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The Court of Instruction Number 29 of Madrid has cited to declare as accused on October 29, at 12.30, the President of the Sociological Research Center (CIS), J

Today's news, October 8 |
 Last hour of today, live

The Court of Instruction Number 29 of Madrid has cited to declare as accused on October 29, at 12.30, the President of the Sociological Research Center (CIS), José Félix Tezanos, as a result of a complaint filed by VOX by An alleged crime of embezzlement of public flows.

The decision takes place after the Prosecutor's Office asked the Court to file the complaint when considering what is exposed "are mere suspicion, conjectures, that relate in an adequate manner, the inefficiency in the realization of surveys with the fraudulent administration of the institution Cis ".

The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawieck, said this Friday that he wants to remain in the European Union (EU), one day after a controversy and historical decision of his righteousness that, according to experts, could cause the "Polexit", the exit of the country of the block.

The Polish Constitutional Court decided on Thursday that some articles of European treaties are "incompatible" with the National Constitution and affect the sovereignty of the country. Poland's place is and will be within the European family, "Morawiecki said on Facebook." The entrance of Poland and the countries of Central Europe in the European Union was one of the most important points of recent decades "both for those nations As for the EU, he added, in allusion to the enlargement of the block in 2004.

The police stopped at Telde (Gran Canaria) to a 14-year-old teenager and his mother, 49, accused of having tried to kill a pregnant woman, neighbor, maniating and spraying her with bleach.

As reported by the Canary Islands Police Superior Headquarters, the facts were discovered last Wednesday afternoon in the neighborhood of El Calero, when a citizen telephoned at 091 because he was hearing a woman to ask for help from shouting from a home.

The Civil Guard has arrested nine people who were part of an organization specialized in important thefts when they intended to steal the money deposited by a security van in a banking entity Goya in Madrid. They had achieved more than half a million euros in different Blows and 64 crimes are imputed.

Operation COO started as a result of several robberies committed in banking entities in the province of Toledo, highlighting a theft in a banking entity of the town of Illescas on July 2. In this case, the now stopped subtracted 148,000 euros from the safe when money was being replenished at the different ATMs and the authors took advantage of to access the interior and get this sum of cash

The Nobel de la Paz 2020 has awarded the Journalist Filipino Maria RESSA and the Russian Reporter Dimitri Muratov for his efforts to defend "freedom of expression", a precondition "for democracy and peace".

The jury has recognized its "brave struggle" both in the Philippines and in Russia, but also described them as an example of all journalists who defend press freedom in "increasingly adverse conditions".

The conflict between Renfe and its machinists, who have been five days of strike and faced new unemployment next week, comes to an end. The union of the machinists, Semaf, and Renfe announced at the last minute of this Thursday that they have reached an agreement that allows annuling the scheduled stops for today and for Monday and Tuesday, just coinciding with the bridge.

According to the machinists "RENFE has agreed to recover all trains, all the templates and the integrity of the company and its employees" and leave the service as before the Covid.

Green areas provide health. Having close parks, forests, gardens or other types of vegetation is associated with multiple benefits, as a lower risk of psychiatric or cardiovascular problems; A lower premature mortality and greater life expectancy. It has been demonstrated by numerous investigations, who have also revealed the damages of living surrounded by asphalt.

Not having access to green spaces adversely affects our health. This is demonstrated by an investigation carried out by scientists from the Barcelona Global Health Institute (Isglobal), promoted by the La Caixa Foundation, who have developed a ranking of European cities with greater mortality attributable to the lack of green spaces.

Spanish cities, such as Gijón (Post 4) or A Coruña (Position 10), are in the 'Top Ten' of this list, in which the Italian cities of Trieste and Turin are also located (Positions 1 and 2), La Belgian Brussels or the British Blackpool.

However, among the five cities of more than 100,000 inhabitants with less mortality load associated with green spaces there are also three Spanish localities: Elche (ranked number 1), Telde (2) and Cartagena (5)

More than 100,000 million euros. Specifically, 100,132 million. That is what the government foresees that it will raise next year by the income tax of natural persons (IRPF), which represents the greatest data in history. Because far from the artifice of the PSOE Coalition Executive and we can and of its measures so that those who have more paid more, the reality is that the authentic hen of golden eggs is the IRPF, and that figure, in turn, is Direct and mainly supported by the middle and working classes.

According to the estimates of the Ministry of Finance, which yesterday submitted Minister Montero as part of the General Budgets of the State of 2022, revenues by IRPF will already register a remarkable increase of 6.6%, and reach up to 93,800 million. And next year, the rebound will be very similar, as long as this historical number of 100,000 million for the first time

The cloud of ashes and gases caused by the volcano de la Palma has led to the cancellation of operations at the airport and a deterioration in the quality of the air, which is now not good, but regular. The Lava del Volcán de la Palma was bifurcated this Thursday afternoon direction to the sea devastating with more bananas crops, buildings and water tanks.

In addition, earthquakes have increased in intensity and frequency, up to a maximum magnitude of 4.3, but they are maintained at great depth, so "nothing makes it think" that there may be new emitter spotlights from the cone formed at the old summit from On September 19, as they fear the neighbors of Fuencaliente and Villa de Mazo, in whose subsoil the tremors are located, according to the spokesmen of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (pevolca).

Those responsible for the emergency device will meet with the neighbors of these municipalities to transmit tranquility because neither the seismic movements nor the gas pressure nor the deformation of the terrain point to a new volcanic focus. But they will also inform them of the protocols in case of evacuation, since in a volcanic crisis, the conditions are changing and may vary from one day to each other.

Marta Domínguez managed to be twice champion of Europe at 5,000 meters from Munich 2002 and Gothenburg 2006 and was second in the World EDMONTON 2001 and Paris 2003. However, all that was over in 2010, when his name came out in the framework of the Operation Greyhound, an investigation of the Civil Guard related to doping.

Since then, his career began to fall into disgrace and, according to Esdiario, today he works as a safety guard at the AVE station of Palencia, his homeland.

Where is populism against rich and large companies? How much will be collected by IRPF? Is the spending record loaded on the middle classes? Do they anticipate the savings against savings? How do Sánchez bonds influence? Why do they have European funds? This is the public accounts seen by Daniel Viaña, editor of economics, and Carlos Segovia, economic correspondent of the world.

The world a day is the podcast on the great theme of the day that is done from the heart of the newspaper drafting. Through our journalists' look, we tell you what you have to know each day.

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