Tom Holland: I have learned to make me respect and feel sure of myself

Tom Holland (London, 1996) is basically a kind man. He is also rich, famous, probably one of the most influential and powerful actors of the current machinery

Tom Holland: I have learned to make me respect and feel sure of myself

Tom Holland (London, 1996) is basically a kind man. He is also rich, famous, probably one of the most influential and powerful actors of the current machinery of that called film, but the kindness of him can. Such is so that he is so much as he likes to complain that many confuse the permanent state of mind well disposed of him with a kind of misunderstood weakness. He usually passes, and more at a time when any symptom of doubt is quickly interpreted as a target against which to shoot.

"It's curious. In general, everyone surrounds me is much greater than me, it takes a long time in this industry and, by force, has the right to feel powerful. The fact of being young is often interpreted badly, and one of the things I have learned is to make me respect and feel safe about myself. And that is achieved by saying not in some circumstances, "he says, he took half a second and adds:" Besides, it's fun to check the reaction of the people who believe you weak when it falls into account that it is wrong ".

This Friday premieres Uncharted, directed by Ruben Fleischer, a new adaptation of the mythical video game created by Naughty Dog. He does it when he still resonates in the memory, in the balance sheets of the producer and the success of the Last Delivery Results the success of the spiderman.

"I'm getting used to pressure. Spider-Man can be a very personal question for all followers of him. And you notice that responsibility. But Nathan Drake's adventures have 40 million players. All you can do is take this all this pressure and use it in your favor. In the movie he has dreamed big at all times. You have never wanted to copy the video game but add something that the usual player can experience as new. Not even I have the age that is supposed to have my character in the console. In short, you know you have to do things as best as possible so as not to disappoint. That is the pressure, "he says, as he could not be another way, kindly.

Walking the filmography of the last star of Hollywood firmament gives something of vertigo. Six times he has been Spider-Man and three of the films in which he has participated are listed on the list of the most talks of all time. But it all started, as he likes to remember from so much, with a dance pass.

To understand how it has become an action hero, the simplest perhaps is to start with a country des deux. The couple of Zendaya, on which it is asked (even requires) not asking, grew up in Kingston-Upon-Thames, an exclusive municipality south of London. There, at nine, in a ballet class, she caught the attention of a West End choreographer. And from the initial surprise to the first success: Billy Elliot. She counted in a recent interview that her parents invited everyone. But with such a bad fortune that just on the day of her debut ill with Angines. Faithful, again, to the kindness and delivery of him, he struggled so much for pleased that no one noticed that he consumed the fever. He was a week of low. Then came the impossible perhaps as a motto and premonition of everything that would come later. «If it's easy, I do not. If it is impossible, I try, "she likes to say Terry Gilliam and who knows if he has not finished by adopting him as inspiration.

-How do you live the contradiction of being at the same time the most outstanding figure of a genre that according to some like Scorsese or Spielberg itself is running on the cinema and according to others is your salvation? I ask him about superhero films.

-What I have clear is that everyone has the right to have an opinion. But I can only talk about what I have seen from Marvel and Sony itself. Neither one others had ever seen a reaction similar to which Spider-Man has caused: No Way Home. And that is irrefutable. Respect for Scorsese, but cinema is entertainment and people get into the cinema room to have a good time. I am young and I feel perfectly identified with this way of understanding cinema, as a way to pass it well and as an escape route ...

Tom Holland speaks and, both for the speed of response and by the uninhibited attitude itself (in the middle of the conversation, interrupts his speech to take the phone and attend a call from his mother: "A moment, I love you. But now I'm with These people, "he says and turn the mobile camera) I would say that he has life in this. And, what things are, that's right. "Actually, I've always been aware of my position. I know where I am and what I do. My parents and friends are really there to remind me if they see that I forgot. The money corrupts, the money corrupts a lot. I know. And this industry moves huge amounts of money. And that's something that worries me. The only thing that saves you is that you never have to do things for money but because you really want to do them, "he says and, if only for such kind tone employed, it is hard to bear him.

Date Of Update: 09 February 2022, 03:20

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