68 euros the megawatt hour (MWh), thus marking the second highest price in the historical series. Thus, the price for today will exceed the 200 euro / MWh barrier for the second time, although it is 6% below the record of 216.01 euros / MWh registered last Friday.

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